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Some good money kick see andrew back . without the video me with my boy i'd . tell them where we're going we're about . to go to la we're about to go to new . york about to go to miami don't be crazy. longer you got to do a big yeah stay . tuned stay tuned we're going to meet. with logan everybody who's famous deli . we're going to meet them and we just . certain this dumb guy lost his puff . fucking me i got my path it won't be . possible so dumb all right man we're . duffle bag boys i saw those shows a . little black boy gang gang here's the . next shot guys yo guys we just did . emigration on this guidance five minutes . after almost missed like all more haha . the design malice in it we made it the. only electrosonic and conquer his old is. yo you know anyone who sit down girl. ronnie to go sandy we made it we made it. look at how buddy it's harder well it's. like a big two floors out what is the . name of the fight buddy this is the. airbus 380 hahahaha big boy big boy can . enter know. it's just open you yeah . oh although we are lucky . thank you. only one may be the first year for jay-z . so funny we just got the first tense . what you think of would you guys like . some drinks here what bag this is the . shoot like i'm sorry the speaker when . you take over and you have some game . little bored. it's crazy and this will conclude it. just busy. well cause you know sorry was going to . us mr. sykes oh this site so birds i. forgot my passport seconds they can't . find my ticket in the system and third i . had to go through security that's been. and now we're here you nothing can stop. us we made it you mean so we're going to . go just this what do you think what . happened after this d videos and there . weren't going steady i wasn't going to . happen about to make a movie like we're . about to seriously make a movie without . the turn up we're going to do some crazy . stuff letting her know oh buddy guy is . like my brother it is also fatty cofilin . psyd your money kick what's happening . man oh jenny going somewhere that stuff . secret top secret we just didn't nobody. money kicks coming to a city near you. only way to fly first class not business . but first. hello of money to be serving the nice. king yo que haces when i've seen since . upon the blog now we do it money pics . got his own little organic bar the . sneaker baxter them secret battle for. bag boy i call it the sneaker box how . much you think this first article 30k i . don't know top secret i everything top . you're close that door on you baby well. if nothing else i'll take up having me . don't be crazy gonna go to the loans to . showing that role is on that road turn . gay. in people. i'm. thanks. people speaking sergeant. absolutely for you. it's our their custom ac and . lawrence. it'd be crazy. maybe you. biggest animal feathers. while on the tub cover idiot . i haven't given my instagram. thank you so much. [music]. gilliland allowed i founded a new taste . about high club in the plane. i. [music]. [music]. i do okay mary . [music]. dude. these on the money kid oh come on yes. i'm sorry. [music]. the. hey guys nomnom take a shower the . going. don't sustain this place . i'm going to feel the next. i look like one thing they give you like . five minutes before five minutes so for . the people who consequence in the solar. until the end of the flight defense 30 . 45 minutes. it's very good i longer skip the next . the world that's deadline and we're. going to need any equipment that can be . traded and give the lecture hey guys at. the peak of the shower they give me . what the movies. this girl feels that we can feel. crazy that welcome. that record with you you can see the . woody come see me . go. but and let me hold it properly. hey guys were about to than 25 minutes . crazy we're excited for california and. they i'm gonna meet with local leaders . when i keep secret . we can please let me know in the. comments. the next. hey guys we just made it to the hotel . hope you guys enjoyed this video please. hit the thumbs up and there will be more . videos commenting and make sure to . subscribe and see you in the next video . bye bye p. [music]. .

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