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ALSO! If mental health panels arent for you, there's an Animator Meet Up right next to the panel room I'm gonna be in, so you can stop by that! I'm gonna try and catch up to it before everyone skedaddles on out! http://vidcon.com/agenda/10527/youtube-animation-meetup/
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Hey you i have to make this super quick . because the team and i are busy getting . the next animation done but listen up . also arias in the booth with me i'm . going to vidcon they invited me and i . was like yeah thank you so much you're . so nice . so thursday i have a meet-and-greet i . think it's too late to sign up for that . i'm sorry friday i have a mental health . panel with some other cool youtubers at . 2:30 and saturday i have an animation . panel at 5:30 with james and dom that's . gonna be super fun . also i have a booth like a merchant . merch booth that's cool i haven't had . that before i don't know how the booth . numbers works hi ari. but the number is m2 apparently that's . like right next to where you can get . free like vidcon shirts or something or . totes i don't know i think that's a good . ari please stop anything that's a good . location also i'm gonna be going to . vidcon australia they invited me to that . too and who's like yes please i love . kangaroos actually my friend maz he's . australian he said that kangaroos aren't. the ones to like wallabies are so i . don't know nothing's finalized for that . yet but they're planning on giving me a . meet-and-greet some panels with other . animation friends like maz the amahzing . he's super nice and jazz yeah see you . soon guys and they also were like hey do . you want to do a main stage performance . and i was like i don't know i have . nothing to bring to the table so i . probably won't do a main stage thing . because i have no ideas but if you think. of something that i can do that lasts . for like three to five minutes then . maybe i'll do something. they also said if you want to coupon. code to vidcon australia use the code . can't wait for a 10% off so this video . has been really like fast and i forgot . to breathe for most of it um video . coming soon it'll probably be the . weekend after vidcon yeah see you later . .

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