Film Theory: The Bee Movie LIED To You!

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Save the BEES save the WORLD!! Or at least that's what THEY would have you believe. Who are they? The honey bees, that's who. The Bee Movie is perpetuating the myth that honey bees are key to our environmental survival. Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to tell you that all of that is a load of BEESWAX!!
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At least you're out in the world you . must meet a lot of girls barry is that . why you left the beehive to meet lady . bees because i hate to break it to you . but you already have those are pollen . jocks wow . what do you think buzzy boy i'm talking . about those ones right there i'm talking . about those ones worker bees that go out . and gather pollen what you know as the . pollen jocks yeah they're all female . [music]. hello internet welcome to film theory . the show that's about to give buzzfeed a . run for its money duh hey it all makes . sense to me now . after staring at this stupid movie for . way too long something just clicked as . i'm writing this script you notice . everyone's hair cut in this movie the . women all have beehive hairstyles. obvious joke is obvious but the guys . they'll have buzz cuts buzz cuts and . here you'll think that my jokes are bad . this is a real movie that ran in real . movie theaters gentlemen this i'm sure . by now you're all familiar with the . memes coming out of the b movie but in. case you've never actually stopped to . watch the movie or you did watch it but . need a refresher because the plot wasn't . exactly the most memorable thing about . it well then here's what you need to . know. barry b benson is a honeybee who travels . outside of the hive falls in love with a . human woman named vanessa and eventually . uncovers a shocking conspiracy the bees . are being enslaved by humans to produce . honey what bees don't know about this . this is stealing a lot of stealing so . barry decides to sue the entire honey. industry and wins as you can imagine . this has some unintended consequences . now that humans are no longer eating . honey the pollen jocks that harvest . nectar for the hive no longer have to . work and that causes the world's plants. to start wilting so it's up to barry . information as a human girlfriend oh to . find the last remaining flowers in . america and pollinate plant life on . earth before it's too late . oh and a bunch of bees team up to save a . commercial jetliner from crashing oh. yeah there's also that moment or vanessa. dies in a gruesome parasailing accident . so many things are wrong about this film . the fact that bees and humans can . apparently talk to each other yet. berries the first bee ever to try . striking up a conversation with anyone . like just the fact that berry has a . romantic rival and that romantic rival . is a human but besides that the fact . that ken his romantic rival has a bee . allergy that the movie just treats like . a joke even though b allergies are very . real and very serious medical problems . i mean seriously you think that people . are spending hundreds of dollars on . epipens just for the lulz and yet ken is . the one who's treated like the villain . because he doesn't want to be in a room . with the bee who could potentially kill . him and all of this wrapped in a movie . about a love affair between an insect . and a human nee jerry seinfeld and a . human perhaps worst of all is the. message of the film that bees are a . vital part of the ecosystem and without . them plant life as we know it would be . wiped out because this simply isn't true . in fact it's the complete opposite from . us and the environment as a whole would . be better off if barry b benson and his . brash buddies would just buzz off . sherman isley yeah i know we're all . trained to love bees at this point but. get ready because today i'm gonna prove . how everyone especially the b movie is . right now what concern on this episode . was something i said a few weeks ago in . the tide pot episode honeybee . populations are on the rise for like the . first time ever and i shared that as a. positive news story but after i finished . that episode it got me researching we . hear all the time that honeybee . populations are on the decline and that . this is a terrible thing for the . ecosystem but is it really i was . honestly surprised by what i found first . honey bees aren't actually native to . north america they're an invasive . species that was first introduced back . in 1622 when european settlers brought . him over the native americans even . called them the white man's fly let's be . clear they weren't brought over for . their ability to pollinate plants but . rather for their honey honeybees we see . in the u. s. like berry b benson all just . started as agricultural animals like . cows probably more accurately like . chickens chickens are used to produce. eggs bees are used to produce honey it . actually took another 200 years before . honeybees were brought over to . california during the gold rush in 1853 . and of . course in all of that time it's not like . the north american continent was like. some desolate desert plant life was . thriving in the americas for thousands . of years before european settlers showed . up with their fancy beehives so how is . that possible is everything we've been . told about honeybees being an essential . part of the ecosystem and a vital part . of the reproductive lifecycle of flowers . wrong well yeah and no but yeah you see . pollinators are absolutely vital 75% of . all crops require pollination however . the idea that honeybees are a critical . part of that process in the u. s. is a . complete and utter myth first these . black and yellow striped honeybees . aren't the only type of bee out there . there are more than 20,000 species of . bees yeah 20,000 the black and yellow . stripe be kind known formerly as the. apis mellifera this formerly is the . western honeybee is just one of them for . example take agra post him on a genus of . bee that sounds more like a rejected. digimon than an insect critical for . sustained plant life on earth digivolve . into these insects do make honey and . they look nothing like barry be benson . or the bees that we're all familiar with . but these little green guys are bees . nonetheless they're known as sweat bees . unlike honey bees which get their. nutrients by making honey from the . nectar of flowers these feed from the . sweat of mammals and yeah when i say . mammals that includes humans so if . you've ever found yourself on a hot day . swatting at one of these green gray . little bugs that seems to enjoy landing . on your neck it might not be a flyer . wasps but a sweat thirsty be trying to . get a taste of that salty secretion let . me lick your neck so yeah if you're . starting to feel like you've been lied . to your whole life about bees well you . kind of have been let's just rip that . band-aid off entirely right now bees . aren't just yellow and black only a very . few species actually make honey most . don't do that twerk dance that we've . been taught that they do for most bees . stinging does not mean death if they. even sting at all and those twenty . thousand species of bees aren't the only . pollinators out there pollen wasps ants . butterflies moths even some species of . beetle can get the job done too top . story a tri-county bee barry benson is . saying he intends to sue the human race . for stealing our . so if the world's honey economy were . thrown into turmoil by a lawsuit set in. motion by a talking honeybee you somehow . figured out how to work the american . legal system no problem . there'd actually be plenty of other . non-dancing equally hard-working bees . out there to pick up the slack or at . least there would have been if it wasn't . for barry b benson in the first place. that's right . barry and the rest of the western . honeybees are murderers but you don't . see anyone putting them on trial at . least until today and you had better . believe that this insect uprising needs . to be squashed what i mean is that there . are conservationists out there who. believe that the environment would be . better off without honeybees remember . how i said honey bees are an invasive . species brought in by the colonists well. according to dr. jonas gelman of the. university of cambridge honey bee hives . harm the environment by crowding out all . the other local pollinators quote. there's increasing evidence that . unnaturally high densities of honeybees . associated with beekeeping can . exasperate declines in wild pollinators. besides competing with wild species for . resources honeybees are linked to the . spread of diseases to wild pollinators . via shared flowers an effect that's. likely amplified by trade width and. movement of honeybees end quote this . isn't just some random guy ranting on . his blog on the internet this was . published in nature nature the . scientifically reputable magazine. not. you know nature hasn't published in . the woods it's not like this guy was. pulling a primitive technology and. cueing his article into the side of a . tree this shall be my legacy anyway his . conclusions aren't all that surprising . anytime you introduce a new species to . an environment or often than not it's . gonna have negative consequences on the . local species because the invader . doesn't have any natural predators and . may be better suited to survive the new . climate actually go much more in depth . in this episode covering the invasive . species of the pokemon verse over on . game theory so sting that i icon after . the episode - check it out but when it . comes to western honeybees the data is . there in another nature article . published by first the author's track . the global decline of bumblebees which . again to be clear are different from . western honeybees they also don't make . honey. but bumblebees are . on the decline and it's the honeybee . diseases spilling over into their . populations that are causing it won't . again wild pollinators such as . bumblebees are in global decline when . cause of which may be a pathogen . spillover from managed pollinators like . honeybees the prevalence of deformed . wing virus and the exotic parasite knows . mlat name in honey bees and bumblebees . is linked as honey bees have higher . deformed wing virus prevalence and. sympatric bumble bees and honey bees are . infected by the same dwv strains apis . remember that's latin name for western . honeybees is the likely source of at . least one major emerging infectious. disease in wild pollinators end quote . and they're not the only ones to . conclude this another study again . looking at the impact honeybees are . having on bumble bee populations. concluded the following given the . available evidence it's likely the . pathogen spillover from commercial bees . is contributing to the ongoing decline . of wild bumble bees in north america and . that's only one of the ways the . honeybees are actually killing off their. fellow pollinators when you look at . insects honeybees are unique because . they actually remove nectar from flowers . in order to make their honey while other . insects are able to pollinate flowers . without stealing the nectar well that . might not seem like that big of a deal . this paper by diane thompson at the . university of california santa cruz. found that the western honeybees . strategy of creating nectar scarcity for. other species insures that the . competition produced fewer offspring. what a final time these results provide . evidence that apis competitively . suppress a native social be known to be . an important pollinator with the . potential for cascading effects on . native plant communities these have . never been afraid to change the world . yeah change it for the worse berry . sit your bumble butt down seinfeld i'm. not done with you because if that wasn't . enough honey bees have one final secret . advantage in all of this they live in. protected communities unlike other. pollinators who have to fend for . themselves in the wild honey bees . because they're agricultural animals are . protected by their farmers thus giving . them a survival advantage it's a whole . heck of a lot easier for an insect . species to survive when it gets to live . in a safe little box on a farm berry . seems to think that honeybees are an . important part of the environment but . not . could be further from the truth when it . comes to ecological problems barry isn't . part of the solution he's part of the . problem in a way the conclusion of the . b-movie is actually right about one . thing. humans and honeybees do share a critical. symbiotic relationship without human . demand for honey honeybee populations . would collapse and fall into disrepair . as mother nature exacting a revenge on . the invasive species that for so many . years has kept the native insect. populations at bay barry be benson . throughout the movie likes to pretend. that honeybees are the victim that they . exist under the oppressive thumb of the . evil human farmers but as this one has . come true for you exploiting tiny . helpless bees but barry you and all . those other western honeybees we see . throughout this movie are the real . problem the real victims here are the . native insect species whose territory. you've encroached on who you've deprived . of nectar and who you've out competed . thanks in large part to humanity's . protection in the courtroom barry raises . a chant of really these bees free the . bees indeed free the other bee . species that the imperialist western . honeybees have been keeping down for . hundreds of years. maybe then nature can exist the way it . was originally meant to but hey that's . just a theory a film theory cut won't . you be a friend and join the loyal . theorists click that subscribe button. and while you're clicking things make . sure you click that box to the right to . find out more about invasive species and . how cute animals across the world are . dying . that's that game theory episode i. mentioned earlier now if you'll excuse . me it's time for me to buzz off i don't . know i got nothing here at least until . next week i'll see you then . .
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