Rabbi Burnie Burns – On The Spot #80

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When is Hanukkah? Why 8 candles and not 7? Why do the Jews keep stealing my geese? All good questions for your local rabbi.
This episode originally aired December 22, 2016 and is sponsored by Lyft http://lft.to/2f9dGp6 and Trunk Club http://bit.ly/2930z9x
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I just let you guys know that you become . the first member by going russia calm / . first you can start a free trial and you . can watch this episode of on the spot a. day early before else here on youtube . you can even watch it live while we make . all the fun jokes and groups and laughs . and all that fun stuff you see a bunch . of other content and yeah just right up . free 30-day trial by my first even i'd . are genuinely wonderful people who are. talented and kind and generous and i . really do value them as friends and i . hope they have a good christmas and hope . you have a good time tonight. please welcome barbara telling anybody . burns my second tonight are really . talented funny guys who are really good. at the job they do and i'm sure they're . really wonderful husbands and pet owners . and everything like that and i hope they . have a good time tonight and i'm glad . they're here . please welcome ryan haywood and jeremy . dooley i'm your host jon rising look on . the spot. [music]. sounded like intros you prepared just . now. yeah performance reviews here at you . don't review me you have no control over . my wish i can't let you whenever i want . everybody to my review this next year . you have no idea what i do i have to . watch a show i don't know anything that . i do . hey welcome don spot we have sponsors . they're not in the prompter lift and . trunk club anyway thanks to lift the . trunk club responses episode thank you . guys and that time tyler can read that . when he was standing john rising water i . got i was here late and tyler was me for . rehearsal around did a better job . yes it's great really fit the camera no . good yeah he was he's a pretty small guy . i don't know why you say you've been wow . i can barely walk to it turns out on . camera he's 12 sizes told you i like you . tyler . i love time to tylers our audience . member for what a season finale. christmas yeah it's christmas stories . our christmas episode is gonna like come . out like on christmas time and not. accurate at all when he's going out it . comes out everything come out christmas . losses what's the most christmassy right . that was very difficult ones expect i . don't know christmas is sunday right . kind of outfit that public on christmas . eve right wg1 christmas is going to . continue this is also our finale for the . season maybe forever bernie's here you . can make that call. yeah a little can't wait for the next . season please come on the spot yeah . great . what's he doesn't like 18 432 it all . feels like so many more not funny . good bargain at 5. 2 bar for that suite . 420 rubber watch out . yeah we're all about that date we here . at on the spot . that's about what it deserves these are . points but i don't want them . yeah okay so just a bar back there . during point where much is kind of like . it's kind of like what's that like a. domestic partnership you you share . whatever she gets to that bbq have you . mr. like politics in my mouth . hey . congratulations on the spot away like . i'm so excited to be here to i'm not . doing that . does that look that thing ryan is ella . grill and i'm like oh go on forever . i'm consider mine oh my god good lord . man feel that feels so good . 002 sorry already tried to get the right . hand alright the rig move or better be . good all right way around regulation . shot that silly string is more like a . new year's thing huh well not only stuff . he gives you much of it yeah yeah haha . alright so just think that for that's . what it feels like . did you did you get some stuff in your . mouth he shot himself in the face. yeah not so pleasant jack when you get . shot in the face isn't that the worst . where we do so i'll show i don't . remember what it is . hey we should we should play some games. before games we have team names to get . the dog shit all over me every time i . keep touching myself there's more silly. stop touching yourself . oh alright then squeeze it there's like . a white cream not kidding named bernie . and barb what you guys got what you guys . going beyond it really is doing 75 yeah . that's where 75% you should we go for . seventy-five percent you if she got it . yeah break the holiday spirit that's . like a sea level jus know what he + you . guys are a c+ you went annika and . hanukkah didn't even start it's late . what it started believing what does . hanukkah not start with related know . there's the logic calendar leading the . way to start the fourth moon into semi . think it starts on the 2015 20 people . you know when hanukkah started know when . i was 150 it's late this year that's . what everybody said can i get back to my . dog jewish so i can explain the hanukkah . is they light a candle every day to keep. away the boogie monster they had candles . in the desert yeah sure that does that . right . in commemoration of all the candles they. had the desert there's still which side . is that they went to the desert they . found i mean we went to the desert and . we found you you went to the desert . happens you wouldn't think my mother's . side of the family brian and you are you . can't drink anything i got out ok . alright weird place de like your name . let's get through this fucking thing . that will fit on the screen yeah a stag . menstrual cramps and holly jolly or . whatever their menstrual cramps and . holly i like that but overall it's a . year but it's not a good time for. anybody let me smell that men strong and . strong natural natural listen we put . them in charge of spelling your client . said he did it was like what is three . really not necessarily on the market . they nailed krampus they did i really . wanted to bring this out cause there's . no silly yeah that adds to its good for . you. ah ok so we've got team names that's fun . how we do that on the spot and then we . do games is for anything . yeah all yard for our castaways right it . does say we should not breathe the spray. ya while you're just cruising everyone . in the point motherfucker submarine . everyone's a point well let's was . horrible yeah definitely not really only . those videos with the kids get burned . know it smells like strawberries . strawberries gone also says boys by abc . storytellers great weekend . hey sorry does that game i not talk that . you guys are gonna get scenarios and. eric journey but the opposite you know . this works because you obviously. practice at a rehearsal as you're . supposed to do. obviously carmen is not only alphabet . with barbara that's retention audience . knows that arm. what's theirs and tyler my love my joy . huh oh man that's that's that's that's . on the spot right there summarized in. one in the air. merry christmas everyone. what is barbara and bernie scenarios you . animation department yeah we do . bernie is an irate austrian parent . desperately looking for the hottest. accident and barbra is a smug retail . worker who has tell bernie that the . store is currently out of stock of that . item yeah right you modify this a little . bit 22 definitely not be anything like . drink all the way get you swear on so . i'm i'm an irate austrian parent looking . for that sweet sweet toy . well i thought this was like a like a . dish thing because he saw stream oh yeah . there. that work as the shoes everywhere . wow what a barber say i server where ya . know poor man from austria i'm okay so . what letter is r off with some work . retail yeah they just wanted to either i . an uppercase i remember do burns my joy . and love in life . yes have you go first 60 seconds on the . clock. let's hear this sweet sweet improv . scenario from too powerful and . formidable comedians getting starting . off the ready set go . i'm called klaus and i am looking for . the nes clock for my son just so that . i'm so sorry sir i cannot be true during . the spelling bee came out obviously . yeah and that's austria let's see if we . can find something else that you could . buy for christmas there's tons of . selection know my son only wants nes . classic no ok look i will explain this . to you one more time you will get me the . nes classic or there will be . consequences. please calm down or we'll have to ask . you to leave the store really sir . you're causing a scene so if i . understand you correctly i'm not going . to get an nes classic i can only say one . thing that is correct but unless you . give me my nes classic i will be forced . one second for gas chamber there we go . ahead with nazi they are you got to not . see i like you have to and maybe not so . just like you doing a higher pitch. bernie burns is great but what i just . got one point i just turned into like . every possible. eastern european accent together and on . helium. yeah you turned into like every evil. european . i'd like scientists this story took . place after the swedish baby this is . nasty missy i was really miss mixed up . very much did that ok with you flogged . in swedish i was deflected wasted they . were such as always straighten them out . i'm alright there's a good job because . you have to actually a lot of god . letters in that one let's see if i the . pretty boys over here could get past. natural crevice of the homeboys what . totally wo you don't burn in trying to . correct me your god daily name what is . there an area . jeremy is a prudish customer at a . christmas tree lot trying to find the . perfect tree. ryan is a salesperson for the tree line . is also a dental filia witnesses from . shannon rose dumb question what is that. don't drive even bother nobody . ryan knows what it is it's you know ryan . know what is another question what does . that mean . i mean i got shit like wonderful react . yeah thank you like your you know you . don't like nasty things are dirty talk . nailed it dude would never fuck having . so much sex with the lights on section . referring yeah okay . no but stuff nothing like that god . alright alright s
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