A Cuphead Cartoon

Cuphead learns the hard way that sometimes ya gamble and lose.
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[music]. they did check it out . i got boomerang bullets dine cap and . that's amazing with fancy new bullets. like those i'll bet you'll even be able . to get hey that's ok that's not . something everybody has to freak out . about that's fine it's fine that's gonna . be fine. just a couple of cups take it out holdin . liquids doesn't something anybody has to . panic about or anything it's fine it's . gonna be fine come on buddy. competitors pal bug man they like to . roll the dice you know what nobody has . to worry nobody has to get hysterical or . anything it's the fine is probably going . to be fine oh look at you what a big boy . what a big beautiful boy i mean that's a . handsome boy right there probably one of . the all-time most handsome boys hey look . out we got a big handsome boy over here . to forget your big goofy nose what a . strong boy he's just strong tough and . terrific boy yes he is yes he is now you . get up there and you shoot all those . video game bad guys you big beautiful . boy. [music]. [applause]. [music]. that's probably fine . [music]. .
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