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Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee
Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna
Rihanna - Diamonds
Shakira - Chantaje ft. Maluma
Adele - Hello
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
Katy Perry - Roar
Justin Bieber - Sorry
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Number of Views: 1,369,929
Number of Likes: 40,289
Category: Entertainment
Caption: Taylor swift has to be up there so i'm . pretty sure to say she loved me though . oh well we're gonna find out right now . okay now i'm emotionally invested in . this game that truly doesn't have any . bearing on the rest of my life so today . we're gonna be showing you clips of ten . videos from ten different channels . videos ten channels on osu and these are . the top ten most subscribed to vevo . channels at the time of us filming this . episode oh music videos vevo music . mm-hmm okay i'm hip and young i get it . so these videos are all from artists who . have vevo in the title of their channel . so while there are some artists with . more subscribers than some of the. artists were showing you like ed sheeran . and bruno mars they don't have vevo . channels so they don't come in to play . suck it sharon you're out of here oh . vevo in the title we're gonna show you . the most viewed video on these artists . vevo channels and see how you do okay . here we go once again being humiliated . on youtubers react every time mm i . brought them all wrong . [music]. it's stuck etting that's got to be like . [music]. this is definitely number one most views . but is he the most subscribed people are . really feeling themselves in this video . number two seven but i feel he hasn't. been on here for long enough to be super . high on the list somebody else he's . number four i could just blew up right i . don't know i mean i saw him blew up yeah . so maybe lower number eight ariana . grande oh . ariana petit princess okay . i like ariana grande i love ariana oh . this is our worship on the swing . my ex-girlfriend used to not let me. listen to her because she thought i was . gonna move to hollywood and we're gonna. meet fall in love . scandalous song are you rocking three . right now i put ariana at number seven . five she's been doing it for several . years now . i feel like ariana grande is a very save . number one ariana and luis fonsi are . neck to neck taylor swift has to be up . there so i'm pretty sure to say she . loved me though well we're gonna find . out right now okay i got to give taylor . number one because i'm a swifty so she's . always number one no matter what she's . huge but i i have a feeling that someone . else is gonna be on there that's like . justin bieber put on number two for now . taylor's can high man well then who else . put justin bieber bieber bieber number . one no foot hurts to everyone i see i'm . like oh there there even bigger . yeah he's like a seven god he's huge i . remember he was blowing up in like 2004 . lost what's he doing in this video . but he hasn't released too much new . stuff except us. i listen to the crap out of it oh oh i'm . gonna put i'm gonna have at nine that's . not a very well-known well played in . restaurants on the radio kind of . situation six how about we stick him at . like number seven i'm gonna put him at . nine that's not a reflection of what i . think of his talent though we're talking . about vivo numbers what do you think hey . i thought six and we're putting in a . seven she's so good she's so cool . [applause]. [music]. bright like a diamond. [applause]. i'm putting rihanna number-16 i know . bieber's gonna be there somewhere . i'm gonna put rihanna at five all right . let's do four for now just for seniority . i'm gonna put rihanna on top of ariane . it for we're only halfway through all . right. rihanna number six lock it in i'm the . good one a go please . shakira girl . oh dang kind of a champ you know i feel . like she was much bigger like ten years . ago . man this isn't unexpected but i think . she's four i think that shakira's number . two but we've already put down number. two so nervous for we're putting this . for i'm gonna but shakira for i'm gonna . push shakira at number three i think . that all these latin stars actually have . more than all of these people go oh . you're so good. [music]. [applause]. i don't know the works should we put her . right number four i'm put a dollar seven . i'm gonna put a dull still at number two . i still stand with rihanna being at . number one i'm just gonna say it just . fill it in and we're gonna correct this . at the end cuz we're we're doing right . now they're so little they're so cute . this is the best abercrombie & fitch . commercial i've ever seen . god i love the song i forgot how much i. love this . [music]. oh my god they all had like surfer bro . haircuts. oh one direction your fans are bonkers . one direction going at 9:00 i'll put . them at number one no other choice . well we're gonna have to agree number . nine but i'm definitely changing i used . to be a full fan of one direction she . chased them around brisbane city i've . only got one direction and it's straight. to number nine i was good oh you've got . to be kidding me . these fake firefly is a pretty dope how . did your shirt get that ripped and your . makeup is fine does she get enough bite . with a tight payment seamless oh this . was a good song on katy perry . [music]. oh my god we can't but katy perry at ten . she can't be number ten but i also don't . think she's number one . really duh she's gonna have to go at ten . mm-hmm someone put her for now at number . eight but i will move her later i'm . gonna put katy perry at five he's going . on the bottom we don't have any other . place for her we just got to hold out . hope that the last person to be played . is justin bieber last one who is it it's . gonna just mess up our whole list ya . know it what is it yeah throw a wrench . in there yeah he's number one . [music]. girls are very good at dancing wait it's . just i'm not in this video i want to get . to the point where i'm making music . videos that i'm not even in okay justin . bieber number eight i didn't know i . didn't know i'm sorry i have a little . bit of a feeling this is wrong but i'm . gonna put justin bieber at number ten . for now i'm gonna put the biebs at one . that's kind of what i was waiting for . but i really fought the rest of this. list oh no . so now that you've washed you all of . these we're gonna give you a chance to . make changes okay number one i'm still . gonna go with b me too . i think any person x no rihanna . everybody i promise okay ah now i'm . emotionally invested in this game that . truly doesn't have any bearing on the . rest of my life but i want to do well so . number ten is actually that means we got . it all wrong yeah we didn't get zero . number nine is the dough dang it i told . you she'd be lower she's big because . your mom liked it but your mom doesn't . subscribe on youtube number eight yeah . oh i believed in you and your hip slide . oh secure you let me down all right yeah . i wasn't too far we should cure cuz i . have secured a ten and shakira was eight . we got it that's two we might we're . we're 66. 6 sick sick sick sick sick sick. sick sick sick sick sick six percent. correct number seven is ariana grande oh . that was your call to put her in number . one. oh house she's personally offended boom . seven all right i got it who knows . what's going on me . number six is one direction so their way . iron what their right number five is . eminem staying relevant i'm sorry i . didn't believe in you more and my dad's . a big fan i should have had more faith . in you . i thought you i thought he was lower so . you know i guess number four is katy . perry oh oh my gosh we stopped we put . her at e put our around number two the . rides. number three is rihanna oh that's a . shocking one dang it dang it i'm . surprised she's that high up there cuz i . haven't really heard much about her . recently number two is taylor swift hey . okay i got two right we better and at . number one with thirty three million . subscribers justin bieber starting . strong competing terribly finishing . strong man justin bieber wow i'm glad i . got that right i got one direction . perfect that's i planned it that way . guys thank you so much for watching this . episode of youtubers react to see more . from these creators and to subscribe . links are down below . adios goodbye hi guys gc here thanks so . much watching this episode of youtubers . react a big thanks to other creators who . came down to shoot this episode and the . big thanks to mcplayer one to one ronnie . stephanie and luis mariana guerra for . watching last week bye guys . .

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