My Hangry Uber Pool Story

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Caption: Well i went on an uber ride recently . that started just like this it was . around two o'clock in the afternoon and . my fridge was empty she's normal . yeah i was edging on getting hangry now . it was tuesday which made the logical. option to gorge myself at a taco tuesday . place the thing is i get a little too . into taco tuesday sure how many tacos . have you consumed this evening how many . tacos have you consumed officer taco . that made the only logical choice . uber and it turned into the most . ridiculous uber ride i've ever gone on . in my life but it didn't start that way . the ride started like every other ride . the standard logistical confirmation. alex. yeah when i get in i'm brief on purpose . because of the all-important 20-second . uber countdown those crucial moments at . the start of every ride where you decide . if you're going to talk or keep to . yourself not that i have a preference . between human contact and me time but . i'll typically use the 20 seconds to . bust out my switch or my headphones in . my phone hello my partition wall my do . not disturb sign my invisibility cloak. and somehow it always happens in three . two where is this going lady i was just . gonna sign up for getting food i'm . hungry and she just kept crying it was . like a lot like so much that i probably . needed swimmies to stay afloat it was . starting to get weird so it's like hey. maybe you could take the personal day . off i can grab another uber oh now . you're gonna leave me too . as much as she was weirding me out i did . want to make her feel better . well gathered all my courage looked into . her geysering eyes and said you know no . i can stick around but i'm pretty sure . she heard it more as hey . i would never. stop that stop it i'm taken no it's not . like that just please bring me to the . taco place and then i swear she says . something like i guess i don't have to . kill you normally i'd have enough. patience to deal with a situation like . this but i was getting hungry here by . the minute and by the way i do not know . how i feel the word hangry i mean it . made the word hungry a hate word why . can't we have a word that's like halfway . to is starving you know like moderately . starving like like marvin i want to be. marvin it's got a pleasant ring to it. like i'm marvin ooh you're pretty cool . do you do that i'm perfect so i love . this car getting impatient because my . stomach feels like a rusty lawnmower and . she's driving slower and slower as she . plans out our future wedding or . something like can we please get to the . destination quickly we have another . writer too bad please stop that please . apparently in my marvin state i . accidentally ordered an uber pool uber. pool allows the uber to pick up extra . passengers on the way to your . destination like this is already an . awkward experience do we really need to . add another person hey everybody i'm . getting my physical in here if anyone. wants to come and watch no no you you . want me to enjoy this alone but the more . i thought about it the more i realize . that another person is exactly what this . car needs right it can only get better . from here right it can't get worse right . i will find you i will get my money back . hey god worse right right now i can't . believe yet we have another writer okay . i know i'm hungry i know you're upset . but am i also sitting in a getaway car i . said we can't leave yet i've been in . this car for a minute she does not leave . people behind to forbid . so all this is happening and i am . finally hey great okay i got to be real . with you guys there wasn't like a . showdown with the store clerk there was . no police but it really felt that way . like this person busted out of the store . was super sketchy and wanted to leave . right away. i was full unprepared for like a swat . team to show up with guns and bats and . be like you weren't accomplished to a. crime be like the only crime that's been . committed is i still don't have my tacos . so we got the sketchy lady in the . backseat and my heart broken . unwanted love her in the front seat and . then my door open . is this an uber i thought it was but . it's turning more into an adult chuckie . cheese . it's an uber get in so i'm sitting there. about a mile from the taco place and . it's been like two hours right because . you know la traffic is the best from . that point on everyone kind of chilled . out a little bit cheryl the driver lady . was actually pretty cool i'm pretty sure . she ended up going on a date with iron . man so what a surprised the superhero . saved the day and the thief lady was. actually stealing stuff back from her . old boyfriend i know that because she . came with me to get dollar tacos so it . was an interesting ride and if i wasn't . so marvin turned hangry i probably would . have enjoyed the ridiculousness of it a . little bit more anyone that was in that . car is watching this video hey what's up . that was weird. i don't want to say we're like best . friends now or anything but if you . didn't want to check out my patreon . we're giving away some cool sketchbook . oh no it was a good trip i'd use uber . pulls again i'll just be sure to pack my . swimming good news refuel of animation . as promised over on our second channel . will be doing another cartoon this . friday or saturday it's really funny i . was laughing the entire time i was . editing it so if you definitely want to . check that out subscribe to alex clark . live and make sure got those. notifications turned on kiddos i'm it's . alex clark and i will see you somewhere . i know you know kiddo some you've heard . oh it's okay babe . .

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