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What happens when the Titans are trapped on a beach?
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[music]. it's crude but it should keep us alive . [music]. how does this tv even work simple . science really. i made a rudimentary enclosure by . combining coconut husks with bamboo . wiring and then ionized coconut milk to . produce a picture i even had enough . spirit coconut to make love that guy . resident coconut is flushing this . coconut country down the coconut toilet. all right we need to discuss our exit . strategy according to my calculations . there are enough raw materials on this . island to construct an escape vehicle . the only problem is fuel we'll worry . about fuel later go down to the lagoon . and gather up some bamboo and leaves a . little honey you gotta yell coconut . cream pie for the road no i'm good maybe . later i'll save you a slice sweet sweet . coconut. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. this is powerful enough to launch a . 100-ton rocket into orbit and you . brought it the inside well you've. certainly done it again beast boy no . this is good. this rocket fuel is extremely potent in . fact this single barrel is enough to get . us back to jump city you've done it at . an beast boy . all we need to do now is build a rocket . hey ross what do you need let me think . bamboo yes leaves definitely mmm i'm . missing something. coconut cream that's it. coconuts i can't believe i didn't think . of that now we only have this one barrel . so we'll have to keep the rockets weight . down stick to the essentials and we . should be fine i must request that you . can stir up the wardrobe for my many . movie star gowns i don't know robin said . we gots to keep the weight down i cannot . be seen wearing the same dress twice you. understand when did you get so movie . star ii got it wardrobe city . [music]. i was thinking i need you to build an . oven in here so i can bake my . world-famous coconut cream pies you want . to be able to eat on the way home i do . love to get my eat on excellent i'll be . sure to save you one of my pies . okay you better get out of here so i can . start by to learn true survival skills . we have to split into teams and compete . against each other we will by being . super petty and forming alliances and . backstabbing i call not robin sting i'm . not on a team i'm the host starfire . cyborg you're a team beast boy raven . you're a team . [music]. what is this. it's a confessional just pretend i'm not . here kind of hard to do that . - what will i be confessing your . thoughts or emotions or deeply held . affection for certain teammates okay. teams your first challenge is to find . food we already ordered pizzas no pizza . this is survival and survival means . eating gross things let's start the . challenge the first team to eat all . their bugs wins. i do not consent bugs are full of . protein essential vitamins and fiber for . centuries man survived solely on bugs . and i believe even one more young no . young . that he's not survival this is survival . [music]. well yes i will the sight of maggots . with my beetle another grasshopper why . not . i need no bugs bugs are beautiful. creatures yellow and your breath stinks . fool titans . your second team challenge is to fashion . clothing from your surroundings what's . wrong with our clothes now . as i just demonstrated you never know . when you're going to find yourself nude . and fearful in the wild now go get some . leaves and cover your shame . why stop it leaves you know what this. calls for here comes that stunning . tamaranian starfire sporting the sails . of an unlucky sailors sunken ship throw . me overboard because this lemon is . smokin oh and this dazzling demon is on . fire with a super trendy palm frond . poncho you're not doing it right do i . have to show you what being naked looks . like please don't behold. [music]. robin are you not concerned your pasty . skin is being attacked by the sun . nothing at summer cooling mud can soothe . nature's sunscreen. oh look a few friendly leeches sucking. the toxins from my blood thank you . gentlemen and now it appears the blood . from the leeches has attracted a swarm. of mosquitoes or as i like to call it i . [music]. am not doing this compression thing . until you put some clothes up just go . ahead it's fine titans your third . challenge is to vote someone off the . island robin robin robin robin the . results are inconclusive there was clear . evidence of bo tampering gerrymandering . and hanging chads so let's move on no . challenge normal challenges some . shredded coconut on that bro . you know it says keep that coconut . coming. [music]. [music]. i am done now with the coconut rage. titans we need a new food source fast . but all we got here at his garbage . coconut maybe we should check the other. side of the island is the unexplored . side of the island who can say the . mysterious side is where the mystery. [music]. [music]. sure awaits the play . [music]. whoo - whoo - whoo - that's good start . to the other side of the island . [music]. been here this whole time. [music]. so much better than the diabolical . coconuts flavors are bett these would be . really good tasks hmm okay . check out those dinosaurs okay i just . wanted to make sure i thought they were . extinct. they were cro they were i've read it in . a book and somehow they've survived here . for millions of years untouched by . humans. titans we have found something quite . remarkable and now have only two options . use these animals to start a . state-of-the-art amusement park or make. them more pets . amusement park sounds like too much work . yeah and it's the kind of thing where . everything can go wrong unexpectedly . despite all the security measures and . whatnot cuts it is i call a brontosaurus . my favorite you know that the name . brontosaurus needs a visit . cuz my boy is dude a prime source the . way over 15 tons but most people don't . know that they also love to have their . chins for . our long necklace is nothing compared to . my triceratops she's got one two three . horns and a solid bone plate that can . grow up to seven feet long . making her super tough my t-rex me votes . got sweet meaty thighs run 20 miles an . hour and it's juice can be up to one . foot bark sometimes the patera doctor . has the blue spoon . the name means weird finger also the pea . is typically silent but i enjoy the . saying of the pterodactyl good . pterodactyl you've all picked the. dumbest dinosaurs this velociraptor is . ferocious fairly intelligent like me the . velociraptor is the only dinosaur that . can open doors i know i wish me and my . boy beastie were famous musicians ah a . wonderful wish now please step into the. bush and let your dream become reality . you want me to go in the creepy bush . it's a magical bush all right but i . better not get any weird heebie-jeebie . vibes in there. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. and we did it. [applause]. nah man it was all me your wish seems to . have taken an unexpected turn. [applause]. excuse me my dog is telling it wait he's . taking credit for the work you did . together they should be tearing you up . inside come on how often do you get to . see your best bud become a star why . can't you just be happy for the man . that's it you refuse to learn anything . so i'm ending this wish house you wish . bro . awesome it was not awesome beast boy . stole your fame and you just stood there . cheering him on really thanks for your . support dude i love you bro ah . starfire it is your turn to make a wish . but beware the path to fulfillment is . lined with potholes of disillusionment . mr. robin i have done both along and . also the hard thinking on this i am. ready to experience my greatest desire . then step into this bush and let your . dream become reality. [music]. [music]. your wishes to be a kitty cat i guess i . can work with this ha ha ha it looks . like the little kitty as a hairball you . see the life of a pulley that it's not . so easy after what a wondrous wishing . that was choose a kid there was a cat . and a hairball but but but but it was a. rainbow i fell into a well hey my turn . all right what is your life's wish and . don't make it weird . i want a piece of cake and and nothing . you can wish for anything you can . imagine and you want cake he knows it . maybe you want to think about this a . little more nope i wants what i wants . then into the bush and let your dream . come true. i'ma gimme some of that . [music]. how's the cake don't tell me starting to . hurt. nope wish you had some milk no you wish . your friends you know but no shake it's . for people who listen what is this place . someone has placed cameras over the . entire island and they've been recording . our every move. control freak i should have known the . master of media manipulation was behind . this why you run your little pleasure . cruise i captured your boat wipes your . memories place you want a fake island . inside this giant viewing arena ash . suppress the powers pack but why i was . starting to get bored watching you in . your normal environment living room . kitchen living room ted it's so . repetitive and predictable sometimes we . go to the zoo and the one how exciting i . just thought it would be interesting if . you did something you know interesting . for once like you know an island setting . [music]. sorry but this maniacal mini series is . over a control freak yeah we want to get . back to our normal setting the living . room and the kitchen and sometimes the . loop . don't forget the lawn all right but your . audience won't be happy audience this. show wasn't just for me i was hoping to . bring in a huge audience with this . ridiculous stunt and i did . [music]. our greatest villains why would people . who despise us devote so much of the . time and energy to watching us girl have . you been on the internet brutal brutal . oh why are people so mean . oh well keep in mind the opinions of . people on the internet are accurate . indicators of popularity or success any . way you can try and stop the show but . they won't let you this is gonna be good. way better than another island adventure . fine then let's give everybody what they . really want to see titans go . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. your sympathy . [applause]. there's too many of them. what are we gonna do there's only one . thing we can do . see those island adventures ended up . paying off after all. triton's and island extras go . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. i don't know why we don't fight more i . mean we are superheroes . [music]. you. .
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