Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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Hold on hold on people stop the jeep . ride just stop it yo john williams cut . music steven spielberg you should know . better if i'd made this mistake the . internet would be running me out of town . on a rail come on stevie the triceratops . velociraptor and t-rex aren't from the . jurassic period meaning that the park . should be called cretaceous world hey no . one said scientific accuracy was catchy . [music]. hello internet welcome to film theory . founding members of the chris pratt . appreciation club i mean seriously this . guy can do no wrong in my eyes well . except for maybe passengers yeah and for . totally causing the universe to get. dusted but seriously this guy is my . perpetual man crush monday attention all . you internet shippers here's the new. hashtag hashtag pratt pads so of course . as chris pratt's biggest totally not . creepy totally not a stalker fan you . know that i'm excited about the new . jurassic world fallen kingdom i mean . what is not to love about a six flags . full of dinosaurs yeah sure but that was . just growing pains jurassic world open . to the public and had okay fine fine . filling a park with bloodthirsty . prehistoric beasts may not be the safest. choice which begs the question then is a . dino park really doomed for failure . multiple casualties and more lawsuits . than you can shake a shirtless jeff . goldblum at and the answer is a decided. no for as difficult as it might seem to . run a park like this all of it and i do . mean all of it could have been easily . avoided if the people running the park . had just done some basic research right . you are - i'd nick fury the jurassic . park's do in fact have all the problems . of a mega sized zoo coupled with the . danger factor of an amusement park but . after studying all of the jurassic park . films yes even jurassic park 3 i've come . to the conclusion that three simple . fixes could have completely reversed the . course of all of these movies resulting . in hundreds of lives saved and also a . few billion less at the box office but . who's counting so get ready . today we're learning how a sequential . data milles need space and captivity to . thrive if an animal is kept in an . enclosure that's too small well things . are gonna start to get a little hairy or . i suppose if you're keeping a dinosaur . scaly feathery at this point is it . feathery now is it feathering out anyway. the association of zoos and aquariums or . aza created a manual with the basic . tenets of how to treat animals in . confinement per the manual there are . strict minimums for the amount of space . needed for each species based on their . size. for example a lion needs a minimum of . 10,000 square feet a little over the . size of a baseball diamonds infield or . five tennis courts if that sounds like a . lot well consider this in the wild . a typical lions territory is a hundred . square miles everything the light . touches is our kingdom that's nearly . three hundred thousand times more than . what's being given to them in captivity . but okay if this is the standard for . keeping animals happy in captivity in a . humane way we can apply similar metrics . to a dinosaur and thus approximate the . minimum amount of space needed to keep . these ancient creatures in check so the . biggest lions are about 4 foot by 8 foot . in size meaning that for every 32 square . feet a lion he needs 10,000 square feet . to roam freely her scientists the . average t-rex was just a wee bit bigger. at 18 feet by 40 feet so for the 720 . square feet that a t-rex covers he's . gonna need 32 over 10,000 equals 720 . over x a minimum of 225 thousand square . feet to thrive that is nearly 5 acres of . land for one thunder lizard to put it in . jock terms that is four and a half . football fields for one animal so how . well does jurassic world do when it. comes to giving its star attractions the . appropriate amount of space well we . never actually see the full sized pen . for the t-rex but we do get to see it . for his genetic mutant brother the eye . rex a correction we kinda get to see it . you see the movie can't really decide if. the eye rex paddock is a hexagon or an . octagon maybe they should have spent . less time focusing on the height of the . walls well 40 feet high but okay we can . do some quick calculations to figure . this thing out first based on this . exterior shot of the paddock being . reinforced we can see that it's. shockingly small actually we just heard . that the walls are 40 feet high so by . using pixel measurements we can . calculate that this side of the paddock . is a little less than a hundred feet . long and the whole thing is shaped like . a regular octagon so it's not gonna be . that big that seems absurdly small so . let's double check those numbers at 35 . minutes 12 seconds into the movie you . can see that they're at a bend in the . paddock with the scratches on the . adjacent wall 30 seconds later . owen enter the paddock with the claw . marks directly across from the team . since the overhead map shows us that the . shape of the paddock is a regular. octagon that would mean that they're . entering here and walking across to here . once they get the call to evacuate it . takes my prati pi 8 seconds to sprint . towards the exit only to then be cut off . at the halfway point by the iraq's they . turn around running for their lives . sprinting at top speed except apparently . taking a bit more leisurely of a jog. this time since now it takes exactly 29 . seconds for owen to get to the door that . he just ran away from 8 seconds prior . man it's almost as if between the . jurassic name the inconsistent paddock . shape and now chris pratt's variable . running speed it's almost like the movie. doesn't care if it gets the details . right now that couldn't be it anyway the . top sprint speed for an average human is . 16 miles per hour though chris pratt . you'll never be average to me meaning. that the total length they'd be running . from entrance to exit is about 90 feet . once you factor in the octagonal shape . getting cut off at the halfway point etc . etc anyway long story short these . shockingly small dimensions of the irex . paddock unbelievably check out so it's . wall lengths of a hundred feet the area . of the pen winds up being 40 8284 square . feet that is the size of one football . field minus the end zones it is . one-fifth the recommended size for a . creature that large even if you were to . double the size of the paddock as it . currently stands you would still be at . less than half of what this creature . needs to be kept humanely. there's even an in-universe explanation. for why this pen would be so incredibly . tiny. so they adjusted the height of the walls . that accommodate it being bigger but . they didn't actually adjust the size of. the paddock it's no wonder the indominus . rex was scratching up the walls going . crazy it was living in the dino . equivalent of a tiny house and it's not . just the size of the enclosure that . matters but also the design within that . enclosure again per the az a manual . quote careful consideration should be . given to exhibit design so that all . areas meet the physical social . behavioral and psychological needs of . the species animals should be displayed . whenever possible in exhibits . replicating their wild habitat end quote . basically what it's saying is the best . way . keep an animal happy and confinement is . to trick it into believing it's not . actually in confinement go figure . big surprise but yet again jurassic . world fails to meet these absolutely . basic standards the aquatic mosasaurus . is kept in a huge deep tank that. spectators watch from underground. there's only one problem with that . though her historical record the. mosasaurus was actually more comfortable. in shallower waters putting it in a deep . water tank is the exact opposite of what . this animal needs but the oversight that . really comes back to mitem in a very . literal sense is with the raptors you . see we always visualized dinosaurs . roaming around in dense tropical forests. and for the most part that's largely . true for example the majority of all . t-rex fossils were found in north . america the most famous being in the . hell creek formation in the wyoming . montana area now montana might seem like . a far cry from a tropical paradise but . remember if we're talking about billions . of years ago north america back then was . thought to be fairly hot and humid . during the cretaceous period so putting . a dino theme park on a tropical island . like isla nublar which according to the . movies is 120 miles west of costa rica . with an average temperature of 75 . degrees fahrenheit and 80% humidity well . it's a pretty darn good choice for the . t-rex in fact it's a good choice for . most of the dinosaurs except for the . velociraptors you see raptor fossils . were found closer to mongolia this area . was much more dry and arid during the . cretaceous period for the raptors to . feel comfortable in a tropical . environment like isla nublar they would . need to be placed in the equivalent of a . zoos desert exhibit but looking at the . raptor enclosures drastic world has made . zero attempts at recreating their . natural environments imagine putting a. polar bear in a jungle it would be . completely crazy unless of course you're . in some sort of tropical island post . death purgatory state . it's upon affair and yet that's pretty . much exactly what these so-called . geniuses at jurassic world are doing so . how do you solve a problem like a raptor . well you train um the az a manual . recommends using what's known as operant . conditioning where behaviors are. encouraged or discouraged through. rewards and punishments for example rats . were put in a cage with two buttons. green and red if rats press the green . button. they got food but if they press the red . one they received a mild electric shock . first experiment for them ever through . this type of positive and negative . conditioning the rats learn to only . press the green button for food . real-world zoo and aquarium employees . use similar tactics to teach animals how . to behave reducing the potential for any . sorts of conflict and it would seem like . this is exactly what owen is doing with . the raptors owen uses a clicker to . control them if the dinosaurs respond. owens click they're rewarded with food . in essence training them through. positive operant conditioning oh chris . you're such a clever girl but apparently . not clever enough sorry chris i still . stand you hashtag pratt pet forever but . i'm telling you this cuz i don't want . you to become a dinos monty chris doh oh . god that was bad for even meat you see . you keep pushing the clicker you push it . repeatedly to get the raptors attention . according to zoologist to actually use . this technique all you're gonna do is. just confuse the animals one click one . reward if you want to get the animals to . respond with special enthusiasm for an . action you should increase the rewards . associated with a single click like . giving it more food you don't increase . the number of clicks more clicks only . dilute the positive reinforcement you've. already conditioned the animal for which . honestly is gonna explain why owens . control over the raptors doesn't always . work very well . [music]. looks like someone needs to get better . at click baiting i gotta say i'm proud . of that one now obviously all this seems . like a lot to fix trained dinosaurs to . respond to positive and negative stimuli . increased their living space and design . each habitat for each dinos individual . needs but there's already a real-world . counterpart that's done exactly these . things well without the dinosaurs that . is the kilimanjaro safari at disney's . animal kingdom it's actually kind of . crazy the amount of work that went into . this tour animals are set loose and . allowed to quote-unquote roam free and . open spaces designed for each species . but it's all a magic trick it's all an . illusion hidden moats and rock . formations sprinkled throughout the park . separate carnivorous animals from their . potential prey which includes humans. keeping the animals in check while still. keeping them happy and on display the . rocks where the lions hang out totally . air-conditioned seriously there are air . conditioning blowers built into these . things and if it gets cold . they have heaters built-in too which . encourages the lions to hang out in . plain view to encourage the animals to . be more active disney installed concrete . feeders hidden as elements in the. environment like broken tree limbs and . rocks and as far as operant conditioning . is concerned at the end of every day . each animal has been specially trained . to respond to different sounds the . crocodiles have a metal bar that's being . hit underwater elephants come in to the . beat of a drum - raph's listen for a . cowbell and a duck call is used for the . gazelles it's the perfect example for . jurassic world to follow isla nublar is . a whopping 30 square miles in size so . there is plenty of room owen gets good . as a trainer they add in some controlled. climates easy as that no deaths no . lawsuits long story short if you find. yourself buying a zoo of any type . prehistoric or otherwise just learn how . the animals behave it'll save a lot of . lives or i don't know you could just . sell the whole thing to disney but . something tells me that universal ain't . gonna be doing that anytime soon but hey . that's just a theory a film theory and . if you want more delicious dino action. well then check out my collaboration . with one of my all-time favorite people . on youtube rosanna pansino in honor of . the new jurassic world we got together . to bake a dinosaur fossil cake not only . did i have a blast nerding out with . over dyno things the cake is and i . cannot emphasize this enough . the single best chocolate cake that i . have ever tasted i mean it's no thanks . to me i was literally no help at all . but seriously and i'm not just saying . this because i like rosanna or anything . her crew literally had to stop me from . eating this thing when the cameras were . rolling it was incredible . so if you're in the mood for some . incredible desserts or just me acting . like an idiot in the kitchen hammer the . box to the left or otherwise chomp down . on my jurassic world conspiracy theory . video the box to the right now if you'll . excuse me i've got to leave that chris . pratt is at his favorite cafe right now . .
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