Worst Roblox Intros Ever *HORRIBLE*

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What's up guys sorry for not posting so . much i really want to make it up to you . guys so here's a sacrifice just just to . show how sorry i am alright now that . we've taken care of that let's let's . show some interest whoa dude dude you . need to come over right now i just saw . an angel oh never mind it's retarded . [music]. don't worry guys i got a 73 in spanish . in high school and i'll add subtitles . for you that moment when you have . religious parents but what to play on a . non-christian roblox server so you have . to wait till they go to bed. the music in this intro does not fit it. it's like playing spongebob at a funeral . [music]. [applause]. [music]. for all you ladies out there danny's . waiting for you on the dance floor just . you know go download roblox and meet him . on the dance floor and for all you . ladies that are over 18 you can reach me . at why the fuck are you watching this. this shit is for kids 69 at gmail. com . the frames in your video represent your . iq gandhi in horror movies the black . person always dies first and now in . intros to like who is running black . lives matters like you're not doing a . good job me after watching the rice gum . dish trash that was the weakest app i've . ever seen come out of jacksonville . [music]. is that a naked teacher like i feel like . that would make a perfect storytime . episode like my teacher came to class . naked and fuck me with the toothbrush . not only do black people not have rights . and roadblocks but neither do women like . when did roadblocks get so realistic i'm . activating a trap card this card can . only be activated when b says some . offensive shit that he does not mean i . just want to clarify beast isn't racist . or sexist he's just trying to be an edge . load when your country is 20 trillion . dollars in debt but you still try to . build a border wall but you should never . judge a book by its cover . [music]. minecraft do only idiots play that game . glass cooking yeah hahaha i made fun of . jake paul - uh do i fit in with youtuber . culture now and no motherfucker . hey you took this i feel like that . explosion just could have been better . [music]. ah it took me four hours to make this . intro because i suck at animation nine . hours to render it for some reason it . took you 13 hours to render a roblox . character getting kicked in the nuts and . that time you could have watched its . every day bro for 10 hours and made like . $15,000 like what are you doing you . loser like geez what is this dude let me . show you an od 21st century intro hello. youtube today i have very sad news you . have sad news dude no one cares about . your sad news we all have our own . problems man no one cares about your . problems i didn't know he was suicidal i . know but i didn't know all right well if . we get tapes on our doorstep you better . burn those things like right away like . you know i don't want to help out . netflix man they fucked up death note . and i don't like people to fuck up my . enemy dear youtube employee i know . you're watching this and i know you're . deciding whether or not you should de . monetize this video i just want to say . that you know i failed out of college . you know i'm a single mom with three . kids i i need this money man i didn't . invest in bitcoin a year ago i. definitely don't have a lot of money in . bitcoin i'm very i'm struggling to get . by just please don't do monetizing man . think of my kids i mean house agents . they are gonna eat if i don't get ads . like james tom brady which is why you . shouldn't do drugs moral of the story . here guys . don't make a roblox intro it'll be . terrible also i'm giving away $10,000 to . random comments on this video you think . i'm joking i am not a hundred percent . legit i'm doing a video later next week . where i'm literally giving random . comments on this video ten thousand . dollars i'm swearing my life not joking . make sure you have your . private message is open that way if i do . pick you i can message you because it's . not open i can't get a hold of you to . give you money i'm filming that video . later next week and i pick comments on . this video and give them 10 grand so . like leave 5 million comments comment . about asian sticker and comment about my . new haircut and comment if you like . fried chicken later boys . .
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