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Hahahah this is soooooo long gosh, but all worth it hahaha!! Hope you liked all the stuff we've accumulated! Love ya love ya!! xoxoxoxoxo
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baby blue contrast crop top:
grey contrast crop top:
Grey off the shoulder sweater crop top:
Stone neoprene boots:
White nike airforce trainers:
White addidas trainers:
Mint green bomber jacket:
White basic bodysuit:
Grey basic bodysuit:
Camel (hunger games) bodysuit:
Black long sleeve bodysuit:

White long sleeve bodysuit:
Grey knit bodysuit:
White joggers:
Black joggers with white stripe:
Pastel pink joggers with white stripe:
Pink joggers with red stripe:
Stone knit joggers:
Burgundy joggers with red stripe:
White nakey nakey nakey crop top:
White and black ski jacket:
Red camo puffer:
Black velvet mini dress:
White satin shirt:
Pink embellished mini bag:
Grey embellished mini bag:
Chain sparkle purse:
Red hoodie:
Rust v crop top:
Camel joggers with side stripe:
Black hoodie:
Red lace bra:
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Caption: Hello everyone go got the ring light and . its whole time we've already filmed this . whole fun fact yeah . so if you got a bit confused yeah we had . the whole why was it my fault . i'd edited it it was done it was ready . to go and then technology for some . reason may disappear and i'm not a queer. so we could figure it out so spanish . we're re filming it today it's good . because there's some things that we . forgot to show so if any eggs it works . out for the best . okay we've got a lot to ship that this . is a huge haul like this is an acute . this this wasn't like one order . yeah humiliation ten orders it's a lot . ourselves cup of tea . okay collet-serra where should we start . and you sir okay and i'll start with my . new favorite pair of boots great so i . got these the block you would have seen . them yeah i am obsessed they're quite . comfortable yes can't see but like i . hear is the babies yeah and also i got . them i would have been the rain and they . got really muddy and i thought i'd ruin . them but because they're neoprene she'd . just walk right off and yes there's . still a bit stains dirt birthday spots . nothing compared to what it was exactly . like they were bad yeah . so i'm really happy but i've got these . ones from misguided and mine if you've . probably seen remains to remind of . virtually the same shoes without. birthing mine just don't have a zip . they're just a sock yeah so yeah . misguided a pretty little thing do not . the same pattern i recommend both pairs . because i have the other pair of black . yeah she does so obsess about it oh yeah . okay and i'll also do shoes yeah so . these okay great . so these i was just at the gym you know . post my snapchats letting people know. what i was up to and you guys were . getting high chopper trainers so i'm . really now i'm near my trainers but yeah . i just bought them as like gym shoes but . i've actually been wearing them out of . the gym also because because there's a . guideline to give me like compliment . somebody you know what i'm gonna wear . these outside of the gym so they're just . from a deed. and they've got these white kind of hot . soup they've got three white stripes. down the side very easily they're bendy . and they were only 50 pounds and four . trainers personally i don't think that's . that bad because when i was like . choosing the needed nutrients mine had. holes in and when i was choosing i had. like a selection of four to pick from. and the rest were like 95 99 98 84 and i . was like whoa hang on these are 50 like. i'm gonna get these and this is a long . story . when you give a long story when i put . this on my story . you guys want to link so when i found a . link i realized they also had them in. nude so they do they sell them on a . sauce and they do them in nude as well. so i'm gonna get the nude because nude . is know i'm really liking them so my god . so i be wearing my black air force to . death so here they are they're just and . i got because i've got size five i could . get kids side yeah save myself like 30 . pounds cuz that i don't want like 85 . pounds that's the good thing about being . small you can get in their hips i think . they go decisis it oh five and a half of . these five and a half but i'm a size six . and i fit in the five and a half so i . think they come quite big yeah they do . because i like tranquila yeah a toe . space yeah these are only 50 as well for . the kids i was like you know wow that's . good yeah because i was like i'm not . spending eighty five pounds no i am . right now i'm just gonna get muddy . anyway yeah look at this stain what is. that looks like poo it's being blown man . i don't like now a varnish that you put . on fresh it's like many trainers how am . i gonna maybe you have makeup on your . hand my finger please think when but . then the flamer feel fresh yeah they're . looking very fresh i know that last it . love cuz it won't last long . next i'll show you my ski coat because . i'll show you my sneaker as you guys . know then seeing on monday . [applause]. and i've been i haven't be able to find . a coat to go i feel like i didn't i . didn't know what i wanted to go forward . you know what colors i wanted i was . gonna go all black but i couldn't find a . really nice black her that i wanted so . here she goes i had luck on a sauce and . i found this and i really liked it . you guys might have seen it because i'm . dipping it on my snapchat but it's this . back what this red camo oh it's stunning . can you pitch me on the slope i'm gonna . look fit because it's good it's got . black light so yeah go to the black cuz . it's got blood in it yeah and i thought . you know it's got this is from a sauce . and they only had this in a size 10 i do . know what i've got the size a burp i've . received the size 10 and i put it on a . thought this is perfect i don't want it . any smaller i mean i could get it . smaller but not to the point where . you're like i need it's morning yeah it . still looks fat i don't can there be . much in it no honest . i love it i really like it and i feel as . though i'm gonna wear this off the . slopes also my day-to-day like he black . hoodie black leggings trainers casual i . feel like i'm gonna get quite enough . wear out of this i love it and i haven't . got any sort of red coat thank you very . nice yeah we reminded me of lewis all . i'm always wearing on that camo i . thought you know what i'm gonna get on . this bandwagon. way to go see uh think i'll show you my . ski jacket so mine's like it's just got . inside pockets and think no mine's not a . ski coat my just a puffer see cinzia. she's gone skiing cuz topshop have a ski . reilich course no no yes and ever and . i'm not with the w because it's cool . like that. so my chicago yeah disappointing . i'm really i'm not really i was just . like oh i didn't really i wasn't like oh . i thought i would think this boy's name . is enough but they're gonna call it chi . why not just call it chi yeah but but . it's cuz chicago's work on it was born. ah right okay now i excited did you not . know that did no there wasn't just . chicago oh i don't know i like like me . going london uh i like it now that's so . it is ball yeah okay all right now i . realize i'm late okay sorry slight . salute quick in philly georgia girl . because you pie next door that's just . reminded me it's and also we're gonna go . to wireless festival and also we're . gonna go see romeo and juliet the ballet . moscow ballet into the ballet no we will . go for sophisticated doing and yeah and . drinks like very sophisticated i'm sorry . oh you're here for a horrible it's my . skin if you have me on snapchat mexico . this is top shot please yeah and then on . the inside wow the compartments view . nice wow what's on easly yes please no . be you've got these you know the skinny . comb it's no snows not gonna get in my . way. yeah i'm kind of missing out maybe i . should have got ascii code this is fine . we're not gonna fall over were. professionals you should see us on this . legs oh z men absolutely take a pic film . me film bit more on the slave oh that's . great look at all the compound tells us . ok breathable fabric waterproof ski . skirt ideal variable conditions thank . you if we find ourselves trapped on the . mountain yeah you're gonna last all. right and it also it's got an arm zip . and i'm just obsessed with arms oh no . you know what you just put in there . you're skeeving ass . so where are you gonna put your ski pass . i'm sure you got pockets. issue okay it's just check his top on . just the kind of hammer pocket oh knows . it knows it you'll have to just stand . fish it out of my jacket yeah we'll be . fine. it's fine get yourself eco kids if . you're gonna go ski. perfect it's faux fur and i love it and . i've got white seller pets from our . vision and my eyes sophie is a vision in . bourbon-glazed last camera her also just . grab my sunglasses oh yeah look out come . visa but these were only three pound. fifty from pretty little thing or . misguided so this is gonna be me in the . snow on the slopes oh you like it lump . it a secret i know what you like a . proper bitc hey there are only 350 hours . like you know what i want some sun even . though we've got ski eagles just cuz . it's sunny on the mountains is it not . yeah. but then are you gonna wear your . sunglasses or ski goggles well i'll keep . my sunglasses in my for a pic friendster . oh . genuinely for you so nobody want a . ski goggles just walking around when . it's sonically yeah man it's gonna be . sinning because my pee is yeah last time . we went skiing yeah we are wearing our . sunglasses on the slope and then one day . i put my goggles on not sunglasses and. the pole like my hand poles lit . jordano's but went in my eye and it like . push my doggles on my head so if i'd . have had sunglasses on i wouldn't have . our and i i feel like i'd be stuck here . not with this you'd have a glass eye . yeah oh it would have at least ended . like a scar like those doughnuts and of . mary lou again start well may i add . against our will i almost cried i was . like jordana not again adriana i can't . do that again but moral of the story now . i'm a bit cautious about wearing sandals . like when we're eating lunch i'll put my . sunglasses on right outside okay right . and they were only 350 in the sale so if . they've still got them and they're cool . they're like i told you that sort of . show like do you see that and i was like . you know what you put them over there. cause i'm thinking okay so that was my . ski dive no that was on top show copy no . got my wife sort of pets from topshop as . well but my real pets from topshop also. but yeah oh right well conex your turn . now i've got this oh yes and this right . the reason i've got this is because what . jim barbara's whole persian babe and she . was like if you guys get anything from

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