Everything Wrong With Coco In 14 Minutes Or Less

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Coco is a very good movie. We enjoyed it immensely. We still felt obligated by reputation (and that contract with Satan) to go looking for sins in Coco. And we found a few.
Next week: Mystery sins & Horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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When all disney and pixar studios just . merge already they are only separate . because they both love legos also i . don't care if it's two of the most . successful studios of all time that's 44 . seconds of two logos sometimes i think . i'm cursed and a narration in one day he . left with his guitar and never returned . the opening narek position of this movie . is so beauty and the beast that i now . have expecting at least one character to . end up with stockholm syndrome and she . learned to make shoes the role of the . great-great-grandmother will be played . by daniel day-lewis . who not only learned to actually make . shoes in preparation for this role he . spent the last year being animated god . he's such a craftsman you know the last . time i was in a room with a woman this . old wrestling mask and feathers i'm not . sure hatred of music could or would be . passed down this many generations no one . in this family ever stop to ask if maybe . the real villain in that story they tell . every year is the music man and not . music itself the inside jokes and these . pixar movies and movies in general are . becoming distracted no this really is . just the mexican animated version of. footloose right tewi brave mallanna . the good dinosaur frozen plains zootopia . would it be weird to see a disney pixar . movie about a protagonist that was . exactly like their family and following . all the rules and was still a compelling . character the inside jokes and these . pixar movies and movies in general are . becoming distracting. while i ponder this oddly casual death . being played for a lan if i have to ask . was there any reason that bell had to be . real i know this is a cartoon but the . candles and flowers situation here is. making me anxious not to mention all . that fruit next to the candles who wants . warm raw fruit and ordinarily i would. approve of the booze but again fire is . the one night of the year . our ancestors can come visit us we put . their folders on the ofrenda so there's . crossover expositional lecturing i feel . like i've seen this idiot dog character . played this same way in at least three . previous disney movies that he or anyone . including jesus and bob dylan could ever . properly tune a busting ass home a . beater guitar like that look at this . thing the strings are all different . distance apart from each other this kids . arnesto shrine it's kind of sweet and it . shows he really does get what the day of. the dead is all about just with his . personal hero as opposed to family but i . still can't remove a sin the fire safety . ignorance is a much bigger generational. problem for this family than their. hatred of music earlier his grandma had . super-hearing for anything resembling . music but here he is in the attic . listening to and playing along with . music and no one in the entire house he . was it i will also take a sin off . because of how well this movie portrays . miguel's genuine deep love of every note. a treat i've only ever seen in the very . best and purest musicians sure he can . sneak out but his family celebrates this . event together and they're going to . notice him missing i don't know how he . expects this plan to work the deal is . kind of stupid it's time he joined us . see the workshop watcher this is . exciting information but why does miguel . think that this changes anything he . already knew that mama coco's father was . a musician right so why is he emboldened . to spill all this to his family . kirt wrestling well i yelled his name a . couple times that's probably enough to . convince him to come back no need to . chase after him or anything how was the . guitar not crushed along with her nest . oh by that tim burton's batman bell that . kid is 65 pounds tops the only way that . lid moves here is if it's greased. granted we're about to experience. spirits and magic and supernatural that . guitar being in tune is going to end up . being the number one thing that bugs me . about this movie also koko and the six . strings what were there people who heard . a strum drawn rapidly here with. flashlights how that would julio know . this sure they are able to get back and . forth today but they have no clue what's . happened to miguel and this could. potentially kill him dead i see heaven . was designed by dr. seuss hey so christo . i wanted to take us in off for the . unbelievable animation about five times . already and the movies finally broken me . two cents off you mean to tell me i've . got to put up with in customs even after . i'm dead if the border agents know that . the bridge won't allow anyone to cross . over why do they even bother trying to . stop hector bridge analytic old timey . bookkeeping skeleton guy would be . excellent at summer sense your family's . blessing and everything should go back . to normal . well you've got a do it by sunrise who's . making up the rules on all this you had . his fingers back to the futuring should . we tell him there are no restrooms in . the land of the dead there are no . restrooms but there are pet allergies so. i'm letting you off with a warning . - is there law and order in the land of . the dead all the time or just during the . day of the dead and regardless what's . the judiciary system based on do they . use the same laws as the living if so . what replaces the death penalty for a . particularly egregious acts . oh nice gag solid joke . why does he even have eyeballs sure her . spirit guide is a horn panther dragon. okay but they said earlier the spirit . guides help the spirits find their way . not help find their missing living . descendants who were escaping in dead. land. why does a spirit guide even have any . human finding talents anyway who has . that . don't touch but why the mizpah betta . taking flight miguel just ran down the . road a few seconds ago and pepita . apparently has his scent already . seriously they should have given this . dog a story credit this land of the dead . still celebrates the rich and famous. from life like ernesto and his tower . party going on right now but this place . also bullies and mocks people who choke . to death in life and all i can think . about now here is where exactly jimi . hendrix would land on the social scale . here also they're mocking this guy for . choking to death but ernesto gets a . celebrity pass against afterlife. bullying even though he died by falling . mexican liberty bell you really want to . get to a nesta there is that music . competition at the plaza de la cruz . winner gets to play at his par . not only is everything in this room . expositional fodder for miguel's journey . there's an extremely convenient music . festival that would allow him to meet de . la cruz also this is the second major . music competition in this movie and . while it's not the movies fault . the pitch-perfect series has really worn . me out on that kind of thing as a plot . device okay first of all you lending . your femur is on you i don't care if . this guy is the homer simpson of . borrowing neighbors never lend out bones. crucial emotive function . second of all how in the name of voodoo. witchcraft did you use any kind of twine . string tying device to secure this pipe . to this bone in this manner . look movie you can't have miguel take . down a tomb guitar that hadn't been . touched over a hundred years and play it . with it being perfectly in tune and then . later feel me someone casually tuning a . guitar before playing it either guitar . tuning manners in this movie or it does . not pick one another sin off for the . movie again getting gifted guitarists . right every single one i've ever met can . wow me with their own playing in one . moment but sit in awe at the talent of . another player in the next classy pixar . this is one of those jokes for the . parents studios like to sneak into kids . movies but in this case the kids will . actually get the joke which is . concerning. chicharrΓ³n waits to yoda until the exact . moment hector and miguel show up just so . hector can explain how that works . shouldn't the tequila be running through. hector's skeleton and hitting the floor . i never thought i'd say this but barbosa . from pirates of the caribbean is a more. believable dead guy wait what happened . he's being forgotten ooh okay so he's . living in a hammock and this part of the . dead land for those who never get their . picture put up during day of the dead . fine . but now that he's been entirely. forgotten he disintegrates so many . questions but chief among them who the . was thinking about this guy in the . last couple decades but not putting his . picture up cuz that guy is a douche when . there's no one left in the living world . who remembers you. you disappear from this world we call it . the sign of death cool and then what . happens after final death final death . land how many layers are there oh . memories they have to be passed down by . those who knew us in life hmm well i . find that to be simple my memories . aren't good enough or powerful enough . unless i've talked about them ad nauseam . around enough friends that one of them. still remembers the stories also this . movie that is clearly pro-family fine . that is cool is so pro-family they risk . alienating people who don't have a lot . of siblings or those that choose not to . have children a minority yes i'm just . saying movie is not right suggesting i . should have kids and tell them all my . stories and if i'm honest kids give me . panic attacks but i still have good . stories let's talk about how the land of . the dead but not final dead has . electricity if you all don't play one . song how can i call myself a musician . never stop britney spears dude awesome i . legit applaud this movie for having . miguel kicking ass in his first . performance i get it and i love it but . when he spin dances six feet left of the . mic his voice continues being projected .
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