“Respect Life” – Season 2 – Episode 10 (Part 1 of 2)

Once upon a time in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn...
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Look it's not expensive the world now because i'm some hole actually selling any egg by which we going when it comes to you really just having i mean to remove that fight we're about like not good ninth person being world where only the bottom others from spanish things like a little crisis of the muscle knowledge would prompt broke since five won't be disappointed this but i'm coming right back i'll be right here waiting man say your people to see more [music] films popping popping deep look because of what you want the garden centers you cut their 40 i know that shit finish my landlady right at rc got some other see the guy came to somebody numbers the numbers the monitor yeah i mean the coke was the street drop but visa complete so good good thinking about you yeah i'm good i come see you later [music] [music] 52 pretty much what happened that fire from pakistan is going on follow us being i know not a problem with challenges are selling our bullshit all she and let me give you a sample many times bullshit enough mom good sure i don't see why we can't do business man was the one hook the honors we doing this last time i checked with the free country you are yeah i know as i man get the fuck out of here before you get yourself killed fucking true talking to you stupid i get out of here man gonna tell you again i never settle for less than my heart river now confessed well live is infested with scott women get your best killers infected where hard-living this attests to me say every blessing his god-given so i call it how i see your pages in the book i write walking while i'm reading see that hate is nothing good inside sign that the time was that the end is intertwined didn't mind the computers get your pants down for was not around little boys growing up to be modest kinda sound when you sale the devil what the best price and whatever you don't respect life johnny [music] ok come on you got here quick i mean i was close by ok so are you doing actually a lot better ask yourself grab it here so what's that what's going on here for ten whatever happened to hello drake how you doing drink you look like you're doing alright really can't believe you can't believe what i can't believe you turned into this person apologize apologize apologize for suppose you to lifestyle to turn you into a cold woman whatever listen choices i made before that locked up with five the choices i made while i was like that was also us you of all people should know that i did a lot of shit out here got me locked up for the rest of my life even when i came home but you acting like i'm some lame-ass to get it to the state that's confusing to me but you know the whole storm at the table return i never would've turned my back on you about not the melanie i fell in love with and that's my fault i should've never expose you to the street life so i apologize how many is only for advertised was done what's done is done girl i straight to reach you know me i'm trying to get in touch with you sit up don't worry about you know i'll be right back gotta run out of blah oh listen kind of fucked up big time i never spoke to you like that no you're going to a terrible situation and that was mad and ceremony i love you guys and i'm sorry i love you too will be good okay so i'm glad to see you all right so i know what the thing here i'm good that's what's up ok so much i have left new yorker so now you're actually got me a little crab on the improvement ok so i guess i could think that very moment already back into my office shit i left the same way thinking he was coming back no thanks for that but i'm going to watch your privacy that privacy girl you know always go to work and come home i'll do shit like i was getting used to having you do when i get off work that somebody to talk to bitch you need to get a man you wait so pretty to be single a man forgets that come with the taco should you know i have my fishy little taste what's up keisha without marriage are you nice just that though alright well i'll be back later what you're going to be bad way though he's coming right back for him now i was just come in this thing up to him being here and all right so come aside and say what the strange owe me this is racism keisha keisha is my cousin mean no i mean anything going on with no show you write about what happened drake honestly keisha it's like they buy them everything get a little bit better well you're not putting anything i'll just take my thanks also for everything then wrap the college is going to watch over all day that's how the fuck you doing here j-train up get the fuck out what the fuck is listen he's not welcome here she can't be known as many jane really bitch get the fuck out break your fucking face oh shit maybe well maybe we should go now i can't be coming at parties long as you come in got the reaction ever come back just stupid drank what the fuck is about mr. not only want to talk about that may be absolutely not so the total listen up in multi actually only called a few notes and over the up and clear up whatever it is you that the clara listen during don't know what the fuck that was about but please just don't do nothing stupid you need sure that i'm thinking about buying them niggas wedding filling me with a snickers haters and hate and ethnic and say never did shit for me you shouldn't be i get it i got it the minute my town because know that i'm happy i get it i got it the minute my challenges know that i'm passing came in the building i came for the killing i'm giving the monument fort vancouver standard is that you would accordingly my number snickers this night any pitch is mad at me kilmore some of the triple my numbers okay we'll be glad for me yes they can be talking that shit for my yoga class for me fucking soldier is a casual chicken cooking that code for niggas locked up in that makes removing these tickets the game in a chokehold i'm climbing or think it's just like a dominant mom fully be told i remember was talking about that but around what the fuck that you keep talking shit i'm gonna show you how to fall breath back at a black leather k and now i'm gonna get some bear arms soon as the shooting my gun and palm i came in to fix what i fucking bomb back in black with a cane now on a nigga some band arms soon as issue am i gonna pound i came in this bitch what a fucking bomb looking at one following we're going to do was no show all right [music] very nice thanks no seriously i really like this should real instrumental cozy guys alright what's that the bedroom how did you get away from going here all of them are companies on something like that sometimes when it's either you do or you don't i mean they like you're fucking with right more right what's the problem is you have to make that nothing like white following you romello yes i thought i was just friends we are just warning you okay the first of all i'm a grown-ass woman in me and mother was fucking around you can have a grunts are you a second war i know that you like him so i'm gonna invite you over here when i got here what i want to donate your face girl nobody 100kb listen me and i was shopping up that day and he basically just telling me like his building had some badass fire he was seeing a living out of a hotel so i told him he'd have to do that i'm going crazy could just stay here safe as money i don't think about very wrong so that's why he back to you i know it won't be a next question right because i'm not sure about that is what the fuck you doing in your bedroom should you never seem to amaze because you are full of surprises whatever be where you can rest easy now long me about was not fucking around i won't carry our you okay what a bitch you got came back amy but with a remote shit want to look at the new show should have a fine all i'm being a watching tv and i bought the car for men and make a right so we want people please don't bother my long curly nobody thinking about okay good i'll be back it's not food up and refrigerator and some look over there in a cabinet cool don't know how maybe up where maybe my baby baby baby baby up maybe i want it all my kids don't like it [music] just my jacket no with with me feel like a crazy single parent so maybe like qatar eight different ways you can make it right when they nobody there that's what you find me everything you want something to drink i'm not just by checking will cry little one around the afternoon so i mean it's just so many of our production stuff you have anymore so it's not everything right you know gotye dropping yeah because my lady back from the service or whatever we want no kidding and weather kept going i want to whatever and no because she would do my life my phone and she's so elegant about twice always like wood and we're talking to another argument you know how that is i mean did you gonna shoot some everything one of the famous men yeah i told her nothing let me guess she didn't believe him i mean she say she did but that's what women do right i just gonna walk off no seas or whether she deploy all right thinking something maybe don't say like and i wonder what she had work only hammam drifted well she certainly young now hey we're gonna let me step out for a compliment alright thanks you i am doing better yeah mel told me what happened she there yeah i had to find an apartment for luckily i wasn't there but i lost everything so i relate to what you're going to just got to thank god that you made it out safe you know what i'm saying everything else could be replaced yeah you need me to get you anything ma you sure yeah i'm going from now an actual question so i make you nervous no prove it fuck is knocking on the door like that you respect the money no mouse over watching what you want to keep my family out of it let me hit mel b right let's see how she feel about what take me so i hit you are like me know if you need me to reach allan othella happened my problem was not
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