Jurassic Park (1993) KILL COUNT

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Movie footage used in the killcount is . owned entirely by the copyright holders . deadmeat makes no claim of ownership and . simply uses the footage for purposes of . education commentary and criticism under. fair use please support film makers and . the art of filmmaking by watching . jurassic park in its entirety on home . media or streaming services where . available. welcome to the killcam where we tally up . the victims and all our favourite horror . movies. i'm james a chinese and today we're . cracking open a dinosaur egg and . starting the jurassic park franchise not . horror you say well it's at least horror . adjacent dog there are dinosaurs eating . people what more do you want. when jurassic park was released in 1993 . it changed movies forever it was the . highest grossing film in the world until . titanic beat it out and it spawned a . series of sequels including the recently . released jurassic world fallen kingdom. which judging by its box office take . you've probably rac with jurassic park . director steven spielberg set out to. depict dinosaurs in the scientifically . accurate way inspired by the hard. science fiction of the source material . the novel by michael crichton used a . combination of effects to bring the . dinosaurs to the big screen first the. animatronics done by stan winston who. also designed the terminator the . predator and edwards freakin . scissorhands and second the . revolutionary cgi done by george lucas's. industrial light & magic together these . effects made dinosaurs feel truly alive . again in jurassic park quickly became a . multimedia juggernaut with countless. comic books action figures video games . and theme park rides on a personal note . jurassic park was one of my earliest . obsessions in life this is a very . important series to me so i'm excited as . hell to cover it on this channel so . please won't you join me for the kills . [music]. the movie begins with bona fide badass . robert muldoon supervising the delivery . of a metal crate to his crew of jurassic . park employees on isla nublar inside the . crate is a scary sounding velociraptor . but the crew overcomes their fears and . lines it up to an entry gate gatekeeper . joffrey climbs on top to lift the . barrier and let the raptor inside its . pen but the velociter decide slams . against the opposite side of the crate . instead knocking it back and allowing . the dinosaur to grab a piece of that . sweet gatekeeper me a panic ensues and . muldoon encourages everyone to exercise . their second amendment rights on the . dino. [music]. but joffrey's life slips through. muldoon's fingers and with the very. vocal death gasp he becomes the first to . go on our cow velociraptors are much . less scary when they just bones . so let's visit the badlands near snake . water montana where doctors alan grant . and ellie sattler are digging up up . bones dig it they just found a pretty . nice raptor specimen and grant takes the . opportunity to tell the audience that . dinosaurs aren't actually lizards like . previously believed instead bird is the . word he's interrupted by a snarky little . wit hurt for the dream child himself . saying that the raptor looks like a big . old turkey crab don't like that kind of . disrespect so he pulls a blade on a . bitch to send that kid home with one . very full pair of underpants it's clear . that grant doesn't like kids even though . his romantic partner dr. sattler would . like to have some eventually bond in . fact there's a 20-year age gap between . the then 26 year-old laura dern and the . then 46 year-old sam neill kind of weird . but i guess he is sam neill inside their . trailer grant finds the benefactor of. their digs dr. john hammond who popped . champagne hammond is played by the late . richard attenborough who gives an. incredible performance like well . everyone else in this movie when it came . to casting they spared no expense . hammond needs grant a paleontologist and . sadler a paleobotanist to come to the . park he's hoping to open next year and . sign off on it being safe see the family . of the unfortunate joffrey filed the . lawsuit against the par scaring the . parks investors who are represented by . lawyer donald gennaro this dude with the . same tailor as david byrne gennaro is . going around inspecting every level of . the park to ensure its safety and . hammond needs grant and sadler to come . and vouch for him although they're . reluctant to go at first . hammond persuades the paleo scientists . by saying he'll provide three years . worth of funding for their dig you dig . they're flown to the island on a . helicopter where we meet the greatest . character ever dr. ian malcolm . [music]. malbim is played by jeff goldblum a man . who sweats sex appeal out of every pore . and he's a chaotic / nice squeezer . extraordinaire who's also there to . evaluate the safety of the park at the . behest of the lawyer gennaro as can be . expected by jeff goldblum he immediately . begins hitting on dr. sattler dr. sadler . i refused to believe that you aren't . familiar with the concept of attraction . they arrived at the island and during . the choppers descent the ride gets a. little bumpy there's a clever girl . metaphor when grant has a defected seat . belt with two female ends to it but . still finds a way to buckle them as they . take a couple of jurassic park jeeps . through the island gennaro tells hammond . that he has 48 hours to convince him of . the park safety hammonds like hey yeah . that's great no but uh . check out these dinosaurs mothafucka ya . goddamn right grant that right there's a . brachiosaurus and she's a hungry hungry . girl hmm get those leaves a big old . dinosaur and in case you want to see . some carnivores don't you worry they . have a t-rex fred's gonna need a . fainting lounge after hearing about that . as hammond delivers the film's most . iconic line welcome to jurassic park . fuck i love this movie hammond takes . them all to the visitor center and shows . them a video meant to explain the . science behind jurassic park it features . a cartoon character named mr. dna voiced . by greg burson who forever influenced my . pronunciation of the word dinosaur. dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur to bring . dinosaurs back to life amber is the . color of their energy because they got . that dino dna from mosquitoes and . fossilized tree sap then they use frog . dna to fill in any holes in the genetic . code because they know that nothing bad . has ever come from cheap patchwork to . hide mistakes the team heads into a lab . to see what's on the slab and there to . give some more dino exposition is dr. henry wu played by bd wong looking just . as young here as these dinosaur fetuses. waiting to hatch granton company get to . witness the birth of a velociraptor who . just needs to push push her way out of . this a dr. rule shores the visitors that . their dinosaurs can't breed in the wild . because they're all engineered to be . females that's right no dino dogs . allowed on isla nublar. malcolm doesn't buy it and expresses his . belief in chaos saying these dinos will. find a way to breed regardless life . finds away all but malcolm didn't you . hear dr. henry whoo he said that they . can't and he's such a nice young man you . can surely trust it i'm sure . you'd never become a supervillain like . character later in the series or . anything during a luncheon that looks . smokier than a casino hammonds guests . expressed their views about the park . janeiro's all about them dollar signs . while malcom thinks hammond isn't . responsible enough to be wielding this . kind of science yeah but your scientists . were so preoccupied with whether or not . they could they just have to think of . they should the paleo scientists agree . with malcolm that it's unwise to engage . in this kind of reverse extinction . engineering and hammond laments that his . only ally at the table is a vampire . seems like a good time to develop . grant's character a little bit so let's . get some kids up in this bitch hammond's . grandchildren lexi and tim fall into the . old man's arms and their excitement is . positively contagious to grant they're . here to join the parks visitors on a . guided tour in these super modern . electric jeeps with exciting features. like interactive cd roms lexie's pumped . and you know what i get it you ever buy . one of those enhanced cds in the 90s . like born on a pirate ship that shit was . dope hammond meanwhile is staying back . in the control room which like doesn't . speak very highly of your tour if you . don't even want to go on it does it my . dude head engineer rey arnold played by . professional yeller sam jackson starts. up the jeep's and the tour gets underway . an awesome giant gate opens and then . were in jurassic park bitch ass too bad . the tour is kind of a bust the first . dinosaur they're supposed to see a . dilophosaurus is more like a delay for . soros because it never shows up like . it's supposed to and the t-rex is also a . no-show even after they offer her free. apps in the form of a billy goat and . that's not the only problem for the . control room peeps there's also an . impending tropical storm on its way to . the island and their chief technician. dennis nedry is a slovenly egotist who . blames hammond for his current financial . woes that's why earlier in the movie we . saw him visiting san jose to engage in a . little bit of corporate espionage with . holy shit is that dodson dotson dotson . we've got touched in here wow it is who . cares i care newman dodson gave nedry . everything he'll need to smuggle dino . dna off the island so by time weari meet . him in the control room we already know . that he's barbra sold out to hammonds . corporate adversaries during their dino . down time malcolm flirts with ellie and . gets her all wet her hand he gets her . hand all wet with a little demonstration . of kaos
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