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Since the release of it's trailer, people have gone nuts with hating this film. Well, Nostalgia Critic takes a look and sees if Woody Woodpecker deserves all the hate.
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Woody Woodpecker is a 2017 American live-action/computer-animated family comedy film produced by Mike Elliott and directed by Alex Zamm, based on the cartoon character of the same name created by Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway.
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Caption: This episode brought to you by the black . tux premium rental suits and tuxedos . delivered. [music]. [music]. hello i'm the nostalgia critic guy . remember it so you don't have to . remember the nightmare fuel and son of . the mask i know which one this one . [music]. imagine that for an hour and a half . don't want to i did and you're gonna . suffer with me. based on the animated character who . became a hit in the 40s the woody . woodpecker movie targets this american . icon on its most american audience . brazil no joke brazil is where this film . premiered and they didn't even bother . with a big screen release in america it . just went straight to dvd i don't know . what kind of sign that is but judging by . the ton of people that want me to review . this i'm assuming bad i have no real . life or dislike for winning woodpecker . he seemed perfectly serviceable for what . his character was supposed to be but . from what i'm hearing in this film . there's a definite pecker that needs to . be chopped in it . let's see what's good enough for brazil . but apparently not us this is the woody . woodpecker movie universal whoa maybe . woody's part of the dark universe that's . what tom cruise changed into at the end . of the maumee and by god he's more scary . looking that i could have imagined we . open with woody waking up in his tree to . find poachers illegally hunting in the. forest definitely part of the dark . universe why do it swishing effects look . like firecracker popsicles this film . knows how to update woody its . pop-culture references are only twenty . years old as opposed to 79 with a brain . the size of a walnut that's the people . who pre-lit this now there has to be a . way to make this even more 90s oh look . people in suits connected to oil . instantly bad you killing bastards and . yes that is lassie from psych who is . apparently being fired because he said . he didn't care for a wildlife in an . interview wildlife don't vote wildlife . don't pay taxes though if there is . humanizes woody woodpecker shouldn't . they his plan is to create a country . estate on the border of canada to flip . it and make a huge profit a country . estate we're gonna flip it take a huge . profit i'm gonna start my own firm i . just know the kids who want to see the. woody woodpecker movie are following all . of that meanwhile we see woody relaxing . on the pond belching . and we immediately cut away from it . sorry audience that was an essential . bourbon the film would fall apart . without it but his ex-wife and . presumably ex son drop by to tell him . that her father died and she needs him . to watch her son for a while apparently . enough time to build an entire house . together for a while in this film that's . a lot of time off i'm sorry linda the . timing is just really bad i would like . to help you but i can't and that's final . now i'm just gonna have you take a wild . guess as to what they cut to next a the . son with a father b who cares what the . rest are because you know it's obviously . a my hands were tied you saw that yeah i . know that's what that director thought . was funny i know you don't want me here . the only kid you want in your life is . your girlfriend there are so many wrong . ways to interpret that they get to where . they're going to build the house and . decide to make a little food their post . that hashtag epic dad grill fail both of . my followers are gonna love this one of . the rangers named sam introduces herself . and lets them know that they've been . having problems with bird poachers not . enough problems in my opinion i hear . you're building a house up here 5,000 . square feet every amenity don't you . think it'll kind of overwhelm the. landscape and for some reason it looks . like an ice cube tray turning into the . wolf of wallstreet boat the sun comes . across woody who immediately has a . hankering for some snacks what are you . trying to tell me i'm just a pawn . character i can't actually think in this . movie they seem to form a friendship . i guess despite the film stopping to . tell us otherwise music oh yeah we're . not friends or anything i'm only doing . this for the free food i'm what you call . a food prostitute. i'm gonna call you like that name . woody funny how i can speak english yet . apparently i never had a name my mother . used to call me jonathan before she was . eaten by yogi the bear that's right what. he's got a backstory nobody he comes . across the rest of the family and they . do not take to his rascally ways or ass . humor . oh yeah when i said ask humor i . literally meant as humor . remember the butt is always a treasure . trove - . what he also keeps them up at night . making pecking sounds in the forest give . me that back right now you know how many . times in your life you get to say i . missed the walrus lassie brings in the . bulldozers to start building the house . but when he tries to stop them no i do . not recall so much focus on amos in the . original cartoons but it's been a while . maybe i remember him differently the sun . goes into a guitar store and meets a . girl who works there i'm jill i'm tommy . are you visiting yeah i'm just gonna let . you take a wild guess as to what their . relationship is going to be a bank . robbers be if i don't say anymore maybe . whoopie bank robbers i can make you a . really sweet deal on that guitar if you . like she tells him if he joins her band. she'll let him have the guitar for free . because i guess she's the store owner . now and he comes across some bullies who . even buy stock bullies dangers have a . pretty weak reason to hate him hey you . don't get off that easy . hey never mind that look at that kid . he's got eyes woody comes into savings . oh and ends this scene as abruptly as it . starts nobody messes with my bff and by . that i mean bring her up free food sorry . yeah we didn't have a segue or a plot or . writers but i sound great in portuguese . oh my god no i don't why did we make . this he tells his dad that what he saved . him but neither him or the girlfriend . want to hear it nah mention that stupid . bart last i remember that stupid bird . wasn't the one covered in burn coupe . that's his friday night thing go to your . room and in case you were wondering . nobody in town is happy about its . building house appear granted i've only . talked to three people and two of them . are like this . cockrum and we didn't give you . permission to use it i still think it's . a sound argument things don't get that . much better at night you better fly out . of here right a pinecone okay you know i . totally forgot why i'm supposed to like. anything anywhere the next day isn't any . better as woody continues to make their . lives a living hell worry i didn't . forget about you - you're my favorites . dick tracy have i laughed so hard at . somebody drowning in wet cement lassie . goes to the ranger to complain about. woody's antics but she doesn't believe . him red crone woodpecker has been . extinct for almost a hundred years any . chance for taking any sort of medication . well he's only advertised his existence . as loudly as possible in front of many . witnesses in both the wit and the town . are you sure you're not taking any . medication where's ranger ever a local . native americans believed it was the. incarnation of mark conda whoa what his . backstory is strangely complicated god . of chaos and mayhem mysterious trickster . who haunted the forest this was meant to . be a kid's film right . [applause]. 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[applause]. so we quickly see what woody is an . endangered species because he endangered . every species he comes across okay . woody's a serial killer he takes join . the slaughtering of others and thinks . nothing of the consequences he even . brings death - humor definitely lasting . weren't there poachers in this movie the . girlfriend finally leaves after somehow . surviving that and the son apologizes . for the situation sorry about vanessa i . know you like to sometimes things don't . work out the way you planned . you have a hit show for years and . sometimes this is the movie you get . lassie comes across the two poachers and . ask them to remove the woodpecker to . which they accept because they know they . can sell them for tons of cash so the . kids stumble across the place wher

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