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Netflix is Lying to You
Big news in my life!
What girls do when they’re alone
Speak Spanish
Kids on bikes
Every Game Stop Ever
One Letter Off Books
Boot Camp Challenge
How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?
The Terrifying Truth of Fire Pokemon
Adventure Island
Oklahoma Audition
No Man’s Sky
How to get the NES Classic
VGA Commercial
Public Access Theme
This is why we need a security guard...
Movie night.
Here's how you lose your business.
Please excuse my privilege.
Spikeball with Walls
Pie Face Showdown Challenge
Don't Pop it Challenge
Upside Down Goggles Challenge
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Stephanie & MatPat
Rocco Botte & Derrick Acosta
Colleen Ballinger
Shayne Topp & Keith Leak Jr.
Steven Suptic & Cib
J-Fred & Bryan
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Caption: - (man) what are you looking at . - (chuckles). - come on!. - holy balls! that was hard. ? (dramatic chord) ?. - (fbe) so in this episode,. you will be playing a game. - yes! how fun. - ooh. - (fbe) we'll be showing each youtuber. in this episode four videos. one second at a time. and see if they can guess. the video's title. - okay. wow. all right. i'm up for it. - are these videos that we should. know the title to . - (fbe) but actually,. each of these videos. are your videos. - ohh. - oh, no. (chuckles). - (laughs). - i have an encyclopedia-like brain. when it comes to our stuff. i'm only gonna need one second. of each video. - (fbe) so you'll only be hearing. the audio of these videos,. but so our viewers can. play along easier at home,. we'll be showing them the videos. - wait, i'm just listening to it . - (fbe) yup. - i don't even get to see it! . - (fbe) nope. - this is horrible!. - (fbe) you ready to hear. the first second. of your first episode . ? (upbeat music) ?. - ? (hums melody) ?. - is that stranger things . - ? (imitates beat) ?. ? (futuristic music) ?. - well, rocko, i'd love to hear. your encyclopedic knowledge. - what was that . that was just traffic--. - lay it on us!. - that was the sound of traffic. - (miranda) i do not have. the patience. - (amused) okay. i don't know what it is. - (8-bit tones). - got it. "how deadly is bullet bill ". - yeah, done. maybe we do know. our own content. - yeah, don't jinx it. - (man) hey, guys. - that's "kids on bikes. ". - (fbe) correct. - really !. - that's "kids on bikes. ". - oh, you wrote it! yeah!. - i wrote that. - (man) kind of been on the run. - "why we need a bodyguard. ". (ding). (claps) ohh, dude!. - wow. very good. - (fbe) all right, ready. for the next one . - (miranda) i do not have the patience. for this today. yes. - i say that in every video!. - (gadgets whirring). - (both) oh!. - i know it!. - wait, no. "no man's sky. ". - "no planets left. in no man's sky. ". (ding). boom! yeah!. - we worked it out together. - (bryan) ooh, mamacita!. - (player) off the wall. - (gasps). - off the wall!. something off the wall. - "giant spike ball. ". - "spikeballs with walls. ". (ding). - (fbe) that is correct. - ohhh, okay. - (fbe) so we're gonna skip ahead. to 15 seconds. - (miranda) yes, the title. of this video is true. it's not clickbait. netflix lied to me!. i've been working on season two. for a freaking year,. and they said, "oh,. it's coming out on october 20th. oh, it's coming out october 20th. ". - is it called "netflix lied to me" . i don't-- i have no idea. that's my guess. (ding). that was a 100% guess. - (fbe) one second of the next one. - (knocking). - oh, we're at parker's. - so what's a video where we--. - is it "the sleepover" . - (fbe) incorrect. - (woman) oh yeah. - that is courtney playing. one of her mom,. auntie characters. "every parent ever. ". did we do that (chuckles). - no. - did we do-- oh. (laughs). - (chuckles) we didn't. - (fbe) that is incorrect. - you just named a video. that we've never done. - (colleen) so the question. i've been. - i'm literally using. the background music. to try to help. cue my answer. i don't know. - (j-fred) if you wanna know. why i'm wea. - do you wanna know why. i'm wearing this. wig . outfit stupid costume . - bikini. never wore a bikini. - (matt) pokemon is an infinite. - which one is it which one is it . - "pokemon multiverse. ". - (fbe) not correct. - "pokemon go, part 1. ". - (fbe) incorrect. - we've gone to the pokemon well. - a few times. - . once or twice. (saw buzzing). - oh! no!. - i know what that is. - you know what that is . - yes. - it's definitely. - it's about the--. "how to get a nintendo classic. ". (ding). thank you!. - how did you get that before me . - encyclopedic mind!. - (j-fred) if you wanna know. why i'm wearing this wig,. make sure you watch. our previous video,. which was, "what am i chew. ". - watch our previous video. - wig since when did you wear a wig . ohh! with the troll wig. "pie in the face. ". (ding). - (matt) pokemon is an infinite well. of theory fodder. balls capable of carrying gods. - thanks. - "pokemon: darwinian evolution. ". - (fbe) incorrect. - "pokemon: the science of gardevoir. ". - (fbe) incorrect. - (softly) shoot!. there's so many it could be!. - (knocking). - (man 1) welcome!. come in!. - (man 2) hi!. - (man 1) you made it!. - "you made it" . i heard a girl there. no. - did you . - because it was only james. - you didn't hear a girl . - no, i did hear a girl. i heard, (in high pitch) "hi!". - you did or you didn't hear a girl . - i did a hear (in high pitch) "hi!". - can we roll the tape again . - (woman) oh yeah. ? (soft whimsical music) ?. - (snapping) oh. - guess it, please. i know you know it. - yeah, hold on. oh, this is "every gamestop ever. ". (ding). - that's one of my favorite ones. in a while. - (colleen) so the question. i've been dying to ask you guys. is why do news reporters talk. - okay. i know what the video is. it's me doing a sketch. with news reporters. is it "big news in my life" . (ding). yes!. - (man 1) welcome!. come in!. - (man 2) you made it!. - (cameraman) why are you here . - (man 2) date night!. - (man 1) well, we didn't. want you to be a third wheel. - it's called "date night. ". - (man 1) . you guys have. a little double date, and explore. - date night . - is it called--. - "the double date. ". - no, "movie night. ". (ding). - wow, dude. you're killing it. - (matt) pokemon is an infinite well. of theory fodder. balls capable of carrying gods,. a world that lets 10-year-olds. wander around aimlessly. without anybody getting charged. for child endangerment. - (sighs). it could be racism. - you could do "pokemon racism. ". - we've gone through a lot. of weird topics with pokemon. "is jinx racist ". - (fbe) incorrect. - ahhh!. - "the terrifying truth. behind fire pokemon). - oh!. - yes! oh, i smacked the-- yes!. - oh my god. - holy balls! that was hard. - (fbe) feeling better. about getting these last few . - no. (chuckles). - no. (chuckles). - (rachel) should we go to lunch . - "should we go to lunch ". okay, that was my sister's voice. this is the one where. we're on our phones in bed maybe. - (man 1) what are you looking at . - (snickers). - come on!. so is this "james. has circus eyes" . - (fbe) nope. - (seller) so yeah, just, uh. - what is this "so yeah" !. (speaks gibberish). come on! more time. we need more time. - more time, more time,. 'cause i wanted keith. to guess one. - (matt) as seen befo. - who was that . - that was me. "as seen before. ". that means it's a video. we redid. "giant what's in the box" . (buzzer). - (matt) now, i'm a fine. of hard ga. - oh. - so this is early game theory. - that's really early. "where in the world. is adventure island ". - (fbe) that is correct. - yes! yes!. - yes!. that's a deep cut. - that one was really hard. - (scientist) greetings. - oh, no!. - that was russian scientists. - "mega64: e3 predictions" . - yeah, that's it. - i only played a russian one time. - (seller) so yeah, just feed it. a little bit, let it run around,. and you should be good. - that does not help anything!. "oh, yeah. ". i really don't know. - (matt) as seen before. on rhett and link's. - (gasps). - that's matt! not--. - okay. uh, no, no, no. - that's matthias. "yogurt tasting challenge. ". (buzzer). - (man 1) what are you looking at . those our numbers . - (man 2) yeah. - oh my god, recently--. "are those our numbers ". it's the one where you've--. oh, oh!. "cib's wilderness"-- no. it's "the australia" maybe--. "the aus"-- no. - (rachel) should we go to lunch . - (colleen) no, i have, like,. raging diarrhea. - (chuckles) me, always. "what girls do when they're alone" . is that it . (ding). see i could do this!. - (matt) as seen before. on rhett and link's video,. if you wanna go check. - that didn't help us out at all!. - (man 1) what are you looking at . are those our numbers . - (man 2) yeah. we're finally, finally breaking even. - oh, "we're finally breaking"--. this is a long time ago. it's about money, not views. - (seller) so yeah, just feed it. a little bit, let it run around,. and you should be good. - (buyer) are you sure he's okay . - so i heard noah's voice. - okay, i know this one. - (gasps) i do!. no, no, no, no. - yeah. - "every snake ever. ". - we've never even done. "every snake ever. ". - oh. - it's "one letter off books. ". - (fbe) correct. - oh my god! really . - (matt) as seen before. on rhett and link's video,. if you wanna go check them out--. oh, man. what happened . - (bryan) did your eyes. start burning too !. - (matt) yeah!. - (bryan) it's the crazy glue!. - "did your eyes start burning too ". we had those--. - so we had goggles that made--. it was upside down goggles. that had super glue in 'em. or something like that. it was making our eyes burn. - yeah, and it was burning our eyes. - "the upside down goggle challenge. ". (ding). - (fbe) that's it. - nice. - (man 1) what are you looking at . are those our numbers . - (man 2) yeah. we're finally, finally breaking even. - (man 1) good, not great. - (man 2) after all this time. - (man 3) this is [bleep]. - (man 2) well, stop editing it. while we're trying to talk. stop editing. push pause. use headphones. - (man 3) how do you--. - (man 2) use headphones. - (man 3) is it the--. - (man 2) use headpho. - did nothing for me. - this is the one--. the first time steve zaragoza. is on screen. i don't know. i don't think. i can guess it, honestly. - yeah. - this is pretty tough. - i feel defeated, but--. - am i thinking of the right video . - (fbe) that was "here's how. you lose your business. ". - ohh, i would've never guessed that. - i would've never guessed that at all. - i spend a lot of time. watching our own crap,. so it's really. very simple, elementary. - yeah, plus this guy. is obsessed with himself. you know, he'd able. to recognize his own voice anywhere. - (fbe) all right, one second. from the last video. - (man) it's a beautiful day, so. - it's a beautiful day in la. - goddammit. i've started off. every video like that. - (j-fred) okay, who go first . - "okay, who go first ". i have no clue. - (miranda) i got really good. - that's an old miranda video. that's, like, the camera. in my laptop from college. - (man 1) let's move it, move it!. - okay, so "every navy seal ever. ". - now you're just messing with us. - (narrator) in the not. too distant. - oh, that's our theme song. - oh. "original public access opening". from 2003. (ding). it got posted. on message boards everywhere,. and our bandwidth bill. was through the roof,. 'cause there wasn't a site. like youtube to host our stuff. - almost put us under. we'll never forget that. ? (soft piano music) ?. - ? the floor. ?. - (bursts out laughing). - this is matthew's audition video,. which was the first--. it should be the first video. on the channel. - it's not the first. - i. - mm-mm. - the first. - the first video on the channel. is our proposal video. - is it a monologue . ohhhh. - it's our proposal video. - ohhh. - i know. - (fbe) all right, five seconds. - (man) it's a beautiful day,. so i tweeted, "any friends. in la have a four-seater convertible. i can borrow for a short shoot today ". - was it about the music video . - that's the same sentence. come on, use something. in there, man. come on, please. i got two of 'em!. just get us one. come on, think! use it!. - (whines). - (fbe chuckling). - i got nothing!. - (j-fred) okay, who go first . - (matt) mee!. - (bryan) wait, are we--. is there a time limit . - (matt) shut up!. - no, that doesn't help. dang!. - (miranda) i got a really good. comment today for a vlog topic,. so here goes. "miranda heyyy. ". - (laughs) oh,. miranda's so different now. this must've been nine years ago,. eight years ago. i have no idea. - (man 1) let's move it, move it,. move it!. - (man 2) all right--. - (man 1) there you go!. come on! lift those knees up!. - (gasps) this is when--. this is-- this-- this is when we--. - oh. okay, you got this. - i'm kind of--. - it wasn't a navy base,. it was in ymca. (chuckles). - this-- "every ymca ever. ". - how are you-- no!. - oh. - us doing the boot camp drill. - (fbe) eh, we'll give it to you. - i actually sucked at that. i sucked so hard. - i did great. - (man) it's a beautiful day,. so i tweeted, "any friends. in la have a four-seater convertible. i can borrow for a short shoot today . i'll trade you my car. in the meantime. ". now, this tweet was met. - does the title have "friends" . - (fbe) no. - does the title have "office" . - (fbe) no. - gun . - (fbe) no. - car . - pistol . - (fbe) no. - convertible . - (fbe) no. - come on!. - (fbe) 10 seconds. - (j-fred) okay, who go first . - (matt) mee!. - (bryan) wait, are we--. is there a time limit . - (matt) shut up!. - (bryan) will you guys--. do you guys not see. that i have the hulk hands . - (matt) okay, we have to roll a die. go get the die, joey. - hulk hands . - we were sitting in the chairs. side-by-side in the apartment. - "the don't pop it challenge" . (ding). - what no-- oh, really . - yeah!. - (both laugh). - you were like, "you idiot!". - (miranda) i got a really good. comment today for a vlog topic,. so here goes. "miranda, heyyy. please vlog about how. to speak spanish,. because i'm sure you learned a lot. on your cruise in mexico. ". - okay. is it. "how to speak spanish" . (ding). i'm sure that video. is not appropriate now. - (man) "any friends in la. have a four-seater convertible. i can borrow for a short shoot today . i'll trade you my car. in the meantime. ". now, this tweet was met. with many a scoff,. but that's when my friend alex. - that was really funny. - "hey, man. i have. a bright red volvo c . if you want her today. in burbank. ". - that was really funny. and then people were like,. "oh, you effing idiots. ". - i don't think there's any hope. that we're gonna get this right. - (fbe) "please excuse my privilege. ". - ohhh!. - dude, that title sucks!. - that's terrible. - that was horrible. i'm analyzing the video as i'm--. i'm like, "why is. that music that loud . that should've been turned down. ". i'm editing the video. after it's been posted. in my brain. - we showed up and we conquered. as we always do. no surprises. - we are the best. and most humble. i'm gonna call it right now. - thanks for watching this episode. of youtubers react. - subscribe to see more. from all the awesome creators. in this video. - links are down below. - thanks for watching, guys!. (softly) buh-bye. - hey, guys. vartuhi here. thanks so much for watching. this episode of youtubers react. make sure to check out. all the awesome creators. down in the description below. big shoutouts to itsgenesishere,. sara asad, and nedesha brown. bye, guys. .

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