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Okay, so The Emoji Movie is pretty darn bad. But that badness doesn't actually come from the movie itself. I mean, sure, The Emoji Movie is predictable and has cringe-worthy jokes and has a really awful "try hard to be hip for the kids" premise...but that's true of a lot of movies. No, The Emoji Movie is bad because it's one huge commercial. A commercial that is targeting children while blatantly breaking rules established by the FTC and FCC for disclosing branded advertising. So how deep does this rabbit hole go? Get ready for some Angry Judge emoji.
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The emoji movie a works so completely . devoid of wit style intelligence or . basic entertainment value that it makes . that movie based on the angry birds app . seem like a pure artistic statement by . comparison roger ebert calm the emoji . movie is so bad it makes us want to yell . at strangers on the street i don't think . i can say anything funny about this . because it makes me want to die the . verge make no mistake the emoji movie is . very very very bad indie wire so bad it . should be illegal oh wait it actually is . illegal that quotes from me and i'm . gonna prove to you why today . [music]. hello internet welcome to film theory a . show best represented by the sad clown. emoji you see he's sad because he lost . custody of his kids that's the way the . show makes you feel like a lonely lonely . crying clown speaking of things that'll . make you depressed vo og movie the worst . reviewed movie of 2017 and xxx the most . successful movie of 2017 at the box . office this year raking in over 85 . million dollars so far you can make it . rain emoji just goes to show you that if . you talk about something enough it just . grows stronger . is there a trump emoji that i could show . here seems pertinent anyway there's no. denying that this tale of an emoji who . just can't quite fit in plus a bad movie . lame lazy formulaic that much is clear . but the question i'm posing to you today . is whether the emoji movie should have . been deemed illegal another click . baiting you or anything i am. legitimately asking the question of . whether the emoji movie breaks legal. requirements put in place by the . government to protect viewers from the . evil scourge that savagely de flowering . the good ol usa sponsored content or to . use the official term embedded . advertising now obviously over my six . years of being on youtube i have done my . fair share of sponsored videos be it an . end slate promoting a product like . dollar shave club or a full-on episode . dedicated to a theory i've crafted for a . specific movie tv show or game leaked . the recent duck tails episode over here . on film theory and here's the thing. sponsorships are essential for helping . to supplement the income of channels and . for me it ensures that i'm able to help . pay the team of researchers and editors . who help me produce game theory and film . theory every week since at this point . that's what youtube demands for channels . to stay relevant but regardless in the . process of doing those promotional . segments i've had to become intimately . familiar with the proper way of . disclosing different styles of branded . partnerships because there are very . strict guidelines for how you make an . audience aware that those are ads you . see in the us we have the federal trade . commission or ftc and the federal . communications commission or fcc who . come up with the rules that anyone who . produces a piece of content has to. follow in order to ensure that the . audience is able to tell that the brand . paid to be there it doesn't even have to . be payment even if they provided free . goods or it's some other consideration. like cross-promotion is still got to . make the audience aware of that sort of . thing the underlying rationale here is . that if i sip it diet coke and say man . that is a crisp clean taste but diet . coke paid for that placement i might . just be saying it because they told me . to but if i say it and promote it across . six years worth of videos and they. didn't pay for any of that well you can . just assume that i'm an addict because i . am meatus closing that they partnered . with me before the ad run allows you as . the audience to be a bit more critical . of the promotion and there are . government protections in place to . ensure that you as the viewer aren't . being tricked or misled but then i went . to see the emoji movie and let me be . clear it was for research purposes only . and i probably watched puppies playing . with kittens to serve as i bleach . afterwards and watching the movie i . couldn't help but be dumbfounded by the . number of blatant product integrations . that were happening without any sort of . disclosure things that were i to do them . would immediately get my video flagged . and fined by the ftc prompting a s'more . of angry judge emoji followed by years. of jail time emoji and tons of money . flying away emoji so today i'm analyzing . the product integrations in the movie to . prove that they're actually breaking ftc . and fcc requirements to determine . whether the movie that's so bad it's bad . is also bad from a legal standpoint - . anytime you see a brand appear anywhere . like how everyone in twilight . mysteriously drives full bows or how . james bond abandoned his trip comes to . martinis in exchange for a bright green . heineken bottle it falls under the . classification of embedded advertising . the term embedded advertising basically . covers two things product placements and . product integrations in product . placement the product pays a fee or . offers some other consideration and gets . their brand logo or product into the. movie their product then basically . becomes a prop like reese's pieces and . et or those seamlessly integrated dunkin . donuts cups on america's got talent . or literally once every 10 frames in any . transformers movie its bet to seem like . an accident like oh look these things . exist in the real world and they just so . happen to show up in the scene you like . music. the pool but of course it's not an . accident. in fact rhys is paid for each of those . pieces spending 1 million dollars to . help promote the movie to be included in . that iconic scene from et so that's . option 1 product placement option 2 is . product integration where the brand is . actively incorporated into the story or. dialog take for instance one of my . favorite examples. snapple appearing in 30 rock where they . talk directly about the benefits of . snapple. we're not doing that we're not . compromising the integrity of the show . to say oh this is diet snapple . i only date guys who drink snapple your . love snapple lord knows i do or little . nicky using popeyes chicken to save the . earth from demons or in this iconic . moment that's close to a lot of our . hearts i love the power glove it's so . big and again if the brand doesn't pay . to be there it doesn't count like me . saying how much i still love drinking . diet coke lonely unspun surd rejected by . the sweet sweet cola company of my . dreams diet coke so now we turn back to . the emoji movie and one of the biggest . most glaring examples of embedded. advertising in the film. everyone's grandma's favorite mobile . game candy crush let's look at the scene . a little bit closer to see what the ftc . and fcc have to say about whether this . merits a sponsorship disclosure at the . beginning you can clearly see the candy . crush logo which means we've already. definitely crossed into product . placement territory but then the movie . directly says the name of the app candy. droid and the characters directly talk . about the functionality of the game and . we can't match him with any yellows or . else then after that the emoji character. literally has to win the game to forward . the plot of the movie this clearly falls . under category two product integration . we also know that none of this was an . accident. king the company who owns candy crush . very publicly teamed up with the emoji. movie to do one of the biggest cross . promotions in the game's history even . creating special emoji movie levels in. the game to promote the film . what does the ftc guidelines have to say. about integrations like this first you . need to disclose everything up front to . quote directly from the ftc guidelines . an endorsement would be covered by the . ftc act if an advertiser or someone . working for an advertiser pays you or . gives you something of value to mention . a product if you receive free products . or other perks with the expectation that . you'll promote or discuss the . advertisers products you must disclose. this is literally on the front page of . the ftc disclosure site so how did the. emoji movie miss this remember it . doesn't even say they have to like the . product if it appears if you mention it . it counts and needs disclosure but who . knows maybe they did disclose maybe they . did it in the movie credits those things . go on forever so it must be in there . somewhere right right oh look there it . is in that giant block of text five . minutes into the credits but that's not . gonna cut it in the eyes of the ftc they . emphasize over and over again in their . rules and faq that disclosures need to. be clear hard to miss and accurately . represent the relationship between the . video and the brand it has to be quote . in unambiguous language and whoever . makes the video has to make it stand out . the fun has to be readable it has to . stand out from the background and it . shouldn't be hidden in footnotes or . blocks of text or put in places people . aren't likely to read save for instance . the closing credits of a movie they even . explicitly say to avoid the end of a . piece of content again another quote . from ftc guidelines quote it's more . likely that a disclosure at the end of a . video will be missed especially if . someone doesn't watch the whole thing . having it at the beginning would be . better. having multiple disclosures during the. video would be even better . nope sorry ftc you just get a handful of . courtesy by mixed into a wall of text an . hour after that embedded advertising. happened and remember that hole . accurately represent the relationship . between video and brand bit apple . something tells me that the relationship . between king and sony pictures looked a . whole lot different than the . relationship between rosanna pansino and . sony pictures but all of it apparentl
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