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**VIDEO SPONSORED BY CRYPT TV** but I'm still totally for real about everything I said.
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[music]. hey everybody james a jenice here and . i'm very excited to be announcing a new . partnership today with the youtube . channel trip tv casey didn't know kripp . tv is a channel devoted to high quality . scary short films and monster series and . when i say high quality i really mean it. the videos there afro they're probably . better than like 70% the stuff i cover . on the kill kyle kripp tvs goal right . now is to build the kind of scary . cinematic universe almost like a marvel . for monsters and to that end they . released three videos a week every. tuesday thursday and friday holy shit . three videos three you name black shadow . get used to that since this partnership . is going to result in an extra weekly . dead beat video for the next four weeks . that's a whole nother video you'll get . each week in addition to the friday kill . counts and the monday releases which. lately have been extra kill cops so you . know welcome in a minute i'm about to . talk about how awesome crip tv is and . delve into one their series the look-see . but first i'll let you know how this is . gonna shake out these next few weeks . next sunday march 18th i'm doing the. live stream marathon of trip tv content . and i want you to join me i'll start at . noon my time pacific so that's 3 p. m. eastern and i'm just gonna chill on a . youtube stream and watch all the kripp . tv content i can find and i'd love it if . you joined me so we can watch the stuff . together and chat about it not only will . it be fun it'll also help serve as some . crowd-sourced research for me for the. next three weeks is on those sundays . march 25th april 1st and april 8th i'll . be releasing ranking videos with a crib . tv stuff we watch i haven't settled on . exactly what things i want to rank you . know kills will be long fun other ideas . i have are like coolest twist or . scariest monster but since i haven't. said anything in stone yet you can help . me decide if you come to the live stream . next sunday march 18 but today's videos . and just pimp it out the future it's . also talking about the now the present . the current in one of kripp tv's current . and best monster series is the look-see . there have been five episodes released . so far each around three or four minutes . long and they also recently put out a . very helpful chronological supercut of . all the episodes actually you know what . let's just do a mini kill count on that . 16 minute super cut so you can see how . good this stuff is heads up we've got . some real nice jump scares coming in and . if you like what you see make sure you . click the link in the description or . right up there to watch the looks the . super cut in its entirety trust me it's . worth it a lot of what's amazing here is . the sound design that you won't hear . during my kill cow that being said let's . get to the kills . [music]. the super cup begins with the look-see . himself a fancy man in red fingerless . gloves we gonna kill right off the bat . when this kid drops dead and from the . camera pretty rough stuff and he's not . the only one looks like there have been . a dozen other victims all apparently . poisoned to death not sure what's going . on here but future episodes we'll reveal . it i'm sure the funeral for these kids . introduce some characters like jenny the . greta gerwig looking lady and her . husband daniel who's looking over in . catching smiles from this other woman . marley on the photo collage there we see . our first victim with a woman possibly . his mother and it looks like she's also . a police officer cleaning up after the . crime scene she finds a note on the . ground saying if she can't release it'll. come take a piece sounds like the slogan. of a threatening laxative but you won't . need a laxative after this whoo hoo . that's some spooky shit and that was . just a bed sheet goes wait till we get . to the stuff it's not a three dollar . halloween costume the cop finds a . candlelit staircase and climbs it to . find a red fingerless glove at the top . wait a minute that's not just a glove . it's a hand in a glove and those aren't . just hands their hands on the look see . another dude shows up and whisks the cop . away to safety only to get pulled back . behind the curtains the cop hears that . guys start laughing and then it's . showtime giggles mcgee laughs his way to . the top of the curtains and keeps on . laughing as he makes his way back down . before he eventually gets pulled . backstage hey guy you dropped your watch . there you go the police officer gets the . hell out of there is the look-see fancy . man it's way above her pay grade we . found laughing dude in a bathroom stall . leaving some graffito on the door guided . by the look see who then disappears. laughing dude leaves the bathroom and in . runs jenny looking all a frantic inside . the stall she reads the message laughing. man left and it's the same as the note . if you cannot release then it will come. take a piece apparently the thing jenny . needs to release is her ring which she . plays with while thinking about bright . happy memories with her husband but . after hesitating to drop it in the . toilet she finds a pair of shoes peeking . in underneath the stall i don't think . that guy's sitting on the toilet right . jenny must be way braver than me cuz she . gets the peek in over the stall wall to . see who shoes those are but it's empty . over there that's weird . are the shoes still nope now the feet. are gone too maybe double check oh yeah . still emptied cool no harm no foul i . guess. wait a minute fuck gets me every time . she drops her ring as the look-see pulls . are under the stall trying to drag her. out when she manages to grab the ring . and drop it into the loop mission . accomplished we should be all good now . right except that don't feel like a . toilet seat it feel like a foot . look see leans in while laughing and . then kills the woman you only . your feet rise up but looksie wants you . to look see a body so they show us the . aftermath of it all and it looks pretty. presley oh and her hand is missing next . up is marlene who's staring at a picture . of jenny and daniel even though the more . interesting part of this polaroid is on . the back yep same message if you can't . release it'll come take a piece marlene . crops jenny out of the picture so she . can better stare at daniel who it seems. like she's having an affair with said . she hears something in her house and . assumes it must be him. daniel ain't there but there's another. fancy man available if you're willing to . open your heart for marlene he does have . crazy nails yes but you could make a spa . day of it together sounds good right as . long as he's not too scary well shit too . scary too scary he hides in the bathroom. behind the shower curtain and when she . thinks the coast may be clear she peeks . out to find nothing really here maybe if . you just yank back oh yeah oh clear . guess it's all good she screaming a . crack signify marlene's the next on our. list and again we're shown the violent . aftermath when we see her decapitated. body . i guess those notes weren't lying . whoopsies always looking to take a piece . yeah all that stuff looks like this guy . who oh shit that's another kill okay . that was laughing dude and he jumped off . a building killing himself crazy . wait now we're back with this chick oh . fuck we'll see you too scary man and it. also looks seized like we're gonna have . to rescind the kill cuz jenni's in a . hospital bed and yes indeed very much . alive even though her hand is missing . and both her legs are broken that sucks . but still not dead so i'm retro actively . removing her from the killcount and . we're back down to 15 of course i knew . she wasn't dead going into this i just . didn't want to spoil it for y'all she . sees someone standing in the shadows . just outside her hospital room shit like . this always creeps me out but i guess . it's not that bad when it's revealed to . just be daniel oh one visiting his wife . in the hospital to see how she's due oh . no his eyes are missing that's creepy as . fuck the look see is there too he's got . something to say so listen up jenny cuz . oh he just wants to give her the time i . guess she doesn't want his watch instead . she says look see you're done and sticks. a fork in it then goes on the offensive . broken legs and all and almost stabs him . in the head before he disappears she . climbs back into bed and takes a. look-see at the throat walk left behind . which triggers a memory in her of her . husband i was stand back there leaving . her tossed the toilet ring scene when . she's done reminiscing though looks he's . waiting for her next thing we see is a . little girl camille in water and guess . what she dad you can hear some muffled . screaming and we learned that that was . probably her dad this daniel stern . looking dude named jonathan he's sitting . at a table eating birthday cake all . bereaved over his dead daughter in the . photo album he's looking through he . finds a familiar note if you can't . release it'll come get so he goes to . pick up a crumb and finds his dog . back to say hello hi sweetheart what . have you been up to oh teleporting . that's fun he chases after her into a . hall closet where he finds the ribbon . she was wearing but that's about it. another door opens and when he's looking . in that room he fails to look see the . look-see in the closet behind him but . looks he's not a vacuum and he ain't . gonna stay in that closet looks he . scares jonathan back into the kitchen . where he gets rid of the symbolic . birthday cake in an attempt to release . looks he's still comment jonathan hides . under the table as some fancy shoes walk . around the kitchen and climb on top of . the table and when the ribbon shows up . again you know this dude a goner looks . he joins him under the table because he . forgot to release that last slice of . cake so jonathan is left as a corpse . without arms and a backwards head now . how's the guy supposed to make another . cake like that even if he does do the . cooking motherlode the supercut ends . with jenny now in a wheelchair starting . a very impressive and ambitious penpal . project i'm not gonna do all the numbers . graphics and everything but 17 people . died genders unknown because of those . covered up corpses chainsaw to marlene . and mache to camille sound good i hope . this exploration of the look-see showed . you how good the monsters are on crypt . evie and why i agreed to do a . partnership with them you guys know me . i'm not about to hawk something that's . not good crypt evie is great and that's . why i'm looking forward to the next few . weeks again join me next week on sunday . march 18th for a live stream hangout . marathon with the crypt tv content then . tune in the three sundays after that for . ranking videos of the stuff we watch. it'll be a good time i promise i haven't . seen a lot of these videos so you'll . probably get to see some legit jump . scares from me that's the plan i'll see . you then be good people. .
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