Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom Compilation Cartoons For Kids 2016 HD #19

Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom Compilation Cartoons For Kids 2016 HD #19
Ben and holly's little kingdom . today's adventure starts at the little . castle the kings busy . communities . hi you're late i'm helping my dad today . he's very busy . thank you. got to josh 12 our next activity ie is . easy . i'm king thistle i'm always busy i have . lots of important work to do not working . now i am i'm practicing sitting still . without falling asleep that's not black . it is kings work and it's harder than it . looks. i what else is kings back making . speeches shaking hands and waving a lot . so this is that sounds fun can i help . you at today of course holy magic car . rides on . now the first drop for any king is . waving it's a bit boring dude like this . yes a good way but one of those wherever . you where we going 90 plug what's the . first bit of work i'm doing today you're . launching an alf boat . your majesty how do you launch abide . i'll show you . princess holly and king zone . this is where i make a speech . well done else for building this boat . it's our looks like a good one and i am . sure you will have a lot of a farm it's . got a good show . now we smash a bottle of sparkling fairy. juice against the side of the boat but . where is the fairy juice. sorry your majesty. we're very busy today hi holly hi gotta . dash onto our next to liberty i declare . this sailboat well and truly launched . [music]. what doing we shake hands and ask . questions. hello and what do you do i have a metal . your majesty . how very interesting hello and what do . you do i'm the ship's cook your majesty . how very interesting pieces and what do . you do i'm the captain princess holly . how very interesting . lte can be right on the bottom please . good idea holly i never get to try these . things. captain would it be possible to write on . your boat please it would be an honor . your majesty . now bobble yes it is rather nice isn't . it. and why i've never done this before . would you like some lunch. magistrate oh yes i am rather hungry me . telephone. your majesty someone can handle plum . hello nanny plum yes yes of course right . away. now he says i have to get back to work . oh but what about lunch . i know that there is more important king . work to be done. daddy you all can that mean your job . holly everyone thinks i'm in charge but . really i get told what to do all the . time when are we having lunch nami . there's no time for lunch your majesty . you have to judge a fairy fruit and . vegetable competition. howdy that how do how do i do that money . you pick the biggest . princess holly and king this all your . other finalists to a magic game this is . a tomahto . ah very big and this is strawberry also . very big and red now i have to make . another speech . well done everybody for growing this. stuff it all looks are very big now . without further ado i judge that the . winner is better market or perhaps the . strawberry know the tomorrow daddy keep . using magic. yes this happens every time . why don't we just see which one is the . best. what a good idea let's taste them he it . can be out large fast the main course . the tomahto. vicious for putting this job brain . function . yo yeah they're both so very tasty . they both win so where's the trophy hope . i'm not too late your majesty . no you're just in time well done johnny . good chips hi hi holly holly that was . delicious now i'd like a little nap i'm . sorry your majesty . there's no time for that but i'm tired . manny you must make another speech at . the festival of elf and fairy down thing . oh i don't know anything about dancing . how can i make a speech about it daddy . like into his speech i am watching a . date . oh excellent you can make the speech . holly . holly i'm king . [applause]. ya got me to cook each . pilate that was the last delivery now we . comply you might have finished been but . i still working right it's time for your . speech you all very nice and i have you . have thought about two down nobody could . show you can show what happens now . now comes the hard bit we have to sit . still and got fall asleep in honor of . your majesty. we will now do a chance . out . [music]. what . very good very good . come on daddy let downs but i well . alright . could you play something a little bit. more modern right oh . [music]. you're right holly things work is father . [music]. black was a busy day . oh yes it was today's adventure stocks . at gaston cave stop . nah . oh gaston saying mommy daddy gaston the . ladybird has caught a cold . i'm not surprised his case is leaking . hmm there's a whole yeah maybe if we . move that pedal over it . good day today wise old health and what . seems to be the problem. gaston's kinda leaking mmm leak can be . tricky. what you need is a proper builder to fix . it but where can we find a builder i'm . the builder really oh yes . elves are very good at building and i . manila in that case i command you to fix . the storms case yes your majesty . a wise decision. mmm mmm today seen it seems to be water . dripping in yes and there's a hole up . here. oh that old would be the cause of the . leak . how do you know with respect . some things are best left to proper. builders so how long will it take to fix . the leak. oh it will take a very very long time . and while the beauty work is gay bar . the ladybird won't be able to live here . the gas don's got too cold . where can he stay well perhaps gaston . could stay with us. are you sure you know what you're doing. darling a whole of course i know what . i'm doing i'm king lunchtime . oh i'm afraid insects and not allowed . inside the castle the right knee clap . daddy variety gaston t-style ass . oh very well then make yourself at home . gaston baby bad i hope is going to learn . to wipe his feet. gaston isn't well honey na and he hasn't . got anywhere to stay . i'm still not sure it's a good idea for . him to stay with us. don't worry darling gaston will be no . trouble at all. so where is he going to see it he can . sit on this little chair. well any plum you can speak ladybird . well lt say gaston says this chair is . too little. [music]. whoo that's the queen's chance . don't fuss nanny plum the queen does . behind you darling ranma gaston says . this chair is too hard. actually gaston that's my job . well well gaston says this chat is just . right. goodness it's like having goldilocks to . stay with your child. yummy thanks manny . yes this food is delicious. well i suppose i'd better magic up some . special lazy bad food by a lady birds . ground food smelly and sound . [music]. gaston love smelly food . why isn't he eating it then. gaston says it's too cold about hello . gaston i think you're cute right yeah . come on a little taste if you like . gaston wow gaston says needs just write . such friends from gaston easy tasks can . he stay with us from and i maybe not . forever but he can stay until his house . is mended robot all the ball back to . follow all the king's cell gaston is . getting that time did gaston says that . this tv program is a big boring how . about this one these programs to know . anything . this program is just right . funky sounds not sneezing anymore so now . gaston who's better maybe he can go . oh gaston conca high until he's jaime's . management he might catch another cold . and then he'll be sound. yes we wouldn't want gaston to be said . well gaston says you are the nicest king . in the whole world . thank you gaston up maybe i'll go and . see how the l4 getting honored your . hello wise old elf how much longer is . this going to take. as we build us a there's no point in . rushing things. well maybe a little rushing wouldn't do . any harm. i'm afraid we have a lot of problems to . deal with your majesty it up it's . probably a silly idea but have you tried . moving that pebble over the whole global . you're right that is a city idea maybe . it's still worth a try . we respect your majesty we each have our . jobs to do. you're the king and i'm the builder of . course. it's been a long day . i think i'll go to bed earlier are you . majesty that might be a problem . what you mean well it still is gaston . yes money i keep this basket for gaston . speaking well done honey but the baskets . let's change off d then she tried my bag . that that was tasty . oh yeah i don't like the sound of this . happy gaston's found apparent that he is . just that's my bed haha . what's he saying no gaston says he is . very tired and would like to go to sleep . now. [music]. did not sleep well we going to sleep . that was the most uncomfortable night. ever. how long is gaston then just be with us . i did so you could stay here until his . cave was mended and how long will that . take. i don't know let's go and see how those . elves are getting on his case . gaston really misses his old wise old . elf good news we've replaced the rotting . wood blasted the ceiling and fix the . leak. no not yet but i'm sure in time we'll . sort it out have you just tried moving . this pebble hey king missiles mended . customs game and that amazing work your . majesty . have you ever thought of becoming a . builder yourself i actually no i think . i'll just stick to being king s done . your cans ready you can get behind them . up. gaston says thank you and bye bye bye . bye gastelum it was fine to me to stone . will be so sad to see you go wow well . gaston says he doesn't want you to be . sad. so he'll come and stay with you for a. bit longer it's okay i won't be that sad . well crap about gaston insist your . majesty. very well loved me then and holly's . little kingdom. today's adventure starts at the little . castle. oh casey and poking oh we'll be having . porridge for breakfast porridge pot is . empty. yes holly daisy and poppy will be . practicing their magic this morning. nanny plum has taught them a simple. porridge spell 1 i've got a bad feeling . about this. just to be clear nanny plum nothing's . going to go wrong is
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