“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor – Cover by Brianna Leah | SONGS THAT STICK

If you can't stop listening to Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" then you'll love this 50's inspired cover featuring Brianna Leah!
Chains Cover - http://bit.ly/1GQjkXp
Sing, laugh and dance along with YouTube’s favorite kid musicians as they cover today’s catchiest songs. Including fan favorites “Sugar” by Maroon 5, “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor and “Chains” by Nick Jonas.
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Cover by - Brianna Leah
Twitter @Briannacuriel
Instagram @BriannaLeahMusic
Lead Girl - Brianna Leah Curiel
Lead Guy - Noah Faden
Teacher - Isaiah Roberts
Nerd - Zander Faden
Head Chef - Daniel R. Iturriaga
Rebel Table Dancer - Aiden Lewandowski
Rebel Stair Dancer - Isaiah Morgan
Doo-Wop Ladies - Nicole Najarro, Nadia Turner, Ruby Rose Turner, and Lauren MacLean
Pink Ladies - Inaya Ashanti & Brooke Kier
Justice Alan, Conner Medina, Jake Medina, Miquel Buchanan, Ruby Valdez, Tania Almanzar, Gabriella Casas, Paola Torres
Double Empire Records Production
Written by Meghan Trainor & Kevin Kadish
Producers - Vicky Curiel & Matt Levy
Director - Vicky Curiel
Creative Director - Vicky Curiel & Curly Fryz
1st AD - Curly Fryz
Editor - Reel Mike Jones
Steadicam Operator - Kiel Eulberg
Production Designer - Vicky Curiel
Costume Designer - Curly Fryz
Choreographer - Julian Turner & Curly Fryz
Hair & Makeup - Cynthia Angelina
Production Coordinator - Michelle "MBennz" Bennett
Catering/Grip/Props - Vladimir Curiel, A.K.A. DaddyCuriel
Music Production - Big Chris Flores (The Rehab Studio)
Special Thanks To :
Meghan Trainor for being such a great supporter to Brianna Leah, and for creating amazing music!
All of the parents that created these beautiful children and all the countless amount of hours they put in helping their kids be who they are today.

Rehearsal Space: Martha and Enrique Ramos. Principal Mario Martinez for allowing us to use Montague Charter Academy.
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