Getting Recognized at Disneyland

I love running into fans, especially at Disneyland.
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Caption: We're in line for the indiana jones ride . and there's these kids right behind this . that know who i am but don't know that . i'm right in front of them it's saturday . morning you stayed up til 3:00 i'm . getting that last power moon and you're . struggling to wake up and then you . remember that's mickey mouse's in the . trunk don't forget your minnie mouse big. boy. available in the gift shop so i don't . know where you grew up but for me it was . eight hundred and thirty four miles to . the magic kingdom that's too far if you . ask me i want my house so close to that . castle mickey mouse complains that i . never mow my lawn but when you grew up . in a place like massachusetts that is . not a thing it was a big deal when our . grandparents would drive us down there . we didn't care that we were sitting in . the trunk of their truck seriously we . did that on a futon no seat belts just . me and my sister staring at each other . what could go wrong three kids on the . road we're making a pit stop hertz a . piece stop cuz she's got a pee but not . only are we going to disneyland we are . also going this wicked cool thing called. the hmm what is the thing we're going to . i think we all can agree that as a kid . going to disneyland is the coolest thing . ever and now that i'm an adult i have . found there is one thing that has made . me that excited that childlike . excitement i've been waiting for months . it's finally here let's go . [music]. stay in there let's have fun you guys . family-friendly adventure at the gate . this is where they check all your stuff . to make sure everyone's safe we made it . past security we have to wait to see if . that lady gets her gonna through she did . you guys she did well the first surprise . the thing we're going to first is in . downtown disney separate from disneyland . i looked it up they got loads locations. anaheim london lindon utah new york . orlando toronto so if you think this is . awesome there's a chance you can go to . one enough pumping it up it's called the. boyd trust me when you find out what . you'll see you'll see you'll see this is . it i'm giving it a 10 out of 10 already . we're not even it i'm given a 10 out of . 10 pam score out of 10 their entryway is . a 8 out of 10 . okay what are you gonna give the whole . thing experience 9 no i'd say it's at . least a 10 maybe in 11 all right we just . checked in and we can't film in there so . the next time you see me i have fought . for the rebel alliance . please carefully put on your vr headset . and welcome to the rebel alliance let's . do this. that was so cool. was that awesome fam you gave it a 9 was . it still a 9 it's like you can see each . other and touch each other and like you . look like stormtroopers and then you . like walk him through all these rooms . and like we were over a pit of lava it . was not finished void vr obviously . fantastic i was expecting a lot and it . was even better than that honestly and . now we're going to disneyland we're . going some rides food just ate lunch and . there's only one thing let's do that's . cat oh she's so good raider dance moves . i scale of 1 to 10 in the comments who's . next in the dance contest. alright i gotta go . the only thing to do at disneyland the . only thing left to do at disneyland is . find my friend joey bean he works here . and says he can hook us up with some . cool little some cool so we're going to . find him jelly bean are you here joey. joey bean supposedly he's in . tomorrowland. do you see joey bean no one's seen him . do you guys happen to know joey bean i'm. actually just trying to find my friend . joey bean all right we asked all those . people if they knew where joey bean was . they all said no now joey said he's . gonna hook us up with something cool so . hopefully we can find them by the end of . the night until then . are they somebody we don't know there . could be somebody you don't know i get . to be somebody leave a comment and then . we'll go tell them what's up we're in . line for the indiana jones ride and . there's these kids right behind this . that know who i am but don't know that . i'm from what's up what maybe what's . your name yeah. you guys have been standing behind me . this whole time we heard you talking . about me what do you want to say to the . internet alright so i just won so many . rides what was your favorite - indiana . jones that one's my absolute favorite so . we're just gonna spend the rest of the . night with each other we rented out the . castle . we're just going to be in there come on . over we're throwing a party here he . comes here he comes . there is jellybean congrats to this . week's screenshot winner next week's . cartoon is actually all about birthdays . thanks to the inspiration of my fan . encounter at disneyland. those kids are way too funny it was . awesome it was great meeting them too . and last thing definitely follow me on . instagram because i'm a weirdo in a fear . a weirdo - we should be weird together i . am at south park i'll see . [music]. .

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