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Winter is gone and Peppa and her friends can now enjoy some fun time outdoors. Join her and her family on a cycle ride, help George flying a kite and share a picnic with them at the fish pond.
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This seed will grow into a lovely. strawberry plant. . . first make a little hole and i put the. feet right with her. . . shall i water it for you know what i. want to water it good. . . now we wait for it to grow. . . peppa and george are waiting for the. seed to grow. . . okay no hey no oh well you'll have to be. patient pepper. . . it will take a long time to grow pepper. . . george it's time to go home they're. waiting for my strawberry plant to grow. . . your piece the key. . . don't worry peppa next time you come. . . the seed will have grown into a plant to. brace. . . grandpa pig looks after peppers. strawberry plant after many days grandpa. . . pig finds a tiny plant growing day by. day the plant grows bigger and bigger. . . than one day grandpa pig finds something. very special. . . strawberries peppa and george have come. to play again. . . grab our gear grow here it's a look. . . yeah thank you grab that particular we. plan something else. . . yes now it's george's turn to choose. what would you like to grow. . . george's thought of something he wants. to grow. . . george wants to grow a dinosaur tree any. george still cheese. . . family have arrived at the mountains. will have a fantastic view where we get. . . to the top. . . we're here look at the lovely sunny you. go get it is starting to rain. . . well i believe there's a lot of view it. is miss rabbit's ice cream store and. . . obese rabbit. . . daddy pig for ice cream please eat it. . . look what i've got they're our favorite. color. . . that's right green for me. . . orange the me stop for me and george's. is. . . the heat. . . are we ready for the egg hunt. . . there are lots of chocolate eggs hidden. in my garden. . . you must find them but be careful not to. step on my little glance. . . oh it's so exciting in springtime to see. these baby plants starting to grow we. . . pretty sleepy careful grandpa. . . very good off you go there. . . pepper has found a chocolate egg in a. plant pot. . . hey rebecca rabbit has found a chocolate. egg hiding under a beefy bush leg for me. . . and lee elephant has found a chocolate. egg in the branches of a tree. . . freddie fox has a very good sense of. smell. . . yeah freddie fox has found a chocolate. egg in the middle of the bird but the. . . chocolate cakes. . . let's go and see jemima for nasa sarah. and level chicken. . . yes and they have eggs - can we then. . . no freddie these eggs are about to hatch. . . but it just in time. . . that baby chicks are hatching. . . now the chicks have hatched it really is. springtime. . . daddy pig is taking the stabilizers off. peppers bicycle. . . are you sure you want to ride without. stabilizers. . . yes you've never done it before i. couldn't do it. . . i can't i can't. . . not funny. . . riding without stabilizers is not easy. would you like some help. . . pepper yes please patty right ready. steady go. . . don't worry i got you. . . you're doing really well just keep. pedaling. . . that is riding on her own when i'm. stabilizes you've been cycling on your. . . own for ages of i feel really very good. at it. . . am i can do it could be. . . i can ride my bike broke open e 03 see. the beca. . . i don't be my stabilizers anymore. . . oh. . . my pumpkin wasn't looking where he's. going. . . oh dear peppa has squashed daddy pig's. pumpkin. . . sorry i score still pop kick patty. . . never mind the pumpkin the important. thing is that you are ok. . . in future you really must look where. you're going i promise i will that he. . . could anyway. . . now the pumpkin is broken i can make it. into a pumpkin pie pumpkin pie and. . . because daddy pig's pumpkin is so big. . . there will be enough pumpkin pie for. everyone. . . daddy pig is going to read a newspaper. . . what a nice day for doing nothing. . . daddy pig loves doing nothing oh. goodness me daddy pig. . . we've left the garden get a bit out of. control what do you mean. . . mummy pig the grass needs cutting. . . who i quite like it it's the wild garden. . . ok. . . it'll play with this spotty ball on the. ball is lost in the long grass now we'll. . . never find it. . . maybe it is time to cut the grass. . . yes daddy pig i'll get the lawnmower. . . i'm sure it's here somewhere. . . he ridges daddy pig has found the lawn. mower. . . it's a bit old and rusty johnson's it'll. have a grass cut in no time. . . does seem a bit rusty. . . maybe i should phone cramp up big and. ask if we can borrow his lawnmower daddy. . . pig's lower is not very good. . . the best blackberry's are right at the. very top. . . that's why i brought the latter um do. lean too far over mummy pig don't worry. . . i've been climbing this blackberry bush. since i was a little girl. . . yes but you're not a little girl now i. know what i'm doing. . . oh dear mummy pig has fallen into the. blackberry bush. . . oh no i'm stuck. . . it is suzy sheep easy. . . my mummy is in a blackberry bush and. she'll be this one good years like. . . sleeping beauty and shall be rescued by. a handsome prince who will give her a. . . kiss my mummy is having an invite. . . sure i wish my mom you'd have adventures. like that. . . um can someone think of a way to get me. out of here. . . don't worry mommy and daddy some prints. pool. . . i'll be that handsome prince from puppy. . . now i borrow your pruning shears please. of course you may. . . brave dad ep stand back everyone. . . take that you tony force you. . . yeah. . . o my prince my princess. . . daddy pig flies the kite very well. . . yes i am a bit of an expert at these. things. . . watch out for the trees. . . you might get the kite stuck in one. don't worry i know what i'm doing. . . oh dear daddy pig has got the kite. caught in a tree. . . no no no. . . don't worry george he will get the kite. down. . . yes. . . yeah boo there's a big muddy puddle. never and george love to jump in muddy. . . puddles. . . sorry deputy puddle no i don't want you. covered in mud. . . stand back children for please be. careful daddy pig. . . i know what i'm doing. . . please be careful daddy daddy pig. . . you are much too heavy for that branch. nonsense. . . i know exactly how every i am yeah. . . daddy pig has rescued the kite. . . oh dear everyone is covered in mud. . . whoop it's only mud. . . no mas i hate wasps shoot. . . what a fast mummy pig it's only a little. was but the way was just stay still. . . mummy pig and it will fly away. . . there you see all you have to do is stay. still get away. . . scrap the world. . . chu get off me and there was doesn't. think ya can waive the best. . . no daddy pig is running too fast for the. wasp to catch him. . . yeah yeah okay. . . the water comes back. . . no we got to leave any for the docks. . . i think i lost it. . . you said you would run around and get. some exercise daddy pig. . . but i didn't believe you do it. . . luckily i managed to hang on to my slice. of strawberry cake. . . stop we promised arrest of a cake for. the docs who you're very lucky. . . haha thank you daddy pig. . . you're most welcome. . . what a splendid. . . he's made george and i leave the table. and play roots are we. . . yes pepper so we. . . i got my teddy i've got my monkey o-ring. so i've got to talk to me that that's pi. . . picnics and my mom always turn up when. we have a picnic. . . we've got pretend orange screws and. we've got pretend k let's pretend cake. . . it's very nice oh dear. . . and i do not think the junks won't. pretend king oh well that means has no. . . for monkey mr. dinosaur and teddy. . . oh much says fast cake. . . george home time silly. . . bye. . . are we all ready yes then let's go. . . it's not a race pepper. . . it's just a gentle bicycle ride and our. will with like cycling cancer pepper. . . we want the race no you didn't. . . happy because i wasn't racing that time. but now i am. . . you cheeky little big we have a cycle. . . we're going to have a race on our bikes. . . hey do you want to race day. . . oh ok as long as we can nice down here. . . ok and her friends are going to waste on. the hearing. . . are you all ready you can start when i. honking the horn like this and it off. . . too soon. . . stop pedro the race hasn't started yet. . . sorry mr. pete i was just letting you. know that the horn sounded like this. . . sorry pedro that time it was my fault. . . the next time i honk the horn you can go. to think that no one pepper you get home. . . the whole danny don't believe me. .
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