Justice League’s Next Top – Talent Idol Star : PT 2

...................... Am i even human for liking this show?

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Welcome back to the justice league on . issues. i'm berta rang and the competition for a . coveted spot on the justice league is . officially off the heezy yo starfire's . that sure wasn't to catch me out . cyborg got jiggy with the judges oh . those fools were just wickety-wack and . of course there was robin the sorest . loser. oh my girl and raven in her dad got into . it big time causing all sorts of . drinking a drink a new drama let's see . what happens next when the audition . continues hey ray what are you gonna do . now that your dad ripped up your costume . and forbid you from dancing ha he can't . stop me from doing what i love azarath . metrion zinthos oh dang this is gonna be . good. [music]. hi i'm raven and i'm doing a dance . [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. dad what did you think . i think dancer my little sweetie kids . lose so much feeling so much emotion oh . give your daddy a hug okay that's enough . what she gets voted in for some lame . dance my act was way better than that . hey stop filming my private moments . man's you being real junky right now and . then you get kicked off already yes but . i really feel like i deserve a second . chance or does he what she gets voted in . for some lame dance. my act was way better than that that was . edited to make me look bad you have to . give me a second chance they need to get . to know the real me the one with an even . sadder backstory than before my name is . robin and i didn't have a regular . childhood i grew up on a farm . that's my grandpappy it's hard work . attending the corn fields especially on . account of the pros are we stealing our . crop when the corn was gone they went . and flew off screams their herring . sounds like you're making all this hope . you know if all true and very sad . seemed like things couldn't get any . worse until one day a meteor came down . and destroyed the power. but if i win this competition i can . rebuild the family farm when i think of . everything my whole grandpappy has done . for me it brings a tear . sounds like a truckload of work but it . was pretty tragic so i guess you deserve . a second chance bro yes this time i will . get you with pizza started yet deborah . [music]. abracadabra . why you stupid bird okay okay uh for my . next trick i will make this $20 bill . disappear and reappear in your wallet go . ahead take a look . you can keep that considerate pride . do this to me i need to rebuild the farm . [music]. so how'd it go yo judges can't see . talent i've got talent and good looks . i'm the whole package look at me okay . coming up we find out if beast boy is . even gonna bother to audition right now . [music]. and winning this competition has always. been my dream in life actually that's . not true . i'm just here because my dude cyborg is . here follower i'm not really proud of it . but it's kind of my thing man yo and you . gonna drink some . [music]. [applause]. [music]. what happened in there well i don't . think the judges like milk . it's cool i don't drink sin myself i'm a . vegan no big deal it's not like any of . us are taking this serious now one side . he said my turn he said my turn robin . tell us what makes you think the third . time's a charm . because i've got the spirit there never . give up attitude and crutches crutches . hello my name's robin tiny robin i was . born into year 18 for every my father's . name is bob cratchit we're very poor and . winning this competition would be a . christmas miracle . that's from a christmas carol it's based . on my life you were born in 1843 . obviously well in that case it's time . for your third and final chance tiny. robin hello everyone i'd like to . introduce you to barney robin so tiny . robin do you really think it takes to . win this competition. well sorry because i didn't mean . [music]. man this guy talks to fishes and swims . really fast then we'll come in happy sad . nobody. i did it i just like to say thank you to . the judges they have a really really . really really great judgement it mean . better than last time when you said . judges can't see challenge five got . challenged and good looks i'm the whole . package look at me yes much better . oh snap when we return we're going to . the final after a gang of auditions and . math drama and all came down to three . contestants oh who's it gonna be . cyborg the singing machine kraven the . dancing diva or tiny robin and his dummy . we'll find out when we come back right . now and the newest member of the justice . league yes please oh please oh please oh . please oh please oh please . [music]. wow i want to feel happy for him but he . makes it so hard i can't believe i can't . believe it i am no full-fledged member . of that justice league oh check yourself . you're not a twisted dog what the judges . chose this robin no you dum-dum they . chose my ventriloquist dummy . yeah that's reading it right homeslice . dummy robin is the newest member of the . justice league yo and so dummy robert . went on to great success great envelops . making friends win an awards and just . being an all-around redonkulous little . dude and that's the show for you homies . this is bert arang signing out right now . [music]. .
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