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In 1982, the Paris of the Middle East was burning. Beirut opens in theaters on April 13.
I was raised as an only child with two . people who basically hated each other . just enough to stay together so i guess . you could say i've been mediating since . well before i was born years before i . heard the term mutually assured . destruction i was very familiar with it . growing up in that house . mason francis kyle's 45 years old 10 . years ago he was deputy chief of mission . here until his wife was killed . it's damaged goods . he's manageable. maybe one of you could tell me what i'm . doing here three nights ago an american . was pulled off the street in west beirut . next morning we got a communique from a . group calling itself the militia of. islamic liberation but they have the guy . they want to talk and want you to burger . the deal they asked for you specifically . your friend cal he's the hostage how's . the head of all mideast operations. he's talks you'll be waiting for bodies . to pile up on the embassy sidewalk what . does he want me to do you're an . experienced negotiator negotiate . what if one i will trickle at i'll a for . the return of my brother but i feel the . border john give me a meeting in israel . munich olympics madrid flight 305 46:9 . all of this feed abu arshad it is about . you looking for the man of your wife . they can file your brother you have to . come up with an alternative this is . alternative he's given us six hours to . deliver the brother he's hiding he's. been driven so deep his own people don't . know where he is . right now there's a hell of a lot on . protected pieces in this field you think . they want to save cal or do you think . they won't say the information that's an . ugly question . clearly the monsters have taken over . lebanon something needs to be done and . give israel the keys to the city. i need to seek out and it's impossible . it's only impossible if he's dead . 2,000 years of revenge and murder . often the beirut . [music]. [music]. .
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