Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom Compilation Cartoons For Kids 2016 HD #7

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Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom Compilation Cartoons For Kids 2016 HD #7
Then and holly's little kingdom today's adventure starts at the little castle pam gracious it's winds up they sound like a herd of elephants that very naughty are good they've gotten quiet quiet isn't good it means they're up to something you better go up and see danny yes your majesty a daisy papi papi your buns hello i'm shelley plans plans and now he's taking a long time should we have a look you know what the twins are like norty very naughty alysha chose my nappy please didn't know the twins a danny plum dole they died i think that is nanny plum that's really it gave me to keep kenny beck pawn a me oh thank you all this noise again couldn't you be a tony for a while just to keep the fire wellwe have a lot of work to get on with the bushing in the only better ah peace and quiet carry on money and i game today i won't get any black and it will stay like this don't worry nanny i can turn me back so thanks holy between the crying again i know the elves could make a nanny plum dog was a good at making things and he good idea man myself well can you make an eeprom doll it's for the twins well now what does this don't look like it looks like not who i see dave a puppy you talk about anything well and weekly yes i think we can make a copy of this come along please if i press your tommy will you sing a song don't you even think of picking my honey only plan i got it you are indeed you are indeed very dainty cocky name will use this copying machine this is how it works if we take this tennis ball and put it right here an exact copy now for dolly plum change my mind thank you nanny you just have yes your majesty now your majesty a look sad unlike me he it doesn't bit manny know it's a perfect cookie yes and now that we've copied nanny we can make as many as we want someone just to keep between happy i quite agree one nanny plum is quite enough fine now with someone please magic me back again i can any that's better now i want to get on with my work oh dear they want to tony aid we promised the deep love me don't you make one one more wouldn't hurt just to keep the twins happy my my dolly hi blue look it's me plumb doll and i'm sleepy why did you got huh she's really funny have one me to me what he's supposed to meet one and i've already made too well i suppose it's alright to make a few more oh what's this right time these are rather good are we making them they just a one-off of 10 but they seem to be rather popular indeed perhaps we should make more da-da-da-da-da hmm and careful with that daisy it's the only tony of its kind in the world we plan oh it seems that there were two of them i'm going to have a word with that wise old south nanny plum don't you nanny plum me i said make only one totally and you made two years sorry nanny plum yes well don't let it happen again that writer huh he's made outrageous right why go down how many things have you made haha thousands actually attempt but they are very popular let me show you one in its gift box box az opaque so you even think about okay here we are with nanny gone no have you fallen off the production line why don't you see she was here but she seems to advantage is a-ok dj magic money into a doggy again oh nanny must be in one of these boxes but there are thousands of them how we going to find her we'll have to open up everyone we'd better get started too nice you're my butt too friendly thank you i shout out to light new your dolly no yes you are you're just a very never dull i know i made you think i wouldn't have stephen tape without of course not dolly's can't do magic honey 1p and then you inset the flap up just you try ok you are nanny plum oh that's better haha nanny can you turn me back to please ok feels out party sounds cool mood you promised you'd only made one song and you've made thousands but nanny it's an honor to have a toy that looks like you oh is it well let's see how you like a grumpy old and very amusing if you're quite finished nearly [music] now i'm finished oh dear how undignified what we going to do with all these well daisy and poppy like them look you know i think fairies are rather last year this year f dollies will be the thing i oh and lies between two eyes mmm you are a handsome little fellow i can see why the children like you and you've got ya now yes thousands l's night talking down bones and we ll oh no cover your ideas two days adventure starts at the leak not ct today i redbeard the out pirate set sail in my pirate airship where are you going to the lost city what's that an ancient place of great beauty periments waterfalls and fountains great statue of ancient gods and treasure where is it in the jungle far far from here a long and dangerous journey oh why don't you go then try and be strong my sweetheart i will return else hey you tell him you don't want to rush the last 50 turn away thank you but a pirate doesn't need what i off in the face of danger well oh poor gaston he's missing red bed already this is just a life i love adventures haha i think i sees a jungle lost city here i oh what is it gaston he's worried about with bed oh don't worry gaston redwood course he got into trouble hello i found it from the last city no jolly goods only thing is i've had a bit of bad luck and i'm in terrible danger i thought you know in the face of danger normally i'm trapped the ropes from my airship are tangled up in the jungle will come to your rescue when kids don't feel you must like i survive here by the yard leaf and drink jus drops to survive i could probably last a couple of weeks that way snake gets me first of course we won't let that happen the elves are coming the ferry ok we'll do a rescue mission imagine say imagine said let's get this plane loaded for a jungle rescue right all jungle tank jungle and jonathan first aid kit jaw auto food kids jungle clothes through the jungle picnic cheese sandwiches and lemonade for everyone naughty plum this is a rescue mission no top pick so you still need sandwiches you'll need these what are their parachutes shoes cold yes i can't land the airplane in the jungle store you'll be parachuting in how we find that bed in the jungle gaston will sniff him out estan can smell anyone from miles away redbeard does have a strong smile yes a bit like cheesy sucks come on everyone time to go wine the engine righty hole ready for takeoff [music] [music] we need that yeah oh we've only just got going the jungle is on the other side of the world oh gaston can smell that bed already oh well we can't be at the jungle yet gaston's nose is never wrong about that it is time to jump everybody ready to go [music] wow gaston was right the jungle good now to find red beard gaston find wet bed remember it smells like oh sucks good boy this way that catchy we some kind of ancient god i suppose we must be getting lice to the lost city look at is crazy orange plan ah yes the proper name is heliconia jack winnie i and this one's called present the month look at some how did you know that it's on the table oh how hard these statues labels 10 and this one is plans got a price on is 499 skirt something very strange is going on here yes madman is going through the jungle everything it's reading it's not raining it's a big person with a watering can this isn't the jungle garden center gasps stones brought us to the wrong place cool red beard is hundreds of miles away no real jungle and we're stuck in a garden center hello hello are you nearly here at wetherby too far from the jungle oh yes whereabouts right now we're in a garden center in a part of daffodils daffodils oh yes i can see you what i'm inside looks really doors i thought you said you'd gone to the jungle it is a jungle in here come and see who this is ridiculous oh well i suppose we better rescue him anyway carefully now we must not be spotted by the big people why when the magic door open it's not a magic door you just stand in front of it and it opens but we're too small for the door to notice house time for a bit of magic now that's what i call a magic [music] am i pleased to see you me hearties don't do me hearty me do you realize how much about time you've wasted we thought you were trapped in the jungle not fitting in at amarte plant in the shop but this is where the last cities well hey if included garden ornaments from very common you have to use your imagination it's a lost city your parents waterfalls and treasure it's the plastic rubbish well haven't you had an adventure coming to find me yes it's been fun and that's what being an elf pirate is all about having fun now all you have to do is untangle me and we can get away from this dangerous jungle this isn't a jungle and there is no game job i'm a customer and i would like to buy this plump find everything you're looking for today i just thank you to the toys come free with a plum oso one popped up with toys and one magical blin i am not magic one talking magic goblin 09 barcodes apple it was compost oh thank you magic godly washed how daci we've got to get free that's it lets go and turn away hello mrs. customer hello don't tell anyone you've been seeing elves and fair is lou oh haha wise old elf looks like i am rescuing you from the jungle from the garden then do you mean ah my sweet sugar plum i brought you a present from my adventures at the mall though is it a tamato or is it a mysterious red berry from the darkest depths of the last city use your imagination it's a tomar toe set sail for the little kingdom today's adventure starts at the great elf tree the shooting star with this telescope i can see deep into space without the health can i look yes right now the telescope is pointed at the moon looks really class can i have a guy of course if i turn the telescope this way you can see distant stars amazing i'm one of the stars is moving maybe it's a shooting star i can see it 10 attraction to the ground wow that sounded close let's take a look this is where the shooting star dead it's mad
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