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What's going on everybody with a dream . career family so a lot going on today i . leave the country in exactly seven hours . and 32 minutes so we will be leaving to . do by today and i'm very excited is . going to be my first time out there . i got a lot to do i gotta go by like . travel essentials like shampoo and. traveled the order and all that all that . those little tiny mini miniature things . i have to leave to the airport like . around five and it's 130 now so trying . to get all that done de minas somewhere . getting her nails done or solder know . she's her hair done nails done i don't . know what the hell she's doing she's . around here somewhere but i'm going to . go pick up i also try to wanna what if i . have time i'm going to go buy some . sneakers if not i'm just i should be . just focusing on the trip i don't know . why i'm trying to even buy shoes but the . inner sneakerhead me kill myself . let me tell you guys i know what's the . song of all phones right here living . single by big shot the best part right . here ready to put me in a mixture . oh grandma . bunch of things we need to check on . getting a new gopro javorius let's go . stick our noses focused . what is it something i always do and i . come to target is a open candy in a . typical for it for it as long as you say . that's all that matters. alright guys so i literally was coming . to my apartment complex and fedex was . dropping this opportunity can i do that . name on it and it was my name and i'm. like what the hell is this i was not . expecting this at all . little big . curry 3 what you be cold so open it here . oh my god what the hell this is freaking . thing is right here with you know maybe . black . ok so basically i'm assuming these are . all of crease that too small for the . league three-time all start three-point . champion nba champion mvp 73 and nine . and no ring make that old break the . glass to make that all placed on ua . google's before using the break bar to . break the glass but we're going to use . to break it and loki don't want to break . it. here goes nothing . this is speaking so the dude this . concept is don't get all these glass . pieces right used to see what exactly . yeah alright so we got some some . speakers right here something range . years and then on the inside it says i . will this is sick you got a career long . sleeve t-shirt on the sleeve it says the . curry 3 logo on the back it says make . that all the thrust the picture of the . courage degrees with the shattered glass . now the swiftest sneakers that they sent . me in a soul bag about the totebag . reason oh ok we got the crazy three . this is what all the current come with i . believe in these two card right here . hell yeah i was actually going to cop . these are here they have to be color is . coming out for christmas i believe and . this is one of them but this is my . favorite color way out of this three . brushes. wow happy i got them shout out to the . other our family for sending me these i . think that killed him and this is a very . dull color way i hope he plays in this . colorway on christmas day that would be . pretty don't breath. i've done that was that was a great way . to end the year in sneakers right there. this packaging was crazy my hoping these . are honestly my community it's gonna be . one of them being praised the plate . glasses. i get so while we're waiting in the line . i asked you to go get me a drink from . coffee bean which is literally right. there she says finishing yet that for a . paternity test and energy inside the . sugar beeping i think can give me a . position that know the lines too long . guys look at the line . this is alright guys so we finally got . to the counter 55 hours late not five . hours later the plane is literally . filled up and they gave us the option to. upgrade to business class we got a good . deal on it so we decided to actually do . it so we're sitting business pot so . let's just say snapchats going to be . live . i thought we deserved vacation you know . what you don't want to say you know why . it was ok with doing business class . right because last year on new years i . was sitting in my room editing and now . this year on new year's i'm in devices . like all about the hard work of 2016 we . get to just enjoy it and even if it's a. little pricey to upgrade to visit five . will be worth it if we get to relax . [music]. i think it's a logical other electronic . devices upgrade was worth every single . any hitting the road on too . we get all types of clothes this is for . watching movies i hope that this time . good movie motivation it's always . motivation i don't do anything to show . off because like i said last year around . this time i was in my room we can on the . floor on the mattress writing notes and . months in my journal for what videos i . wanted to make it twenty sixteen i'm . going to use this trip as motivation to . because on new years when i'm looking at . up at the fireworks . i'm gonna motivate me because i'm gonna . want these opportunities to be able to . travel again. what i want you . now i'll just go into it like inside was . when i just hope i got enough besides i . to judge you gotta also you're about . three hours flight priority watch v . which was your dog . like the little more loud. exactly . aircraft actually kill the little . particular it's not too late but . [music]. over here stretching out in a top style . right now eager to please . join the community . right . mary that . please . 45 45 minutes let's all play i took a . nap and i should have taken the nap . eclipse which i think it's been 48 hours . and then we woke up at breakfast . watching inception identity . i opm that gonna head to the crazy dope . experience. shut up every great like my place like . that complete . it's coming from radio yeah i guess i . get these guys are all waiting for an. hour they said they're going to give a . shout-out shout-out to ikea mark they . have a living together learn is 140 . gonna hook youse migration but my . problem is all behind the ground up and . calling ballers not shallow hal chal to . my brother. so you can meet him right here in the . flood kill medusa shut up the money . quickly arranged for us to have driver. pick us up so they had like our name on . the paper it's like the point the second . time in my life. [music]. [music]. [music]. alright guys so we just got picked up . from the airport. we just got dropped off to where we are . staying it's not a hotel. this is literally just paralyzed . this is insane we're staying at the burj . khalifa which is the world tallest . building and we're staying in an . apartment in the burj khalifa of big . things to the homie russian aka money . kicks for making this happen. wow man i want to show you guys . everything but i'm going to make you . guys wait until tomorrow's blog that you . like that involves long enough so i'm . just going to show you guys the view and . i'll show you guys the whole ok i'll . show you the apartment this is the. living room. this is the dining group i'll give you . guys a full house toward tomorrow but i . just want to show you guys the quick. view all my god i'm going to get into it . because my kids a new window will give . your fun week red let's get it man . against out to rush it became mighty . kicks appreciate it . oh my god then you get to watch it hit . that thumbs up . dubai you're here i'm outta here peace . got the day . god . [music]. .
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