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My bucket list is huge - but being in this game has got to be the coolest thing so far. Download it here: https://qkq5h.app.goo.gl/itsalexclark
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So there i was on my electric skateboard . roos in 20 miles an hour listening to my . ear pods on my iphone x1 it hit me . people driving by probably think you . look like a real tool sick of these . jerky millennials on their skateboards . take it up the road out of the way yeah . baby i did look like a tool but i also . had another thought wow i'm lucky my . life is so cool that was it nothing . fancy just me taking a moment to reflect . and be thankful for what i have i know . most people's bucket lists include huge. goals like climbing mount everest or . starring in a movie or attending tanika . but they don't all have to be that big . what do you think you're doing i'm . living my best life sir do you want to . try this off the bucket list it's a . pretty cool ride huh oh i meant liking . abalone oh you kids are all turds i'm . alright now in life i wouldn't cross . riding an electric skateboard off my . list maybe if he told sixth grade me i . don't an electric board i'd be flipping . out jumping up and down probably crying . a little letting a little tinkle out my . pants and so with that in mind i made a . list of everything that sixth grade me . would find super cool that i've . accomplished so far and it all kind of . ties back to why i love this box of . macaroni and cheese so much sixth grade . me would love this box of macaroni and. cheese if you want to understand why i . gotta go over the list first so here we . go in college you stopped wearing . tie-dye shirts tighty whities and you . got a cool haircut there's three things . we can check off the list . back when i was in college i didn't have . a cell phone and it's not because i'm so . good so phones it's because i was so . poor i used to give out my friend's . phone numbers as my number yo al could i . get my phone back. so posse hold on i'm talking to somebody . what was i think it was their phone they . were paying for it and i would just talk . and talk alex you'll be excited to know . you own an iphone 10 he's gonna show off . this whole video aren't you jerk i . really hope not. i was more hoping this video inspires. you to make things happen that you once . thought we're impossible like something . i thought i'd never be able to do was go . to ashtray . how was a sixth grader ever gonna make . it there when i was in the sixth grade i . don't think i'd ever even left the state . i lived in it's a good go to the other . side the world wow this one i go . somewhere that i can say good i may have . people not look at me like you're weird . well guess what i did good i might never . need to go there again another thing . that's been on my list is to be in a . video game i have no idea how that would . ever happen right well a couple of . months ago i got an email that was like . alex we want to put you in a video game . very funny boob tv next you're gonna . tell you my computer has a virus and i . have to pay you a hundred dollars to fix . it let's see what they have to say about . no this is real and here's what your . character will look like oh guys i'm in . a frickin video game this is real and to . prove it to you i'll say this this video . is sponsored by bulid tv the game is . called squad rivals if you click the . link down in the description it'll take . you to the download it's free to play . and you can play as me this of course is . squad rival or ten different version my . character it's like a mobile arcade game. and it's available on ios and android . can't believe this regular dude from . irregular families and a video game . sixth-grade me would be freaking out . it's just cool it's just so cool check . it off the list can already feel so me . typing those are some easy things to do . when you have a big shot fancy youtube . what no i'm a regular dude i started out . just like you from a regular family okay . my only trick has been to work hard and . be persistent . don't give up besides that i'm just a . regular guy oh mr. clark i finished . preparing your lunch and your masseuse . is here don't come in when i'm phil . don't got a butler wish i did but it's . on the list when i was in the sixth . grade i wanted to travel the world be . funny and be known for being funny since . then. i've performed in hong kong australia . new zealand i've traveled all over . europe i'm a four-time recipient of the . people's choice award at the . san diego street performers festival . head videos talked about on huffington . post in the chicago tribune . i have almost three million subscribers . on youtube and i'm in a friggin video . game squad rivals downloaded it's so . cool i think the coolest accomplishment . though is that i've never opened this . box of macaroni and cheese you see when . i moved to los angeles one of the first . things i bought was this box of macaroni . and cheese i was maybe a little bit . nervous about not having enough money . out there and i told myself as long as i . don't have to eat this macaroni and . cheese i still have enough to make it . and i don't have to move home fast . forward all these years and i have never . opened it that's kind of why i'm proud . of myself that said i still have lots of . goals. i'd love to host a talk show have a role . in an animated movie or an animated tv . show and know the b movie does not count . that's right boys and girls on that guy . from the b movie that's not me guys okay . but b movie - i'm totally gonna be i'm . sure just like you there's lots of . things i haven't gotten to do yet but . maybe today is a good day to talk about . the ones we have hit no matter how minor . they may seem i've got some big things . checked off my list but it started with. checking off the small ones first time . it's out clark and i will see you . somewhere okay bye . 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