Supercharging the V’ EP.2 – CAM and Rear Diff Install! (EXTREME BALD EAGLES)

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YES! The V is on its way to bald eagle boost!
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Yeah brother you're on the please confer . on youtube chain what is going on . everybody we are sitting here in the . shop getting ready to work on the cgs be . today it is obviously sitting out there . holly that was so aggressive what are . you oh my gosh today we're working on . the ctsv and we're gonna be doing the . heads and a cam hopefully and running. some stuff for the expansion tank we did . get it mounted up as well as we got the . pump mounted up a lot of action-packed . stuff for you guys today . should be interesting we got to get this . thing rolling if we want to have it done . in less than a week we're open next . thursday we can test in tune this bad . girl it's gonna be tight we'll find out . so you see back here cooper's guys . expansion tank it's gonna go on both . ways but we decided to put it here and . then put the pump forward we've got some . an fittings sitting on there right now . so let's raise the car up and get fired . up pull that brand-new diff out of the . box finally time to mount it up on the . beat so does it make you happy see . possibly the most expensive thing you . bought for this finally going to use . this is the most expensive piece for the . entire build but it is probably the most . critical your dip blows out there ain't . much you can do oh dude that thing's a . beast oh yeah yes look at that . holly i know it's a ford part in a chevy . do you believe that what is he doing . what is he doing forward an n gm car all . right and the axles let's see what you . got. wow so this is their anti wheel hop i . guess you could call it a strategy does . they make one shorter and one a little . bit thicker i don't know how or why that . works but apparently it's supposed to . prevent wheel up like an old school yeah . can you help holly. then you do something yeah please . do something. [music]. all baby this thing is in there it's . huge but it looks so nice dude . i'd be happy with that coop oh yeah i . like it a lot that's so nice that . supplied some lube for us too pretty . elated the axles poor put them in the . diff then from there we'll be pretty . much good to go back here . cooper what do you have there it's nice . of them to give me some lube yeah here . we have cooper lubricating his axle . before he sticks it in his rear end guys . we also recently obtained this parts . washer for the shop and it is so sick . check this out yeah crazy it's so hot . ready oh baby so we play troopers . bellhousing and you can see my old oil . pans been in there for a while but . that's gonna clean that thing out . there's a bunch of clutch dust in it it . literally cleans the hell out of . anything pretty freakin cool it just . takes detergent water and then it heats . the hell out of it and makes like a . steam bath it's putting a bunch of . grease in the bucket there you can see . it's got some sprayers in the back it . sings a beast so this is crazy you guys . know that pilot bearing right this is . supposed to spend cooper's is completely . locked up not that it's a huge issue but . it's definitely not good this thing is . dead locked up to this there's a rather . well used pile bearing as you can see as. i hold the center doesn't spin but maybe . a quarter of an inch so it's pretty shot . this is uh we have a new one yeah here's . a new one i got my money's worth . got your money's worth kuberan see . there's a new one it spins nice and . smooth. well boys girls we are back and we are . on day three i think now of working on . the beef right now i'm about to pull the . cam out see the stock cam and put in . that new texas speed performance bald . eagle cam we're gonna start reading . selling the engine today and we have to . run the electrical for the fuel pumps as. well as the expansion tank pump but . we're gonna wait till the very end to do . all the electrical stuff so i'm gonna. start working on the engine polite cam . out here in just a minute first things . first i gotta pull the bow . sir but pretty much everything else is . taken apart . [music]. all righty guys so i got the front cover . off and things actually look pretty good . under here right through the front cover . and the parts washer for a little bit . now we are changing out the oil pump it . we are doing the cam so i'm gonna start . taking some stuff apart here but man i'm . really impressed for an engine with a . hundred and fifteen thousand miles on it . things look great under here so we'll . start just assembling now and putting it . back together with the new parts we do . have a new oil pump and obviously that . new bald eagle cam so let's get right to . it the great thing about troopers cars . we were able to move the ac condenser . and the radiator out of the way so i'll . be able to pull the cam right out . through here and with reading the bumper . support and this top member here should . slide out and go right through there . it'll be perfect plus the engine moves . around really easily and you can see a . wobbling and the time lapse these engine . mounts are really shot good thing we're . putting in some new ones . [music]. alright guys so the oil pump is off and . everything looks so good man like this . car i'm telling you so we have the crank . at top dead center now so i think i can . just go ahead and start pulling off this . cam sprocket and the chain and we'll get . ready to pull out the cam . [music]. [music]. all right so as you guys saw is just . those three bolts to get the cam. sprocket off and it looks like it's uh . you know totally normal . this is off timing chain is in good . shape really didn't have that much slack . in it or anything like that so that's . good time to pull out the stock cam get . a good look at that so we never took out . the lifters the stock lifters so we are . gonna pull those out in texas speed did. supplies with new ones but if we're . gonna pull the cam out we got you the . lifters out first all right guys the . lifters are perfect no scoring on or . anything like that they look pretty good . all right guys here's the moment of . truth look at cooper he's so rich oh . baby she comes slowly but surely gonna . be as careful as we can with those stock . bearings in there oh baby yeah minimum . leveraged oh there it is adam right . there whoa nicely done . awesome dude let's check it out yeah man . oh boy see where yeah you can see where . it rode but dude it looks really good . all right guys the cam is out that is . good news so we'll get that texas speed . and performance baldy you'll came out. now start putting it in we are on our . way man it's coming along so right here . we've got this super fresh texas speed . and performance baldy old camp can see a . lot of you guys to see what's this lsa . on it this is the boost or supercharger . setup cam should do some serious wonders . in the ol lsa pump to have this in here . i ran so good what we had in leroy so it . should rip in the beat so cooper's . beating up right now i spent on a fresh . set of gloves and he's gonna come back . and put this cam in i'm so excited guys . the v project is coming along nicely all . right cooper was about to insert his . camshaft into his engine . she's all lubed up oiled up and it's so . shame oh looks like you got the tip in . there okay oh careful now . oh we got it we got a glove breach oh . trouble on the field on another side . it's looking good man yeah oh yes dude . you're like an expert we look so pro . right now yes y'all taking a break . breather switch in my hands the end is . near you're so close . oh there you go oh it's in nice work . that intense. that's pretty stressful nice job an. awesome new cam is in there are. officially some serious bald eagles. inside this thing alright guys so the . reassembly now begins we just put the . front cover back together for the new . oil pump on reconnect it which is gonna. be difficult because of the way i kind . of dropped the pan seal up some things . clean up some things obviously before we . put the front cover on and we'll have . this thing on its way to be putting back . together we might even start on the head . today which would be cool . we'll definitely start soaking the . lifters right now getting things rolling. reassembly has begun guys all right here . we have mcfarland race engines . [music]. okay guys so everything went really well . at the cam swap as far as we know right . now putting the balancer back down get a . balancer installer tool right there. slide that puppy on and pin it out. coober is working on a couple of things . the brakes we are wrapping up for the . day this is gonna be in for episode two . of supercharging movies we are getting . really really close and we're so freakin . excited to fire this thing up we are . pumped jeremy's planning on tuning it. early next week so we're close guys we . really are closed and we're super . excited so for now guys thanks for . watching do preval we will see you later . [music]. .
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