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Check out the new trailer for Don't Talk to Irene starring Geena Davis! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: 2018
Starring: Geena Davis, Anastasia Phillips, Scott Thompson
Directed By: Pat Mills
Synopsis: When Irene - the fattest girl in high school - gets suspended, she must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home. Following her passion for cheerleading, she secretly signs up the senior residents to audition for a dance-themed reality show to prove that you don't need to be physically "perfect" to be perfectly AWESOME.
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This is irene willis she's 15 years old . and living the most insignificant . geographical location in north america. irene is not allowed to watch tv surf . the internet or even own a cell phone do . you ever wish we lived in a parallel . universe where high school didn't exist . but this year at school things are going . to be different i'm gonna be a . cheerleader absolutely not you will not . be a cheerleader why you were you're not . a cheerleader material like i was they. made funny you didn't they. no they asked me to join squad rather . lucky than you too sometimes . irene lost the time you'll be suspended . for two weeks all of you troublemakers . i'm not a troublemaker i'm a victim we . have a special program for suspended . students hope you like old people . screw-ups follow me i'm not the one who . employed at a retirement home girlfriend. how am i ever going to become a . cheerleader when i'm still gonna return . them in home we have a proposal who here . wants to dance who here wants to dance . with him what i want to do with him . isn't called dancing why can't life just . be easy. [music]. [applause]. [music]. they say the key to success is to look . into the future and visualize what you . want to become . you might not die in here . my grandpa was hit by a delivery truck . outside of a laundromat . [music]. .
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