Molten Aluminum Deep Fried Turkey (Thanksgiving Special!!!)

Pouring 4lbs of molten Aluminum into a 10lbs turkey. I stole the recipe from Backyard Scientist to take to William Osman's Friendsgiving dinner!
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Hey guys backyard scientist here now i'm . just alan i don't even like hawaiian . shirts i've been invited to a friend's . giving so obviously we're gonna pour . molten aluminum into this turkey now you . might recognize this as that disgusting . microwave i found on the street from the . microwave gun video we're going to turn . it into a foundry and clean it with fire . this is our microwave foundry setup the . crucible is an old oxygen tank from the . thermic lightsaber video and we have a. shop vac here set to blow so these falls . get hot enough to melt aluminum okay so . before we cook a nine point seven seven . pound turkey you need about 750 . kilojoules of energy which sounds like a . lot but is actually equivalent to about . 180 food calories that means that your . body gets enough energy out of eating . one serving of turkey to pulley to cook . a small turkey we can do a similar . calculation to find the amount of energy . it takes to melt four pounds of aluminum . or bring it to 660 degrees celsius but . we need to include what's called the . latent heat of fusion which is the extra . energy required to make a substance go . from solid to liquid altogether that . comes out to about 1800 kilojoules of . energy and 4 pounds of molten aluminum . which is more than twice the amount of . energy we need to fully cook a small . turkey but that's assuming 100% . efficient heat transfer from the . aluminum to the turkey in real life . nothing is a hundred percent efficient . it looks like we're just about ready to . pour this whole thing's gonna be molten . pretty soon i don't actually know what's . gonna happen i don't think it's gonna . explode i think this might actually cook . what. [music]. [applause]. and we all just yeah there we go . i was hoping to catch the inside is . pretty but i think the aluminum actually . snuck out the other end and now it's . actually just a pot full of muck some . aluminum nice aluminum varieties with . turkey it has been like 10 minutes in . this turkey is still sizzling and . steaming inside this pot so what i think . i'm gonna do is i'm just gonna cover the. whole thing in like towels and blankets . and stuff to insulate it then i'm gonna . throw it in the car and my dinner . parties all the way in ventura it's like . an hour hour and a half away so i'll . open it up when i get there and see if a . turkey is actually fully cooked caravan . john how do you get here guess what this . is this i'm not ready for it let's see . what we got here . [music]. is that good i have no idea it's . steaming. we should probably take us outside it . smells really bad . if you put that there i'm gonna see it . i'm gonna see if this just kind of comes . out oh there's a bunch of juice all whoa . i was really afraid it would be stuck in . there but it just it all came out that . is check that out okay there's . definitely parts of this that are cooked . and parts that are burned different . parts that are raw it's kind of like . half and half please just see if we can . pull it out of this aluminum case oh . this is not good it's like kind of cook . it kind of burned the outside and then . didn't do anything the inside the wings . look cooked though if we can get the . wings out i bet these are cooked too you . put all the edible pieces there so . here's another wing this is probably . good you get the microphone really close . to it the sounds it's making it just . that's yeah i need that oh . oh yeah it's like cracking open a . wishbone it looks good some of this . stuff this is good this is oh all right . pull that out plate that that's . definitely cooked oh god this is gonna . taste terrible this smells awful hey . look at that we've got a cast of the . inside of the like neck part of a turkey. this is like a bone or something this is . kind of cool it's a thanksgiving day . miracle thanksgiving day blast this is . all we need to we need to put this on . like a rotating table and have the man . arms song going off turn in and then in . and it did it in and then a minute like . it's a lot of burnt which makes me . comfortable that it was cooked that's it. mmm was kind of off it's a little gamey . little metal gave me i think most of all . it's kind of dry turkey just always is . you know i think you've said too much . i think we're gonna need some gravy get . some gravy yeah don't flavor it up don't . put together the gravy train alright . make sure you check out william ozma's . channel to watch us finish eating this . with some gravy. wait gravy train you have no idea . .

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