This had to be done ...
KSI: https://www.youtube.com/user/KSIOlajidebt
Logan Paul: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8rbF3g2AMX70yOd8vqIZg
Miniminter: https://www.youtube.com/user/miniminter
Yeah jj let's shit a video bro i'll see . if we could do like a collab like man . why we did the the exorcist one we . should do something like that we do a . visual effects enough wirework and that . sort of thing and what maybe song was to . collab daughter club taking casey . neistat showers we made our first . dramaalert appearance because he put a . $50,000 bet on the fight overseas and me . mike was supposed to be vlogging house . sides of our lives right now what is . michael doing this isn't true the . boringest footage of other scenes . there's a thirty minutes i've been . crabbing and borak and montage shots why . is michael standing like batman what is . this what is this shot i just showed you . all right anyways i just landed in la . and before i left it with geo hunting of . simon have a look everyone looks like . harry potter to me english yeah yeah oh . my god why are you filming you running . around the woods of slenderman you know . what do you michael ugly ass dumb and . dumber looking friend two hands it up . like your vlog is gonna be so much . better when we were crapping and you . [music]. everything is just getting destroyed so . since every youtuber wants a box each . other i'm jumping in the mix a box what . have you got your little box we'll see . this little box man it's really not that . important it's not even eternal you . gotta 400 stampede cards where they are . vmc cards oh you gotta make cards yet . because you can't even film a scene . without having goddamn audio on the ends. of media company and you can even record . with audio do you know why because he's . too busy not promised us any more of . that boss necessary i just did . coronas or ellison man you just forgot . to turn the mic on man it's an honest . mistake. granny's not acting it's pissed can't . break someone to the air bro hey why . don't you break something of his to get . back in it's a nice printer to the . situation look it's the guy that once . iko my god i've been no stop stirring up . this fight like love stuff no porn . it's not adjusted at all he does not . care about it all last night or today i . will not shut up about it . i've good i'm trying to make it happen . have you seen your schedule for your . next couple videos . fine but you you bitch you're worse and . i already know how much hey i'm gonna . get for being around logan but i just . wanted to say this quickly logan paul is . our friend and he's been a friend for . years yes i understand the people are . angry at him i don't agree with what he . did but half thank you for a friend . would we be if we suddenly stopped . talking to it that would be with fake . friends when you're on social media you . are surrounded by fake people and fake . friends that would abandon shit at any . point well i want to make a mistake i . hope my friends would be the same . hanging out logan isn't about boosting . subs i'm actually in la hangout of a . friend trying to start a fight so i can . win some money but seriously you . understand i hope you guys understand . and that's all i got to say coolest . thing about this car is have a look oh . feel like batman . it's my only actually thought that was . the speed control before i put that . control the volume others driving is . okay let me just turn it down it's . obvious we switched it in park and the . whole thing broke off we got a car crash . two to three kids i'm just gonna make . sure that we keep the car clean that was . it but it's getting a quick workout in . victor's showing us the ropes no what . are you shooting like it what are you. shooting . oh my god i'm sorry logan holy shit guys. you don't understand logan was not gonna . do this i've stirred this up so much . holy it's my fault all my friends are . gonna flake it's my fault i have to do . it the 95 grand i have to do this ladies . and gentlemen i swear if i'm going to be . putting this 95 grands on this fine if . it happen oh my bad . if the biggest event in history is going . toward uk with oh my god . there we go. .
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