X-Raying The Great Pyramids of Egypt Documentary 2018

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The great pyramid at giza no royal mummy . or funerary artefacts have ever been . inside this tomb built for pharaoh khufu. a papyrus text dating from 1700 bc tells . of his fascination with magic and his . desire to build secret chambers inside . the pyramid but these hidden chambers . have never been found . over the centuries explorers have used. the technology of their day to search . for what might be inside 19th century . treasure seekers used dynamite that left . brutal scars modern egyptologists have. used custom-made robots and miniaturized. cameras. [music]. now a new team will attempt to create a . detailed scan of the 45 story pyramid . after centuries of searching can new . rooms be found and can this be done . without disturbing a single stone pani . halal and mehdi taya beep have taken up . the challenge directing the scan . pyramids project there are lots of . theories about the ancient pyramids . aren't there any techniques that don't . specifically come from egyptology that. might let us see through the pyramids . without touching them to see if there . are any unknown structures inside these. great pyramids. they planned the most . technologically-advanced survey of the . great pyramid. using muon rafi a cutting-edge imaging . technique. our first challenge was assembling the . team that all need to work together but . with their different cultures working . methods and approaches . to do this the pair assembles a . multidisciplinary team that includes . thermal infrared engineers experts in . modeling and 3d simulations . and particle physicists can physics. unlock the secrets within this ancient . pyramid. scanning the pyramids . [music]. [music]. 45 centuries ago egyptian workers who . knew neither the will nor iron built the . great pyramid of giza a mountain of 2. 3 . million stone blocks this pyramid would . be the eternal resting place for pharaoh . khufu ruler of the fourth dynasty for . several decades given its size one would . expect to find all inspiring gold and . funeral goods on a scale to match those . inside tutankhamun's king tut only . reigned for a few years and left no. monument to boss terra t he is famous . today simply because his tomb is the . only one ever discovered in its original . state with its fabulous treasure still . intact . [music]. no treasurer statue of khufu has ever . been found this tiny ivory figurine is . all we know of the ruler who left the . most monumental pyramid of all while. looters raided the pyramid throughout. history the tomb was only officially . opened in the ninth century by a muslim . caliph interested in science and mystery . salima ikram an egyptologist based in . egypt for 30 years has studied the . accounts left by arab historians from . the era this is the entrance to the . great pyramid but it wasn't always the . case in the ninth century ad the halifa . mamun decided he wanted to enter the . pyramids and in those days they looked . completely different they were in fact . covered with shiny white limestone he . had heard rumors that inside there were . astonishing things there were maps of. the world there were all kinds of . treasures not really gold and silver so . much but actually magical things gamma . moons men used an ancient technique . heating the stones with a fire and then . throwing vinegar on so they would crack. [music]. after several months of hard labor ma . moons team found a corridor descending . under the pyramid that led to a room but . there was no treasure. [music]. they continued their exploration and. found another corridor leading to . another room it too was empty they named . this second room the queen's chamber . apparently assuming that king khufu had. reserved this room for his wife by the . light of their torches they then . explored the grand gallery 25 feet high . and nearly a hundred 65 feet long when . marvin and his team came in they were . holding their torture the loft and their . pictures with bats flying every which . way trying to hit them and avoid the . torches and being burnt it must have . been an extraordinary experience coming . into this amazing structure for the . first time this is truly one of the most . extraordinary and amazing pieces of . architecture in the ancient world at the . end of this mysterious gallery lay more . astonishing proof of the egyptian. builders genius. [music]. the so-called king's chamber with its . flat ceiling made entirely of precisely . fit granite blocks al mamoon however had. hoped to find much more some people had . expected not want to find all kinds of. jewels and gold but nothing like that . seemed to have been here so i suppose . that both farmer and his people were . rather disappointed no other comparable. rooms have been found in the century . since despite the lack of success . countless explorers have continued the. search. what has fueled this desire to know the . inner secrets of the great pyramid. perhaps the answer lies in the museum of . egyptology in berlin where a papyrus . texts from 1700 bc is carefully . preserved the west carr papyrus is . filled with legends and tales from the . era of king khufu according to the . papyrus khufu was inspired by the sacred . architecture of the god of knowledge and . wisdom thoth and had secret chambers . built into his pyramid to house magic . books containing all the knowledge of . the day . now a new generation is trying to . understand the great pyramid mehdi . tanooki is a specialist in innovation . strategy he has led numerous projects . combining art science and technology at . the southeast end . in 2013 he met henny halau former . minister of higher education and. research and now a professor at the . faculty of engineering at cairo. university together they spent two years . preparing the scan pyramids project and . gathering the best scientists and . engineers once the team is assembled . they set out to scam the pyramids this . new project is under the aegis of the . egyptian ministry of antiquities the . faculty of engineers of cairo and hip . the heritage innovation and preservation . institute founded by toyo pian halal we . are a team of neutral scientists there . are several theories about how the . pyramids were built we are not taking . sides our mission is to find proof real . evidence all our results will be . submitted to and analyzed by a group of . egyptologists from the ministry of. antiquities they will use physics and . subatomic particles to see inside this. giant structure these particles are . created when radiation in the form of . cosmic rays from distant supernovae hits . the earth's atmosphere. the cosmic rays then produce several . different subatomic particles including. muons about 10,000 muons per square yard . hit the earth every minute and move . through matter in straight lines new . ones are less likely to be absorbed when . passing through low-density matter to . create an image with me ography nuclear . emulsion films record muons as they. cross more muon trajectories recorded in. a particular direction means there is . likely more open space above the film . the process is akin to taking an x-ray . but on a much larger scale nuclear film . is placed inside the pyramid to record . how many muons arrived from different . locations but before the team attempts . to scan the great pyramid the egyptian . government has asked them to test the . technique on the well-documented bent . pyramid at dahshur 20 miles from cairo . oh i'm really excited about using this . method to take on such a mysterious . monument . dr. cooney hiro morishima and his team . from the university of nagoya have been . chosen to start the muir grafite asks . inside the bent pyramid they set up . their muon detecting films in the lower. room and hope these plates will record . the muons passing through the stones. creating an image of the room above . after 40 days of collecting muon . particles dr. mori shima and his team . recovered the film's he immediately . takes them to the grand egyptian museum . where a new laboratory has been placed . at his disposal the films will continue . to record muons until processed so it is . imperative they get to the lab quickly . [music]. five four three two one zero . they're developed like photographic film. with chemicals fixers rinsing and drying . to guarantee the quality of the results . the procedure must be carried out very . precisely and now they can measure the . number of muons recorded it's better . than i was expecting the moon moves in a . straight line as we change depths we can . see it going up it moves like this . millions of muon trajectories were. recorded it's perfect and the data must . now be analyzed in detail this work can . only be performed one place in the world . in japan nagoya steam scans each film . individually with a machine that is both . a scanner and a microscope and only . exists in their lab what is the total. resolution of 0. 4 pipeline which is kind . of megapixel picture you get. [music]. with the data the machine can. reconstruct the trajectories of the . muons using algorithms and immense . computing power any evidence of . particles that are not muons is filtered . out each computer . even with all of this computing power it . takes more than four weeks to scan the . films from the bent pyramid for weeks . during which dr. morishima and his . students work around the clock and watch . as the first mule graphic image of the . pyramid emerges will the image show the . upper chamber the fate of the entire . scanned pyramids project depends on it . there's the pyramid you can see the . edges the four faces of the pyramid are . recognizable and the peak is . distinguished in yellow because fewer . muons cross the monument where it is . thickest what really interests dr. mora . shima's team is invisible to the . untrained eye here's a spot where a lot . everyone's penetrated so that must be in . we see t
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