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[music]. mom was a diamond who invaded earth saw . its beauty and its worth mom made an . army and she fought herself did that . even end up mattering when she faked her . own shattering mom lived in hiding by . the name of rose with the friends she'd . made in the forum she chose now all . that's left to fer exists in me and i . think that we can all agree then is a . little bit upsetting i'd rather think. about oh let's think about kate let's . think about flowers let's think about . dressing up and dancing around for hours . there's an awful lot of . things we could be thinking of but for . just one day oh i gotta get dressed for . a big day now so no pinkie and no future . vision either okay . i was steven i just wish i could have . said something sooner about rose and . pink we could think about lies that we . told them the path they took it so hard . you think about hurt feelings and how . long they can laugh in the barn well we . could think about hope hope you know. i've been hoping by what that . everything's better now everything's out . in the open. bismuth is that what you're wearing to . the wedding it's the nicest thing i own . looking sharp we could think about . flowers we could think about cash we . could think about wonderful promises we . have the power to may . there's an awful lot of awful things we . could be thinking of but for just one . day let's. maybe i should have picked up roses . maybe a little controversial we could . all rethink how we feel about rose when . it comes to pink and the things that you . did in the past i suppose yeah oh we . could both feel better cuz we could . think about how . people think about us. [music]. don't need these we're gonna need . something else no worries . peridots gathering more flowers right . now i'll go get it . [music]. peridot what if lapis was right sooner . or later the diamonds are going to come . for the cluster we're all gonna die here . we could think about war we could think . about fighting we could think about . long-lost friends we wish we were. invited we could think about the broken . gems in the cluster at the planets core . well we can think about the bubble we . made so that they can be heard anything . can be heard anymore we can think about . joy we can think about pain we can think . about sunshine we can think about rain . we could be thinking . for just one day let's all rethink about . just one day let's only think about just . one day let's only think about . [music]. nervous i'm not . flowers for you flowers for you flowers . for you wedding commander all flowers a . big deployed thanks paradigm . [music]. dearly beloved gems humans liens big and . small living gourds onion we are . gathered here today to celebrate ruby . and sapphire two of my favorite people . who combined into one of my other . favorite people you all probably know . where is garnet she is there love given . form . now it's your turn to talk about that i . know this is all kind of silly i mean . we've been together for five thousand . seven hundred fifty years and eight . months i used to feel like i wasn't much . good just one of me on my own but when . we're together it feels like it's okay . to just be me so i want to be me with . you and then not even the diamonds will . come between us and if they try ruby my . future used to look like one single . obvious stream unbending till the end of . time in an instant you pulled me from . that destiny and open my eye to an . explosion of infinite possible futures . streaking across space and time altered . and obliterated by the smallest force . what i mean is you changed my life and . then i changed your life and now we . change our lives. bismuth the rings hey bismuth that's our . cue ruby do you take this gem to having . to hold on this in every other planet in . the universe i know and sapphire gu yes . did let me finish i'm just very excited . then by the power vested in me by the . state of delmarva i now pronounce you . garnet. [applause]. [music]. oh. [music]. hey thanks for everything . i need a wonderful idea . you must found a way to make a moment's . decision lasts forever a whole new . future vision to know i'll always . remember this i'm so glad . oh no i'm sorry don't cry i guess seeing . everyone together got me really choked . up wait a second. you don't think blue diamonds she's here . and she's not alone . [music]. get on your nana phone you got a cold . blue and a code yellow . is it. what are they going they're not here for . us they must be here for the cluster . what's the blood sir it's a huge earth . destroying geo weapon that the diamonds . were made out of a bajillion gem shards . i keep it common in its bubble i can use . my mind to connect with it but only when . i'm asleep asleep it's no use . how am i supposed to sleep through this . maybe a lullaby will help not sure this . [music]. the coaster . stay calm try to keep them warming . it popped . [music]. [applause]. alright looks like it's in control of . itself and it's on our side . [music]. blue diamond guess it's time to work the . old universe charm oh all right i'll . just be in here rose quartz so you . escaped homeworld . i'm crawled back here this is pink's . world how dare you use it as your hiding . place. come answer for what you've done this is . bad. come on you rocks let's put her in a . struggle right wait there's no reason to . fight let me talk to her blue diamond . please listen to me i didn't shatter . pink diamond pink diamonds right here . it's pretty interesting when you think . wait. you cannot fathom how much of more years . of great . i know this this is the sword that . shuddered her . you deserve this all of you . please even what do we do i don't know . she won't listen she just wants to fight . blue diamond. who are you supposed to be i am the will . of two gems to care for each other . to protect each other from any threat no . matter how fast or how cool couldn't . stop me five thousand seven hundred . fifty years ago and you can't stop me . now it's you that ruby and sapphire that . just won't did my court . day you hope to defeat me by clinging to . my feet i just needed to keep you from . taking three steps to the right . what. oh well bess you're really here . hey lapis you came back again i couldn't . stay away if they're gonna punish me . like a crystal gem i might as well be . one right you got room for one more . of course save the hunter after the . fight look alive does every chip that . comes in contact with this planet turn . traitor. what i've felt worse . knock her off this beach now about . charts with all our strength together we . could take her down that's right this is . our home our planet our friends and . family we are the crystal gems . [music]. [music]. you got guts. tiny let me give you a hand . [music]. [music]. [applause]. guys. don't worry i can fix it all right i'm . looking with you guys we do it cluster . you were amazing are you okay do you . want to go back in your bubble okay take . it easy . you're the best so that is a wedding. reception . nice jump wedding planner did you see . that . she couldn't lay a finger on me hmm but . did you notice how i perfectly managed . my trajectory right into her eyes i'll . demonstrate blots me again i like you . barrett uh you don't live . ah i pulled her off once i can do it . again . [music]. no stop don't do this listen to me . i'm the one you're missing i'm pink . diamond you. stephen connie what's wrong . come on i'm up i'm up . what's going on connie i'm right here oh . well this is new what is this place . [music]. what else have you got i've only just . begun to fight . hoppus connie are you seeing this wake . up you're supposed to be in this . together remember. connie uh i'm oh honey it's me i'm not . sure but i think it's a classic psychic . ghost type situation ah of course . so what's the plan the diamonds won't . listen to me out there but maybe i can . get through to them here they've got a . no pink time it wasn't shattered please . protect my body while i'm gone . got it good luck out there steven . this isn't i'm gonna hold it together . i'll go hold everyone together you can . do it garnet remember you're made of . love huh always full of surprises . the chatters will get shattered through. the chatter. i'll give up everything i do i do it for . her i do it for him i do it for me just . got my friends back and now i'm gonna . lose them again we can still do this . together. who am i thinking we haven't lost yet . hang in there peridot you too lapis . how miserable my new pink couldn't . handle her own colony but i gave in and . now i'm to blame for her fate make these . japs suffer more alone to see you again . pink. almost blue diamond please listen . something someone it worked i gotta get . through to them . thing isn't gone i can explain . everything if you just stop this . fighting there it is again. what are you jabbering about a presence. it feels like plz blue you're being . hysterical more so than usual . listen yellow things fate is different . than you think i knew it it must be a . trick show yourself oh i'm not your . phone please just listen to me there . please the fighting at the stop we . aren't enemies work family please listen . to me i need you to know this laura . [music]. it's you pig oh pink you've been here . all alone i don't have any of pink or . roses memories how did you even survive . we blasted the planet and obliterated . every geminate surface they weren't . exactly obliterated steven universe the . story will continue on your cartoon . network. .
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