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In this edition of "Explaining Jokes to Idiots," Bill confronts the purity police over their criticism of Amy Schumer's new movie.
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And finally it's time for another . edition of explaining jokes to idiots . the segment where we explain two idiots. jokes they missed because they're idiots . and tonight i'd like to examine the . reaction to amy schumer's new film i. feel pretty which the professionally . offended have decided that even though . it's a movie by women filmmakers. presenting a probe woman message it does . it the wrong way . amy helped wrong even though she really . just remade the nutty professor where . someone not thin and not cool magically . sees themselves as better looking and . gains confidence except when eddie . murphy did it he didn't have the purity . police up his ass. [music]. the hollywood reporter wrote an article . dissecting i feel pretty and it's. questionable message of empowerment. rolling stone called its fat shaming the . independent reviewing the trailer cuz . why wait for the actual movie when you . can start your hating two months early . wrote that i feel pretty seems so . offensive it's frankly exhausting . exhausted by a movie trailer i think . we've reached peak snowflake. the la times asked wouldn't a bolder . more progressive version of the story . have cast a woman of color oh for . christ's sake can it just be funny can't . we just sit in a movie theater unclench . our assholes for two hours and laugh at. what it is instead of dissecting it for . what it is not movie reviews they're not . even reviews anymore . they're just outcome you made the movie . you made i'm not the one i would have . made. if i had talent which i don't some . reviews noted that casting amy as the . ugly fat person undermined truly ugly . fat people bad amy not fat enough others . asked why her self-esteem had to be. linked to her physical appearance and . yes why wasn't the role given to a woman . of color i don't know maybe because they . thought since it's an amy schumer movie. they ought to have amy schumer in it he . wound up by the way apologizing for . appearing in her own movie on the view . she said i recognize that i'm caucasian . i would love of this movie were starring . a woman of color who's had it way harder . than me yeah because all goofy comedy . should also address the black experience . like that one where jennifer garner grew . up overnight remember that one 13 going . on 30 years of slave . [applause]. life is too complicated to reduce . everything to real problems on one side . and white problems on the other you can . be white and still have a life where you. pray for death just ask melania well but . being white is hardly the only thing amy . did wrong the new york post says the . film is tone-deaf forecasting a straight . white able-bodied blonde and the . independent concurs noting the film was. flawed because amy was still blonde . able-bodied and well dressed with all . the trappings of western beauty . standards yes she's a traitor to. feminists and because she wears clothes. has all her limbs and is hotter than . predator comedian sophie hagen also . noted amy's able-bodied miss what is it . with this adding the cheese femme and . yes thin she is society's beauty ideal . no she's precisely not that's her act . you idiots but you know . you know who is society's beauty ideal . this one the one feminists love more . than life itself a 6-foot supermodel in . hot pants newsflash people just like the . physically attractive better sorry the . taller candidate usually wins the. election studies show the better-looking . person other things being equal usually . gets the job even babies prefer to look . at attractive faces oh where do you see . the blog i'm gonna post tomorrow tearing. them a new asshole babies. models are tall and thin because that's . what sells clothes the answer isn't to . insist that everyone in society love you . exactly the way you are it's to learn to . tell the ones who don't that you don't . need them which is exactly what ami . learns in the movie just the way at the . end of the wizard of oz dorothy realizes . she didn't have to go on that big acid . trip to appreciate what she had at home. when will liberals learn that barking it . nothing makes people not want to listen . when you actually have something to say . it's no talent to endlessly bitch about . what isn't there although i'll tell you . black panther should have had more . puerto ricans. .
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