I Got PULLED OVER in my NASCAR! (too many bald eagles)

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Yeah brother you're on the please can . phone you to change the cvs be man . himself pulling up in a c7 guys we have . the c7 and the bail chunk out here . i literally rolled in on fumes like i . turn the corner way back there . oh random mclaren on a trailer i turned . the corner back there dude and it was . like dual rule like out of fuel and i . was like oh my gosh so i like gently. pulled in here it has a 10 gallon tank . and it took like 9. 80 galla exciting . we're good to go over here we've got a . bunch of rain coming in now so we're a . little worried cause we have to go . across the big bridge that way it . doesn't like that bad that way but you . know the dรกil choke of being on horse . legs is not usually a fun endeavor so . hopefully it's a little bit more clear . the way we're going and i will have to . go four miles an hour while rain pours . in the window. literally right back there that's an . observable window . they must have been doing for dealer at . selling fun . my mom stole my earplugs go ahead and . stuff way. my ear . they violated . just the right those write down a . hundred . green . [music]. well figured this day was gone . you can't go better . yeah my shops right around the corner . going going right back daytona's next. weekend man about why i did were you . racist thing at the search oh truck what . you said yeah a show truck or just oh no . you can race it but they won't what . class you know i just bought it . i know have you ever heard of doing it . for dale no or a big dealer in our fans . so we you know i like to do it for this . all right thank you sir . [music]. i'm stuck i am such passed him and i . knew i got my hazards blanking . oh man your this day was going i knew . this day was coming soon hey look right . at the tires they said what are you . doing . turn around drive by and get a thumbnail . like staff you're gonna do it you know . that's just what it's what happens when . you're out here . let her rip tater chip god dang it i . knew it was gonna happen we put like a . couple hundred miles on the truck now so . it was bound to have balance you have . are you taking this thing just by . shopping or we just did some tuning on . it. i can't cough you like the yeah i'm . gonna do luke and go back . i mean i'm super careful i use my. blinker what believers i have liquor . left blinker right blinker . that's it yeah no no it's it's in full . race mode we set it up for the street so . we can drive it to like boys toys for . tots. yeah it needs street tire yeah . but i mean imagine you drive this to a. toys for tots or something you know kids. would go crazy yeah let me drag race so . down in bradenton okay we do we do an . event called cletus and cars and so what . you like when you demolition drag racing . yeah like whatever you you have your . brain you and we'll let you run it this . time so you know i actually got . absolutely no no it's a 96 you know you. can't put this back in races now . expected to pass cert for those women . yeah all right so i mean really just . it's just tires right you know doxies . tires but you're gonna need headlights . it's gotta have lights . yeah i mean when i set it up i was . trying to be as bad as i could to make . money though you know need to hold the . muffler the biggest retake of the . muffler banners and tires for sure what . they required especially at this weather . so i'm still not thinking somewhere put . on a trailer . yeah that's what i would do just pulled . over just here already . thank you. backing shop okay will do sir well . ladies and gentlemen we are good to go . what you just straight up david for dale . oh god . nobody knew . [music]. [music]. love it. well i made it back to the shop safe and . sound the dale chuck and i are trying to . hang our heads low but freaking epic we . knew we were gonna get pulled over one . time or another i mean it was just bound . to happen so here we are the chuck is . back no tickets no nothing the guy was . so cool i probably do need to get a set . of rain tires then i'll at least be off . of slicks and it'll look like i have . some sort of tread but we knew it was . coming and it finally happened thanks . for watching do it for dale we'll see . you later. [music]. .
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