When Celebrities Met Their Celeb Crush/Idol

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When Celebrities Met Their Celeb Crush/Idol
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It described my childhood crush my . lifelong crush like it kind of all just. goes together it's jim carrey i love him . so much but i met him and i was just . like . [music]. nick jonas wants to come and join us in . the studio oh well yeah my goodness yeah . and he said the only other reason he's . gonna come into radio one is to see . emilia clarke nick jonas come on in here . he is no he's closer than you think . emilia clarke hi i'm ghetto you do you . really set me up for failure to not do . you at all why one of your biggest fans . do you know johnny himself or ma'am you . met him one but i can't talk oh oh you . have a crush on him . who keaton is in the . [applause]. here i mean it's box movie premiere - oh . my god no freaking out like she's two . arm lengths away right now i'm gonna . meet her at one it's got the time - . right i just love that this is on camera . right now when you if she in the . background i stand like this way okay . where she was it's just the best . glamorous ever it's not even a sentence . there's no grammar they're the best. glamorous ever yeah i went to college i . didn't graduate. [music]. i heard that you were stressed out . because they were like brad pitt was . gonna be there yes . it was fine i actually ended up yeah it . got to meet brad pitt so yeah no i was . in my dressing room and i had just . finished performing and they knocked on . my door and they said brad pitt would . like to come in and i was like well he . could come in so soon as you walked out . i ran and i hid under the craft service . table for like two minutes because i . couldn't believe it was happening . drake i'm also coming for your muscles. so videos and muscles i'm on your ass . drake that happened . [music]. comic con and so while it was it wasn't . you know it wasn't terra firma there for . a while i'm my enthusiasm and excitement . and passion is certainly there for what . where we're at now and what peyton's . gonna do so my enthusiasm and excitement . and passion is certainly there for what. hello claire hi hi sweetheart . these are good friends and we had her . call in cuz i know that you want to have . a career like her cuz she does . everything the tv the singing the acting . hilary i wish you could see my elise . face right now her mouth is just open. well we met not too long ago and i had . such a good time and just go with it . okay so i thought we'd get her on the . phone do you have any do you want advice . from hillary is there anything you want . to ask her right now while she's on the . phone career-wise anything you are . amazing and getting to meet you but . seriously it was like i never like be . quiet and i was for once speechless i . was so happy so thank you so much just . for everything and also i never got a . chance to say this but thank you for . making it cool to be a good girl and to . want to be a good role model thank you . for making that cool because that's . something that really i look up tonight . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. that was my industry i could be on the . reaction i've ever seen because you want . it how he thinks improves all i'm sorry . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. we've been hiding you the whole show you . didn't see you hiding nobody yeah you . [music]. you. .
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