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Charlie the Crane, Billy the Bulldozer and Ed the Excavator are the ingenious Tiny Trucks. Those small but clever construction trucks assemble pieces of funny trucks and attractions. Ice cream trucks, giant slides, fire trucks, and so more. Learn and have fun with the Tiny Trucks.

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Caption: Hi friends what do you want to do today . you want to build a spaceship okay let's . get started . [music]. those pieces are really big and heavy . aren't they ed do you have anything that . can help great wow that made the pieces . smaller and easier to handle good job ed . that's it charlie and billy almost . finished oh that was a little too soon . ed. careful guys don't let it fall over . perfect okay add now you can zap it . again the rockets are ready on the. launch pad but there's no place to ride . yet. [music]. that looks great. [music]. uh-oh i think you may need to shrink . that piece much better just a few more. parts and this spaceship will be ready . to fly. [music]. looks like you're ready to go have fun . be safe three two one blast off see you . next time friends. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. you. [music]. you. [music]. [music]. you. [music]. you. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. hi friends ready for another fun day at . the amusement park great but before we . get to play there's work to be done the . ferris wheel needs to be assembled these . platforms must attach to the ferris. wheel and we have to match the colors . let's find them first we have three. already an orange one a navy blue one . and this one is brown we need the brown . one first billy the bulldozer can you . help add the excavator move it into . position. [music]. [music]. great teamwork guys we'll add the red . one next. [music]. you. perfect. what color is next purple we'll have to . find it first hey charlie the crane i . think ed sees something over near the . ball pit good job billy you found the. azure one look at found the purple one . but the ice cream truck is parked on it . hello ice cream truck get down from. there add the excavator needs to bring. the platform over here come on shoo you. can go back once the ferris wheel is. done almost done guys . [music]. [music]. oh oh we need the green one next but we. don't have it yet let's start looking oh . boy ed looks like he's ready to play . sorry ed we have to finish our work. first great job billy you found the. green platform thanks for lifting the. yellow one out of the way charlie looks . like ed's getting a bit of a ride to . [music]. and there we have it the work is done . now it's time for fun. [music]. see you next time hi dino how are you . dino would you like to make some ice. cream and learn colors today ah great. then let's get started yellow uh-huh . brown pink well done dino now let's . decorate this ice cream with candies i. think we should use the candy cannon huh . huh blue red green well done dino you. made some delicious ice creams and learn. many colors today would you like to sum . up yellow brown pink blue red green oh. see you soon my friends hi dino hi mark . how are you oh dino would you like to . make a cake and learn the seven colors . of the rainbow with us hmm let's go . [music]. blue red. [music]. yellow-green . [music]. [music]. oh indigo. [music]. orange. [music]. violet oh well done dino you made a . rainbow cake we learned all seven colors. of the rainbow today would you like to . sum up hmm blue red yellow green indigo . orange violet see you soon my friends. [music]. hi dino how are you well dino would you . like to play with balloons and learn . colors with us hmm let's start then . let's blow up this balloon yellow wow . that was great whoo let's do it again . red. [music]. green blue pink hmm dino which balloon. would you like to blow up first oh great . let's start orange purple. hmm well done dino we learn so many . colors today oh yellow red green blue. pink orange purple hope see you soon my. friends. hello dino what's wrong oh oh no you. lost all your toys at the amusement park. don't worry dino oh well look for them. and find them back oh oh do you see any . of your toys dino huh oh yes dino you're . right here is your red truck red now . dino oh can you see any other toys of . yours oh yes dino you're right here is. your orange excavator orange . now dino can you see any of your toys oh . yes dino you're right here is your. yellow bulldozer oh yellow uh-huh come . on bulldozer it's time for you to go. home now . [music]. now dino can you see any other toy of . yours. oh look dino uh-huh three at a time a. green garbage truck a blue police car. and a purple racing car green blue and . purple oh one two three four five six . there is only one missing dino can you. guess where he is where is it and there . you go dino the pink crane well done . dino we found back all of your toys but . why don't we get a last round and sum up . all the colors we learn today red orange. yellow. [music]. green blue purple pink. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. ah ah. [music]. [music]. yahoo yahoo . hi ethan lru ethan would you like to . learn numbers and break walls today hmm. let's go one that was so fun let's do it . again . [music]. yeah four five six . [music]. [music]. 789 here well done ethan and we broke so . many walls today and learn so many. numbers let's sum up one two three four . five. [music]. six seven eight nine see you next time . friends. .

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