In Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex ate her Sibling but in this Discussion video we'll go over a theory as to what her motive could have been.
So why did the indominus rex kill her . sibling based on what we saw go down in . jurassic world it's easy for us to see . the i rex as a monster an angry enraged . beast whose only interest is killing . everything in sight however being that . she is highly intelligent have you ever . considered that there's so much more to . her motivations than meets the eye all . we know is that they cooked her up in a . lab and that's really all we hear lab . animals go through so much and their. innocence are rendered as exploited. because they are made uncertain as to . why these beings are doing this to them . they probably don't think of humans as . evil the same way that if a shark would. attack us in the water we wouldn't think . of it as evil just a scary predator that. is doing what it's designed to do there . is no personal vendetta or sinister . meaning behind it this is especially . true if the animals were never treated . with tenderness from a young age . many people chalk up the indominus rex . his reason for eating her sibling to . being competition dominance or that she. was plainly sadistic from the start it's . not unheard of for creatures to eat . their siblings. i mean animal such as sand tiger sharks . come at fratricide before they even exit . the womb one shark will be left standing . or floating before the mother shark . performs a live birth this cannibalistic . behavior by the baby sand tiger shark is . a product of evolution like cats . a female sand tiger shark can bear. offspring from different male sharks so . there's a very likely chance that all . the baby sharks inside her room have . completely different fathers this would. give reason to the baby sharks to. compete with one another wanting the . best male offspring to survive even . though the indominus rex is made up of . different creatures and because it is . hybrid of so many different dinosaurs . and animals it's highly understandable . why the scientists knew not what to . expect technically every dinosaur in . jurassic park is a hybrid but this . animals construction seems to be a. mishmash of many different things more . so than the average dinosaur in jurassic. park even though the velociraptor gene . is one out of an estimate of 12 . different species that were used to cook . up the steines or it seems to be the one. that stands out the most in terms of its . intelligence there has to be something . more to it because the animal is far . more intelligent than normal . and more so than the velociraptors as it . seems anyways i'm not gonna get into . that what i do want us to focus on is . the fact that the indominus is highly . intelligent so a baby sand tiger shark . eating siblings doesn't know that it's . doing it to get rid of the competition. it's more so an instinctive behavior. that was brought about through many. years of evolution the indominus rex . seems to be a creature that gives a lot . of thought into certain behaviors . tricking the park employees into coming . into her cage . knowing what her tracking device was. much less - no - claw out and to . remember where they put it these are . behaviors that gives us cost and look at . this animal as just more than a . primitive bloodthirsty creature we don't. get much into its childhood but i could . imagine it being completely different . from how owen greatest raptors were now . for us to really understand we would . have to get into the mindset of the . indominus rex or see things from its . perspective so imagine this you're born . into a cold world you hatch out of your . egg and you're alongside your brother or . sister there's no warmth or familial . connection to be had whatever you are . handled it's roughly and within . difference your sibling in you are . placed in a container where you can see . what's going on around you these strange . beings that prod and poke you and your . sibling seem to only have the purpose of . torturing you as soon as you come into . this life you're injected force-fed and . treated in a completely unnatural manner . the only connection that you have is . with your sibling you two are apparently . a success but it didn't stop there as . you'll grow so does your intelligence . and so does your observational skills . you notice that there are other animals . around the lab that are engineered or . brought to life and most of them don't . make it most of them are either put . under immense stress and killed as a. result bored severely deformed and just . slowly left to die to see how long they . last or killed and possibly fed to other . live animals in the lab abused starve to . see how long they can go without food . fed certain things to experiment certain . allergic reactions that. usually end up in death or sickness very . quickly as an intellectual being even. though you don't know exactly what you . are you know that this is a very hostile . environment you've also seen countless . attempts of these beings trying to . recreate what looks like you and your . sibling the majority of them come out . deformed or dead however they do manage . to create another one successfully they . decide to do tests on this one they do a . variety of stress tests to see which . genes are activated throughout the . genetic engineering they want to see how . your new younger brother deals with . intense heat directly on the skin how . high can jump or climb under stress the . stress usually comes in the forms of . electrocution fire hitting and other . means they put him in the extremely cold . temperatures and keep turning the dial . as low as they can until he becomes . motionless as they gradually increase . the heat again and your brother fails to . stir they nudge him and then poke him . with a sharp object to stimulate him. when he fails to move then they put him . back in his canister these tests go on . for days and days and then weeks they . break some of his bones to see how fast . he can heal they pour different types of . acid on his skin to see if skin . regeneration is a feature that he has . and they inflict pain on him to see what . kinds of vocalizations he makes under. stress you witness all of this going on . for weeks eventually your new little . brother dies you notice that the. scientists start looking at your sibling. you can't really understand what they're. saying but you have the inkling that . they want to run similar tests will be . at milder ones on your sibling so what . do you do what would you do to the only . person you've ever loved and known to . the only being with whom you have a true . connection would you not want to save . them from the suffering that you see . many of these other animals go through . many modern animals of today when facing. starvation or being cornered by . predators will kill and eat their . offspring to protect them from being . killed by the predators in the face of . starvation they will eat their offspring . out of mercy and to also not waste . the body's a mother rodent knowing that . she cannot provide for her young only . has one choice in her instinctual mind . she doesn't want her babies to starve . and if she eats them she can sustain . herself long enough until better times . arrived to where she can have a new . batch of babies and better conditions . there's some animals like wild horses . who will do the same horses don't eat . their young of course since they're . herbivores but if a male stallion sees . one of his mares give birth to a foal . that is sick or handicapped he will make . the move to go over grab it by the neck . and shake it until its neck breaks or it . dies it seems brutal but he's doing the . full mercy i'm not saying this is the . case with the indominus rex but i'm only . asking you to consider the possibility i . mean it would explain why she hates the . humans so much even explained why she . didn't kill herself having the level of . intelligence that she does like raptors . she probably would have likely become . embittered towards the humans and bided . her time until she could seek revenge on . them she probably even understood how . important the park was to the humans and . she probably understood that all the . dinosaurs that existed in the park . weren't aberrations which would explain . why she just wanted to kill all of them . she hated what these dinosaurs stood for . that they were the creations that the. humans took joy in that they got to live . fake and happy lives so that's just a . theory that we procured but what do you . think is the real reason the indominus . rex killed her sibling do you think it . was just as simple as trying to get rid . of competition after all the big one in . jurassic park killed most of the raptors . because they were defying her and would. not submit to her authority but we're . interested in hearing from you guys so . write down in the comments below . what your idea is of why the indominus . rex killed her sibling thank you guys so . much for watching this has been all tre . you asked we answer . 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