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From writer/director Bo Burnham and starring Elsie Fisher. EIGHTH GRADE – In Theaters July 13.
RELEASE DATE: July 13, 2018
DIRECTOR: Bo Burnham
CAST: Elsie Fisher and Josh Hamilton
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Hey guys it's kayla back with another . video so the topic of today's video is . being yourself being yourself can be . hard and it's like aren't i always being . myself and yeah for sure . but being yourself is like not changing . yourself to impress someone else a lot . of people i call me quiet or shy or. whatever. but i'm not quite it most quiet kayla . day i don't talk a lot at school but if . people talk to me and stuff they'd find . out that i'm like really funny and cool . and talking by the way i like your shirt. a lot it's like so cool . [music]. huh i said one more week of eighth-grade . right yeah that's crazy yeah uh-huh . okay so growing up can be a little bit . scary and weird we will begin to explore . these changing bodies of yours it's . gonna be make sure to share it and . subscribe to my channel guti i think . you're so cool . maybe you seem to put yourself out there . a little i'm gonna stop i'm really like . nervous all the time it's really hard . not to feel that way but you just need . to face your fears . [music]. and black people know they're really . [music]. just grab my phone how to charge you . yeah i mean he sometimes i charged at . you but my phone i just cuz things are . happening right now doesn't mean they're . always did not happen it wasn't there . just sort of my hopes and dreams right i . was a complete bathroom when i was your . age. really eighth grade is go worse you . never know what's next and that's what . makes things exciting scary . and fun when did you get snapchat we're . good this greatness is great . [music]. .
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