Teen Titans Go Funniest Moments

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He is one of the most wanted criminals . in the galaxy star girl decker his bad . girl noob . she's up to something and what are you . doing i'm here to tell you how you have . made me feel all these yummy years you . look ridiculous. [music]. you're in the trouble - oh sister i'm . gonna stop you right there hey your butt . looks fantastic in that skirt hey robin . anyone ever tell you you have a nice . butt sometimes i think i'll never find . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. okay i'm here for the her . [music]. hey it's going to be ok bees boys no . don't let this bum you out well are you . not upset with the loss of your . appendage nope now i have the sweet . robot arm to go with my manly sky . okay that is the coolest thing i've ever . seen so hi was that maybe nothing . [music]. [music]. [music]. i'm serious what's the toughest person . you know raven who's the toughest man . you know for you yes for the reals beast . boy hey what's up with that ostrich . why is he so manly huh oh it's just a . rat scar on his fishing. [music]. that little guy was my partner sure he . was a loose cannon but he always got the . job done she's pretty dark she be three. doors down on his starboard side mateys . so down the hall hi hey david i am not . gonna fight him to the. [applause]. can't believe this . for the first time i feel like someone . gets me you should wear your hood down . more often thanks . [music]. all right all right enough beast boy our . dark woman . [music]. [applause]. [music]. laughs my girl okay. [music]. [music]. still that was pretty intense . a little goblin . [music]. really bro how could you yes robin how . could you keep your for amazing . quadruplet brothers a secret for all of . these years i wish to eat . [music]. [music]. [music]. makes it official robin is reelected as . team leader congratulations robin thank . you thank you it is an honor you're . going to do great you handsome little . man . [music]. monument bash . [music]. [music]. guys look he didn't . [music]. after defeating the british with his . sweet kungfu lose robin became the first . president of the united states it's fine . starfire just leave us alone . [music]. [music]. left leg power on right arm power on leg . [music]. no matter how much they make clearly be . defection thank you . starfire no starfire . [music]. what did you do oh an egg that's not so . bad. what starfire you're only making it . stronger. [music]. [applause]. [music]. i got this way to think on your feet . beast boy no quick act natural you open . the box didn't you it's fine starfire. just leave us alone okay i want to be . alone with my sadness . [music]. left leg power on. right arm power on matter how much they . make clearly eat affection . thank you. [music]. [music]. starfire . [music]. oh an egg that's not so bad . what starfire you're only making it . stronger. [music]. [applause]. i got this way to think on your feet . beast boy no quick act natural you open . the box didn't you. [music]. you. above you i have a funny story for you. guys so like where the story's going . [music]. well at least he's not my problem . anymore. [music]. no starting to feel inspired again bro . fireworks going off hey nothing happened . yeah i guess we're gonna be oh my gosh . dude i'm so inspired right now my heart . [music]. [music]. i would never abandon those who would . stand with me against the ever surging . tides of evil inspirational i will never . abandon those strong enough to call. themselves teen titans yes now let me . hear you say it. who are we i can't hear you yes follow. me we are heroes of true valor strong . moral fiber and above good job beastie . pmthe . ans three five ten are you raven . transport me into beast boy's stomach . okay maybe i should have shrunk him . first. no sign of a sandwich in there . [music]. [music]. it's so good and his tights looks like . you have an alibi do we need to talk . [applause]. destroy the perfect sandwich nothing . except the mouth of its creator yes you . are hooked up to my patent-pending . lie-detector machine so i'll know if . you're lying. perfect huh. i see could you learn to love me no very . well is there any circumstance where no . thank you for your time . are you sure you'll talk to them no . that's not how pegasus solve problems we . need to talk to them and work this out . together so we can all be friends fine . but if things go south maybe if we give . the unicorns do some cookies they'll. stop playing their loud music . [music]. would you like to be a part of our flirt . [music]. come on give it a try . yeah the unicorns are playing their . music too loud and ruining all the . cotton candy sounds like a doozy of a . play can we get all strength by playing . together in harmony. get it together snap out of it we need . to focus on the problem at hand problem . now but you know there's nothing that . friendship can't fix that's all about a . show it is such good messages so nice to . see a cartoon where the characters don't . have to solve every problems from . violence. agreed titin show me so much here's a . rerun of your last beatdown that was . really beautiful . well done titans control freak i'll take . one stage please . [music]. crime alert you guys ready for a . vegetable powered victory on my. beautiful grill these carrots are giving . me super sight one of my stomachs and . the meat are locked in a most ferocious . struggle the meat has one . [music]. i feel happier than ever there's a meat . person in me what's your name little . meat person can't think thoughts only . meat i don't know what's worse my he's . got my meat sweats. [music]. whoa what's this that's your vegetable. good don't worry i got this . he's so alert it's like he doesn't have . any meat at all good morning beast boy . would you like some scrambled vegetables. or some toasted vegetable slices or some . vegetables in a bowl no milk no only . that now to finish you . [music]. [music]. hey nice face thanks mama . i like your face too you'll have to . excuse me i have to accept my award for . best things maybe if he took off his . mask his eyeballs would fall out i think . he has a monster university that's just . weird star i apologize . shall we drink the carpool it was the . four-way tie . [music]. i can't even look at you trolls . [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. it worked just as i planned . i've preserved my true identity and no . one can ever find that out little bro . big bro why don't you . [music]. [music]. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. i must on ceremonial garb tonight . darkness shall creep over the land . terror will walk the streets and . children will shriek in fear for tonight . we will face our greatest a which is i a . dragon scale a mummy's hand a goblin . stair and three candy corn - candy corn . [music]. who's almost my eyes on this whole . vowels night oh great halloween spirit . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. i love halloween . [music]. it was all. [music]. i'm trying to sleep . sorry. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. oh come on star we got this . [music]. something wrong i do not feel alone in . my clothes yeah my skin is crawling . oh what exactly do you to do anyway yeah . what do you girls do well you know i . read from my spell book while fighting . an evil demon but starfire touching me . or the start of a beautiful relationship . wow. i make glorg nord pudding with the . saliva of a giant . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. never i love my tiny life think about . surfing on blood cells climbing a . ribcage swimming in the stomach i'll . take down those viruses mono i've . decided to shrink the entire team but . the way is broken not anymore . i was able to fix and improve it with my . cyborg let's do it . tiny titans. oh i did not see you enter exactly being . tiny really increases my ninja stealth . skills. what's the hider here it's me i could be . anywhere at any time and you would never . know anyway just pretend i'm not here . like a big ol swimming pool there's more . fun to be had in the body follow me . sounds like you're a cold is getting. worse just say the word and i'll write . you a prescription for uh bobby stop . with the body picture my body is not . [music]. everything in this body is sticky ah do . you smell that. oh what an intoxicating aroma it's . making my nose hungry i warned you our . idea paro drip . [music]. and they look angry get us out of here . [music]. we're gonna have to work together to get. out of this one no you don't understand . that sounds like team bondi . you want to see some magic star that was . fun please let's play ispy instead i spy . with my little another insult they're . still on us. [music]. engage autopilot cool my foot slipped . okay sorry about that hop on in . [laughter]. [music]. okay okay for real this time sweet . potatoes with marshmallows on top classy . [music]. there will be no digging until i say so . batman is going to be here at any moment . what is he going to think don't you know . he likes bats a homeless family of . filthy rats they're destroying my . perfect turkey . [music]. [music]. thanks a lot. homeless rats thanksgiving is ruined . that's it the kids table not the kids . table. i can sit here every year rickety table . legs that don't even imagine my . cranberries look really awful oh much . just enough to fill their little . disgusting rat bellies. i can stay dad what are you doing honey . oh be a dear and help me chop off your . friend's skinny boil water stir . occasionally come on too much work for . this dude i've never been so relaxed . deep breaths little attention out . breaking knuckle punch deep tissue . karate chop it's so snug snap i know . well we tried . yes robin your fingers are like tiny . magic club on every robin who is not . robin the same way you used to mission. complete. nice work robin couldn't have done it . without you robin magali robin he were . amazing. did you see robin out there who robin . really robin the robins when i saw robin . robin robin robin robin. [music]. caw-caw sharp sharp with the wheel will . buil that's not it did it's like just . stop . they're not coming. i know i know i wish they were faster to . the pounds are melting off i believe it . was more of des oh no come on it was i . think that's a dying bird sounds more . like someone stepped on a jelly donut . that's a wet fart . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. of course i can did it have the full. lips as well. ah now it is near to me simply control a . stream of hair by pressing . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. well as that that raven was no please . don't tell me today is . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. you should spend more time you do crazy . day every year and i still don't know . what the point is there's no point . [applause]. [music]. sure loud stop . [music]. i can't compete with that i do not . .
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