Super Khiladi 4 (Nenu Local) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nani, Keerthy Suresh

The story revolves around a college graduate Babu, backed by caring parents who is carefree and always gets in trouble in front of his college teacher. He meanwhile falls in love with Keerthy , and so joins her college to pursue MBA and make her fall in love. After a few incidents, she too reciprocates his love. Story takes a twist when Inspector Sidharth Varma , fiancΓ© of Keerthy, reveals himself to be waiting for years to get himself successful and then marry Keerthy. Keerthy puts a condition on Babu that he should convince her father who is none other than his college teacher, otherwise she would get married to Siddharth. Meanwhile, Sidharth warns Babu and tries to get rid of him. However, when Keerthy's father tells him he would have given his daughter to him if he had taken a bullet to his heart, to everyone's surprise, Babu does exactly that. Due to this incident, her father is convinced and Babu & Keerthy finally get married.
Movie:- Super Khiladi 4 (Nenu Local)
StarCast:- Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Sachin Khedekar,Naveen Chandra
Directed By:- Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Music By:- Devi Sri Prasad
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Caption: It is said that before dying. a person can see his entire life. end means everything is over. game over. but in this story the. end is the new beginning. you will come to know how someone's. death can give someone a new life. babu. kirti, i love. useless fellow,. are you awake or sleeping . exams are yours and. we have to be awake. from the time you. have born we are awake. babu, are you sleeping or snoaring . i am studying, father. a student should be like you. become of student of. the year then at least you. will get work in 1,. 2or at least in 3. are you thinking that why a. handsome boy is easily being cursed. it is september. because of my sins in march. i am now getting punishment. son, tom and jerry re not going. to come to write your paper. study. don't be after my life like their dog. give me the remote. son, at least study. while drinking this juice. before sleeping my leg is in pain. come, i will help you in this son. - please see to it. - as it is you. don't have to study with leg. - do some hard work. - drink this ginger tea son. study after that. my good son. tom was about to catch jerry. give me the remote. listen. i am now getting the punishment. for the attitude i showed then. i am now studying the whole night. if a girl is studying. till 4 in the morning. then it means it. is the month of march. but if a boy is studying till. morning then it is surely september. relationship between march. and september is equal to. son, touch father's feet and then go. cut to march. wait son. take blessings of lord ganesha. look son, first take blessings of. lord ganesha and then leave the house. lord ganesha. listen, will you do overacting. in front of lord ganesha . because of him you have got. stuck in september. he spares no one. take his blessings. i will not take his blessings. if by his blessings. i am going to pass or fail. then i shall do. hard work and get pass . i will not join hands in front. of god who gives blessings only then. hey brother. many students do not. become your friends. even if you study. for four years in one class. but when you go to. give supplement exam. then every student is your friend. like lost and found property. you find all unwanted people here. but if you see a girl during. this time then you feel happy. those who wish to copy. and pass shall leave immediately. if you wish to catch the students. who are cheating then even you leave. who said this . so will you copy to get pass . - what is wrong in this . - isn't it wrong to do cheating . you teach in class by opening the book. but can't we write from a small chit. it was my bad luck that. i got to supervise these fools. why are you getting angry . every student sitting. here has paid 1500/- as fees. and only then you have. been able to get your money. stop staring and start. distributing the papers. will you not give please give. you, again. i will be there where you are. supplement. take. supplement. supplement. supplement. supplement. supplement. supplement. you took 35 supplements. did you do the paper very well today . who knows . i have written one. answer on one page so. that they take pity. on me and make me an engineer. i will surely become an engineer. let me catch him copying then i will. get him suspended for three years. what is this . chit . come on copy. do it. sir, this is wrong. today is electronic science paper and. he brings chit of computer science. useless fellow. thank you sir for telling. me in the beginning. i would have written nonsense in the. paper and would have to give exam again. sir, when is computer science exam . you even failed in drawing exam. ask the one who checked the paper. it seems he does. not understand my art. i think the one who checks the paper. wants to get his daughter married to me. good morning. - wait sir we will go together. - good morning. don't you feel ashamed by. giving the same exam again and again . don't you get bored by supervising. the same exam again and again . rather than talking too much why. don't you pay attention to studies . rather than asking so many questions why. don't you close your eyes for an hour. i will pass. even if i die i won't. let you copy. go. why don't you write . i will pass in the. papers i have given so far. for this i will have. to meet you again. again . so will you pass in. the rest of the papers . come on starting cheating. for one hour i will close my eyes. sir, are you sure . yes i am sure. even if i get insulted. or my job goes. but i don't want. to see you in this college. write your paper quietly. and get lost from here. not only in college but. do not show me your face in life. okay. sir, your son has sent me and has. asked you to come to municipal office. the auto driver has come on time. but you neither given. me tea or my lunch box. it has been 20years since i am working. but still you could not make a routine. wives are always like these. whether of auto driver or of officer. what have to do with this . why are you interfering . it is our personal matter,. so do not interfere. is my tea ready . yes, it is. i am getting it. what about lunch box . - that is also ready. - then will you get it tomorrow . it is time for office. so go and sit in the auto. why are you surprised . that means not you. you leave. - see you in the evening. - okay. - see you in the evening, son. - mother, i have become an engineer. the joke was good so. go and tell your father. i have really become an engineer,. mother. mother, have you really. passed in engineer exam . - yes mother. - that means your studies are over. now what next . after studies are over. such a question is being asked. that kills all your happiness. what next . think it over son we will. talk peacefully in the evening. bye. auto driver,. my son has become an engineer. great. now what will you do next . i understood. bye son. did i make a mistake. by becoming an engineer . i will have to smoke. to start thinking. his habits are like. those of his father. while sitting i remembered. that you have become an engineer. first finish your work. good that you have become. an engineer but what next . i am closing the water valve. don't do it. i have not taken newspaper either. i have become an engineer. so what should i do further. open the valve of water. you think what is to be done further. let my problem get solved. only then i will be able to think. it is obvious that i will. get irritated as soon as you all. ask me what is to be. done next after engineering. babu, paper. here comes the hero. hey, deliver the paper here. - is the engineer result out . - yes, i have become an engineer. what will you do further . i will just tell you. wait, wait. i will tell you what. i will do further. stop. listen to what. i am going to do further. everyone is worried about what next. i just pushed you and not killed you. i have just slapped. you and not killed you. hey software, your life is set. you get salary of 1lakh per month. when you get married then. even your wife will earn. and her family will give dowry. you enjoy and then what will i do . i do not have money to drink. and no girl to roam around with. it is difficult to get 1lakh salary. but is easier to get. a girl to roam around with. where is the girl . where are such girls who. do not enquire about bank balance . boys with good heart. are considered useless. you get love only. when you are rich, boss. when i see such a girl. then i feel like slapping. where is such a girl. who has a beautiful heart . when she slaps. that day i saw kirti. for the first time. next 60 years of my life i. want to spend with her in close up. but also want to. see her in wide angle. hey, you check shirt. how dare you. send dirty messages at night and call. you thought that you would act in. this way and i will not say anything. haven't your parents. taught you anything . do you have any moral values or not . what type of a boy are you . during the day you do hooliganism. and at night you tease girls. are you a very big hooligan . do you think that by thrashing. four boys you will scare me as well . i will again have to go in wide angle. what a beautiful girl she is . you should have done this. if you again send. dirty messages at night. then i will slap. you again on the road. you surely had some misunderstanding. i had a misunderstanding. have i made a mistake . not i but you have made a mistake. what are you looking at get lost. - kirti. - get lost. and you. what are you staring at . get lost. kirti, he is not the one. the actual one is standing there. come. sorry. - he is the one. - it was fun. how dare you send dirty. messages at night and call . sorry. i had to slap. him but slapped you. get a side. thanks buddy, thank you. but why are you thanking him. because of him you. have entered my life. shall i slap him too . what is this first she. slapped and now you slapped me. this is the magic of love. you need to thrash the person. on whom girlfriend gets angry. hey, when did this love happen . i forgot to tell you. you slapped and i fell in love. you just got slapped. by me and you fell in love. this is not the right reason to love. you will have to tell some other reason. you tell me a reason. that why can't i fall in love. at night a boy sent you dirt messages. and you came here to slap him. from this i come to know. that your character is strong. along with strong character. your figure is also good. is this reason not enough. to fall in love with a girl . i just fell in love. it is not your fault but hers. because of her you came in my contact. really come. you do not know who i am. i do not know myself. then how will i know you. look my dear, by slapping. me you have disturbed my heart. i have fallen in love. but when will you fall in love. never in my life because. my heart has not got disturbed. i will disturb it. everyone is troubling. e by asking what next. you are ahead. i will disturb you till. you do not fall in love. just wait. you will be m

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