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Rally are you ready to do this right now . guys we're gonna be filming a 24-hour . challenge in the living room . are you ready laughs no but seriously . guys i so we've been busy all day long . and it is now dark thirty outside 530 at . night and me and bradley are going to . fill the video right now for you guys . and first of all into the video bradley . bradley here by the way cooker became . for the video kirby you're supposed to . the video every single time . alright so what you say you say hey guys . oh zachary only had one and only . i lillybot you see two managers what is . this about carly you may get pizza right . now i think you are . oh so it's very probably a picture right . now we're going to make priorities right . now. alright what's up guys hope you have an . amazing day so like i just mentioned it . super late night and we're going to be . all day long so what we're gonna do . right now is the main subject of this . video is going to be filming in a legal . video with obviously you guys so we're . going to mingle. i'm going to enter attack i'm going to . post a tag on my snapchat you're gonna . find us . we're having fun with a few things we're . going to do first so number one is . almost already eating a piece of junk . away for you to be done eating pizza . what about you know ready i'm ready is . like the best i paid riley nothing but . not stopping till me . alright so one thing i'll next before we . get into this blog is check this out . guys. so i know you're thinking wouldn't what . the tin can with the flag on it . this is actually something we have been . working a very long time on and i'm so . sure you guys so for all youtubers out . there or you'll be coming through that. have not yet maybe because you know you . don't have anything or anything like . that well the whole purpose of this is . actually believe it or not. way back and a like the computer blog we . would literally buy iphone fish is . looking to give back okay . an iphone 6 iphone back in the day we . used to buy fish online and we will . offer iphone believe it or not and i . know this is crazy but you don't need . some expensive camera to make youtube. videos or anything crazy like that you . can review your iphone and if you're not . happy with that you want to throw . shooter clips or you just want a wide . angle camera like i started blogging . with a dslr and efficient so what this . is is the new key fox iphone shiz visual . it and so you will come on get open it . up and if you come down here . ok it's perfectly obvious you're filled . with your little bit okay time because . that movie is very annoying haha well . she's got the background make up excuses . i'm straight up trying to solve it right . now i'm really freaking out in the . background ok so like i was messing and . what it comes with i'm gonna show you . guys or anything you little demo and . have fun days because you know this is . not cool like housewives her husband but . yeah . oh are you not with me and one yes yes . yes ok so what console get a little clip . and then you can get two little tiny . lenses and this is not yet the phone . comes out the phone comes out four guys . be read it . seven years of digital planning to have . the phone actually come out of the box . no but seriously alright you open it up . you get a real estate tax for the . fisheye self you get to ended and it's . an iphone fisheye all you do is put away . your phone right that your tennis i so . is i'm going to take my case offer for . digital effects but literally everybody . wants to czar ok don't cross thread and . screwed on their plain and simple . take your eyes off. probably for the best character and . how's it going how's luna thread the . interview i did you talk about more . important to do what god it is literally . that simple it i'm not kidding it's that . simple . that's it now i will give you got the . devil in a second well that's what we're . going to film an expose of the activists . with the iphone shy but i thought they . really quick . these are now available on the t foxboro . website if you head down first link in . the description want to check them out . so i can show you guys that you actually . pull ups on your front camera to watch . it at low . its flipped on us yes guys check this up . well it was kind of the only go black . white and overall is anyone out there . notices if you do go to let me know in . the comments down below but this sir and . and ladies this is called a kendama . before i started with you i would . charter school and i basically want to . either play with this or i'm going to . skate park and it's gay bar was open . this is all i had left so i would play . with my friends but we have really i was . really really good for the dollar it . just looks and stuff like this and we're . going to get you some iphone anyways . we're gonna be some double-click on the . icon to shot then you by really slowly . oh my gosh that was incredible . alright we are officially filming on the . new fish i and it's dark but alright so . this is one of the lens this is the. smaller of the two for anyone that's . kinda curious on the whole point of it . it's a replaceable lens for your iphone . and this is the smaller one good idea . and this is the bigger of the two so . there's a little bit different. yeah we're going to sonic us now and . we're only going on you're gonna get the . first clip okay before we go i just want . to keep in mind we're not very good . the best one to go . i guess rider line here to trash tell me . that was in france under water with you . wow i'm i like to make them because like . i'm going to do that right here and came . back with a husband i can on g oh you . got below beyond economical we have to . take some water flips and i show you how . bad i am at kendama now we are going to . hop on omegle and talk to you guys and . it'll be fun funky well no way do you're . the first person on here know how are . you all here so quickly posted at least . 20 seconds ago . oh i don't know what i was 13 i start 45 . seconds ago. that's crazy i can do me a favor well . alright i need you to do something funny . go when i didn't want to go everyone jab . i felt rough . alright let's see if anyone else in them . yeah what's that hello how are you doing . three days straight . i just thought you wanted a stripper 38 . straight thanks for having speaking off . that's awesome you're probably watching . that's kinda gross but hey i do the same . thing i don't you think what way i think . it's something you do it away . hey but can you do me a favor really . quick craft alright do something funny . go. i get it yes you just be his body like . the way across the screen is perfect . then you're on your own here pretty . quickly. oh are you good how are you i'm . uploading videos right now you are going . to get you to shop . yeah oh carly bball subscribe for more . do it guys for her good . oh my god for what. yes i'm listening what you know yell my . god oh my god how are you doing this for . well i can't beat off it just isn't your . video. yes if i put under one circumstance no . challenge my new channel 5's gee i can . you do me a favor . yeah you something funny her ego oh i've . gotta go faster with that's what . happened this time we're looking for her . how to get down to appreciate that guys . like i channel my favorite thing is . absolutely something funny because they. just like freaked out in order to do lol . a lot accomplished anything you want to . say to the people . no okay . like it too late i can do that good . oh my god what i don't like your heart i . can you guys get some wisdom give them . wisdom to the people long i all i wanted . people you don't know to the people you . love them on a school don't do drugs. yeah he's not wrong that's good that's . some good listen always . you heard from you are we gonna do hell . yeah it under one circumstance you do . fuck do something funny hurry . yes i love you that you have any money . you have any words of wisdom for the . people are they in school . yes the second birthday mrs s do . something funny harry go wow that wasn't . dead i'd we brokenly we break me and i . getting the server i think we broke it . broke the omegle server or something cuz . it's not loading at this point so i'm . just going to end today's log sorry for . being so short like i said i was busy . all day but tomorrow's blog i promise . you guys will be a lot better so thank . you guys so much for watching today's. video have really felt me some that fish . i think and peace up a few minutes for . you. .
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