Honest Trailers – The Emoji Movie

Three-dimensional representations of two-dimensional phone pictures in a one-dimensional movie - it's The Emoji Movie!
Watch the Honest Trailer Commentary for The Emoji Movie to hear a more thoughts on the movie from the writers themselves! Jokes that were cut and more:
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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
[music]. toy story was visionary inside out was a . true original and wreck-it ralph was . still pretty good but now the secret . world under our own premise ends up like . taco bell through a human centipede in . the emoji movie experience a film that . only comes around when a studio exec has . custody of the kids for a weekend where . the underlying ip is the top priority . while story plot character humor and . tone come tight for dead last in a film . that may not be the worst one ever made . but it is the worst example of hollywood . farting out 80 minutes of cynical . branded advertising and pretending it's. a movie to honest here's a poop joke you . might be making too much stink out of . all this you know emojis those little . pictures morons use instead of words did . you ever wonder if they were alive . no how about with their day job is like . no their love life never will too bad . because you're going inside the bland . animated world of your phone whether you . like it or not full of three-dimensional . representations of two-dimensional text . icons with one dimension to their . personalities and zero depth to any of . this are you finished . viji the mamo g voiced by humanity's own . mad tj miller he needs to believe in . himself get the girl . save the world and probably some other . generic protagonist goals you'll miss . while you napped of the second act watch . him and the carpool karaoke guy traveled . from app to app to show off all the. cross-promotion sony was able to sell . but because internet culture moves . faster than it takes to animate a movie . all the apps are outdated candy crush . all the slang is embarrassing hashtag . blessed nbd dude oh shades and all the . emojis have about six months of . relevance left until they're replaced by . apples horrifying human emoji hybrids . we've got a chicken. [music]. okay think of the laziest joke you can . think of in the nosebleeds i'm standing . right here . no even lazier what kind of business . monkey business now dumb it down to the . point where it barely makes sense . anymore does that the time hey my eyes . are up here pal congratulations now . you're writing the emoji movie suffer . through a parade of dumb kids humor . bordering on anti comedy where the magic . is running to the ground so hard you . can't tell what happiness is anymore. i'm just beaming with pride i'm so . nervous i could almost shrunk stop don't . overreact. oh i told you not to overreact please . stop right now. i'm overwhelmed with passionate feelings . for you i get it ah but nowhere does . this comedy come closer to tragedy than . sir patrick stewart playing a turd oh . proof that you can give a man talent . awards in a knighthood but it's nothing . compared to the power of a paycheck . you're so soft pope not too soft i hope . so experience the perfect film for our . times that doesn't teach you the . positive role of sadness like inside out . or turn a cash grab into something. insightful like the lego movie but . instead teaches children that life is a . meaningless mini ogre joyless slaw that . takes place mostly on your phone and . only exists to serve a global . conglomerates interest oh . too honest again boob joke just doing my . duty . what what did i say starring the . following actual quotes from the reviews . of the emoji movie this toxic piece of . kitty trash isn't worth of pixels here . that it's the end of the world . a viewer leaves the emoji movie a colder . person not only angry is the film for . being unconscionably bad but resentful. of it for making them feel angry and the . poop jokes are minimal pube ah . a lot of good people probably had to . work really hard in this movie for a . really long time so i'm sorry not for . anything i said about the film just you . know those lost years of your life i am . optimus prime and i want a reboot i have . to get off this planet winner winner . chicken dinner. i hear you can talk to fish but doctor i . am pagliacci pickles pickles everywhere . booyah . .
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