Marques created an amazing Iphone X impression. Check it out!
Can you guys see that. on tuesday i woke up and my iphone 10 . video was going viral i was on the . trending page. there's me there's ellen degeneres it . was insane let me go back in time i was . born and raised in southern california i . have three older siblings who are . amazing my mom and dad raised all of us . and my dad is the best dad . anybody could truly ask for he is the . most honest most loving most caring i . can go on and on and on most genuine . human being he works so hard and he has . so many passions and hobbies and things . that he sacrificed for his entire life . because he supported our family about a . month ago i went to go visit my parents . in northern california and we went out . to dinner to the alpha cafeteria and we . had a really great time and my dad was a . privileged engineer who worked on the. iphone 10 and he had one after apple . released their keynote after plenty of . youtubers posted youtube videos hands-on . iphone 10 videos i made a youtube video . about the iphone 10 my dad showed me his . phone and i was filming it in the apple . cafeteria made this video for fun . because i love to make youtube videos i . had no subscribers i had no views but i . don't care because i love to make videos . so yeah i made this little innocent . video that was just supposed to be a fun . memory of me and my family that's all . that making videos is to me it suddenly . went viral and i have no idea how my . video got so much attention considering . how many other iphone 10 videos there . are out there from other youtubers apple . of course asked me to take it down and i . took it down right when they asked me to . because i respect apples i had no idea . that this was a violation he takes full . responsibility for letting me film his . iphone 10 apple let him go the end of . the day when you work for apple it . doesn't matter how good of a person you . are if you break a rule they just have . no tolerance they had to do what they . had to do . mattad apple i'm not gonna stop buying . apple products my rules are in place for . the happiness and for the safety of . workers and my dad takes absolutely full . responsibility for the one rule that he . broke and it was an innocent thing and . to be honest i think apple is gonna do a . much better job from here on out in . addressing the rules and making sure . that everybody is aware of the rules and . it was an innocent mistake and he fully . apologizes um we're not angry or not . bitter my dad had a really great run at . apple and he appreciates that company . for everything that they did for his . career my dad's gonna be okay he did an . incredible human being and yeah i don't . think he deserved this but we're okay . we're good i never expected to ever get . attention on youtube never in a million . years did i think that this would happen . and it kind of sucks that it turned into . something negative people are really . mean and i knew that going into . uploading videos on youtube you know . what guys hate on me all you want but . please don't hit on my father because he . is the best person i have absolutely no . tolerance for the people who think that . they know him and for the people who are . calling us names i don't understand the . amount of hate that is in this world and . it is a shame if you want to call me . names that's fine but please leave my . dad alone because absolutely everything. to me apple really did like my dad and . they let him go because because he broke . a rule so my advice to people out there . is to just not overlook rules when . you're in the workplace or when you're. in school or when you're at home so to . those of you who actually care just know . that he will come out on top . because. he always does and in my opinion the . kind genuine nice people out there . things always work out for them so he is . an incredibly talented smart radio . frequency engineer who has a lot to . offer if you're still watching this . video thank you i appreciate it . and i'll see you guys at my next vlog . .
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