[Open Joke Collab]Christmas time is killing us 4/6 taken

Cause why not? It's a small collab plz don't kill me.
1.Not first come, first serve. I look at skill.
2.If you get salty that you didn't get picked, chances are, not only will I roast you back, but I'll probably ban you from joining any of my collabs.
3.Have Scott be Santa, and Plushtrap and Springtrap be Stewie and Brian. Also have the rest of the fnaf cast be the elves.
4.Have it be similar to the original video or Yolojoe's version.
5.must be 30fps or higher
6.Must have it finished before Christmas
7.Have Fun!
intro:Aura Riku productions

If I were to put bets. I'd say 1 going to have the most request.
It's a horror show up here could you let . this happen me i didn't do this . christmas did each bellwood pier with my . super easy life but the day feeling was . feeling us but now instead over feeling . is threatening the screws first time is . killing us business it's more like this . building accepted i'll tell you what's . on your list up your butt the first . christmas time is killing us but car you . see that what you do is a dream come. true god you see that every smile makes . it all worthwhile. no screw you red's all the truth that's . too much to do those dreams are night . mares and like i sisters . ok . each little elf used to fill up a shelf . making things and selflessly grilling us . they're on crack at it feels like you're . acting christmastime is telling us smile . train . i just paying overcome really us fingers . all bleed and look that i just beating . his christmas pie is killing us but can . you see the point of view we rely on you . god you see that christmas year gets us . through the year i whole crew is black . and blue catcher take a clue may thing . pile great but i 28 . it's jingle bell his requiem down but i . think it's well vi trying inhale take a . look you can tell as a man i my school . [music]. because this is killing us . this was telling us . [music]. .
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