Why I Didn’t Talk About Ricegum Content Cop, Apologizing For Fake News, and More…

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Caption: Sup you beautiful bastards hope your'e having a. fantastic friday welcome back to the friday show for those of you that a new here we put out a daily video monday tuesday. wednesday thursday talking about news world events and then friday. it's all about the conversation. i go through the past week of videos and stories to see what you're commenting, and then i reply back. it's great to have a news show to try and be informed. but a big part of this really is the. conversation. but before we jump into that i want to knock out a story that people have been requesting i cover since tuesday. i'm just knocking it out here i didn't include it in this week's philip defranco shows because it's not really news. it's youtube drama. so actually on that note if you want to skip this part. you just jump here in the timeline. that requested thing was a reaction to the idubbbz content cop on ricegum. if you don't know what i'm talking about. i'll link to his video down below. but to oversimplify. it's a takedown piece by ian, idubbztv, and here's the thing i am biased here. i am actually a big fan of idubbbz when he releases a content cop that's like a youtube holiday for me i stop. what i'm doing and i watch the most negative thing i could say about the guy. is he made me question people using certain words in certain contexts. but i understand his point of view and his argument. here's the thing i will say without a doubt no one does take down pieces. better than ian this video here like his other content cops in the past. they're very well research additionally. he's a smart boy. he knows how people are going to react to certain things so he either. preemptively cuts them off at the pass. so they can't use that or he allows them to react and respond a certain way because he knows they're going to overextend. we've seen that in the past with some of his targets. i mean we're talking about a guy that because he knew that someone was going to make fun of his hairline in a response video. shaved his head and not like a clean shave like a fucked up shave. it's pretty damn hard to argue against any and all of the points. he made in that ricegum video some of them were stories that we covered in the past like him destroying another youtubers property we. covered that because it was an actual it's an actual crime there was outrage of him being dismissive and disrespectful. to a rape victim. and to all the people saying oh phil talk about idubbbz ending ricegum's career no. what idubbbz does is he maims careers he does a lot of damage. we're seeing that with ricegum who went from getting between 8,000 to around 16,000 new subscribers a day. but then the content cop video releases rice gum loses tens of thousands of subscribers. but then you slowly see it swing back to normal but soon enough rice will be back in the positive. what happens next is completely dependent on how ricegum responds all i would say is if i could give some advice to ricegum. it is don't handle this situation like you're doing something against jake paul ian is a pro. whereas jay paul in certain states if you really mean to him that could be considered a hate crime . but that's that let's jump into the monday show monday. we talked about the vegas shooting. justb wrote all major news channels: "over 50 kills and more than 500 injured an act of terror in las vegas. we'll be right back after this". insert drug commercials other ads makes me wonder how much the people at news agencies actually care. are they sitting in a room thinking in their heads we are going to make so much money and our ratings are gonna. go through the roof not throwing every news journalist in one basket. but some executives anchors and news producers are probably thinking about how much money they're making that's a pretty interesting point obviously. i'm in a different basket i'm not 24/7 news. i have the ability like i did on monday to move my sponsors my. advertisements to turn off the youtube ads i think for news stations. they're in a different basket obviously i also saw a lot of people saying hey wall street journal did all those articles about. advertisements being next to violent content all over. youtube that this changes the game other outlets doing other hit pieces on youtube but you and your more controlled environment of wall street. journal's still put up all your ads around the violent content showcasing the videos with advertisements. surrounding them. and so i guess i want to pass the question off to you is it wrong that. websites keep their ads on those pages or no. this is new news should be funded too despite some of these outlets or the people that work at them being hypocrites. they're not profiting off of a terror attack. they are just profiting because they bring the news to people i mean if the standard practice became you don't have advertisements when you're. talking about something that is that is too violent that take away the incentive for news agencies to cover it. i don't know i'm personally not going to crucify them for this because it's something that i'm still trying to think about i base my decision. on how i personally felt, i'm not saying that's the right way, so just let me know what you think. ordinary arie wrote. i think it's really upsetting that i'm somewhat desensitized to mass shootings. just because of how many have occurred in my short lifetime my logical brain processes the tragedy. but you have to understand high school seniors were born the same year as columbine in elementary school during. virginia tech in middle school during sandy hook and in high school during, las vegas. and i think the sad thing is i understand where you're coming from i remember covering, virginia tech. and please understand. i'm not making this about me. i'm mentioning this because maybe there are other people that feel this, but each time something happens. i do feel a little bit of myself chip away. the shootings. you talked about here the pulse nightclub the nice truck attack the 2015 paris attacks. they just chip and chip and chip away, and then you just look and next thing. you know you're just looking at a video and your only response is again. you still hurt for the victims and the fact that it happened. but the shock is not there anymore. and just thinking that and saying that out loud. it just makes me realize how sad. that is. john summers wrote when a terrorist attacks us. we immediately start thinking ways to stop terrorists when mass shootings occur now isn't the time to talk about. solutions with no political dog in this fight. why can't we talk about gun control and john. i will say that in the past around shootings. i will say you know just within the first 24 hours. this is not the time to politicize this after seeing this happen over and over again. i think that it's worth a conversation, and we shouldn't villainize the fact that we should want to talk about it. and i also think this is a unique situation. and a great place to start talking about it. there are a few unique things about this story one from most everything. i've seen it seems that most if not all of the weapons he had were completely legal and two the shooting was done in such. a way that the prospect of a good guy with a gun. couldn't really stop the situation as it was happening the guy was shooting from a thirty second floor into what was. essentially for him a killing field it's not the same kind of situation. we have the bad guy going into a school or a movie theater. where a. person with a handgun could stop them and personally i think wherever you land on the issue. we shouldn't villainize having a conversation about it then let's jump into the tuesday show tuesday. we talked about updates around the vegas shooting some people promoting fake news we had the cbs. firing the alleged rape by cops in new york and the catalonian referendum. and actually before jumping into the comments. i did want to note something an update on the tuesday show we talked about a lot of people promoting fake. news one of the people i mentioned was tana mongeau. tana had previously posted a tweet where she said donald trump said that all the people being killed in in vegas was a. miracle. this was a complete butchering of reality, but i do have to say. how quickly the police department was able to get in was really very much of a miracle they've done an amazing job. i want to point out something she did after i uploaded the tuesday show she tweeted my bad for promoting fake news. i literally hate trump and should have watched further shout-out @phillyd for helping me be less stupid. i will say minus all the. overcompensating lol's that is exactly how you should respond to being proven wrong acknowledge it own it try and learn from it. will she hopefully. it's not guaranteed, but it's a great first step on the catalonian referendum laura llaneza. thank you for covering the situation in catalonia so accurately phil, as a citizen of catalonia. we want more people around the world to see what's happening to maybe get some interference and so we can have a peaceful conclusion to. this referendum because right now most of us are worried. it will end in a second civil war handetoon wrote illegitimate or not the crackdown on the independence vote in catalonia amounts to. police told by the government to attack people they disagree with this is textbook. fascism the spanish government has no leg to stand on with this issue. rumplelumpa wrote: whether you agree with the referendum or not the reaction of the spanish government was. incomprehensibly stupid how can you answer people writing something on a piece of paper with massive police influx and violence and then call it unconstitutional. they violated their own. citizens, crushed their right on free speech and used massive force against them so one i agree with most people that catalonia should be able. to do this at the very least be allowed to vote

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