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WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST EP OF COOKING WITH CHLOE!! Mitchell joined me today and we coooooked dinner together (for the first time ever) he has never cooked before and did quite well. Thanks to hello fresh for letting this video happen!
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She dam the new kitchen looks so good in . the best young range . breastfeed hey guys welcome back to my . channel so today i've dragged two . mitchell on to this video by drag she . literally names dragged i literally work . your mouth gonna sleep i'm gonna catch . chop-chop you're cooking dinner . hello fresh has been hooking us up for. life what would you say two months with . food. so basically gets delivered to our front . door you open the box . voila all your ingredients for like a . week's worth of meals is in the box . makes life 200,000 times easier you . don't have to serve me food in the . grocery store all-round perfection so . mitchell doesn't really cook has never . cooked well he cooks like protein shakes . you get shaking green star lemon oregon . our chicken with rose finna bitch toss . that sounds really you can absolutely . yeah preheat the oven but does that mean . cream by the way it's like a double . double of okay i pick the phone because . i'm picking my hair stop picking your . hair he has like compulsive hair picking . him disorder pick the hope keep the . whole batch of hair so it has like a . gris it has a green thing at the butter. it's the green one folks you need the . feta. [applause]. you are in the kitchen can you dance out . the thighs that's the wrong dawn which . leaf which ladies the gone yeah yeah . what's the time oh oh . hey everyone this is telling us is half . the oregon i think i'm i fell i might . feel like i'm d pinch of salt she . doesn't pull half sweet potato bit of . olive oil . i always tend to be a bit of all-purpose . seasoning on yeah how's our veggies . going oh yeah oh whoopsie very steamy i . don't know what is you go like these as . well. you don't just cook you clean as well. one dress i've been watching you is the. chicken dirty now you know why our . dinners always cold . not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin . boom oh we're back . this is khloe's kitchen did i steal a . baby. what does to be look at him guard yeah . boy the chicken yummy . toss this salad salad you can you have a . drop that i haven't been to tea just . please see this back here on the table . wow literally how easy it is how long . did that take us like what half now . amazing hello fresh i hope to you guys . up as well if you guys when they have a. bit of easiness put into you a weekly . routine thank you probably the laziest . person you've ever met. we're not wrong i'm alive . every video that we've gotten in like. two months of getting these have been . off the charts i couldn't have thought . of better recipes and like yummy are . healthier things myself sir . so if you guys were wanting to get their . hands in the hello fresh box i have a . card chloe forty for you guys to get 40% . off your first box thank you guys so . much for watching this video don't . forget to follow us on our other . channels instagram close that instagram . little oval and we'll see you in our . next book i'll see you in the comments . so comment below . love you guys back . .
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