The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime – OP 2 (Original Animation)

The second opening to the worldwide acclaimed, multi-award winning SpongeBob SquarePants anime is here! The Krusty Krew mourn a lost friend as a tentacled foe looms upon Bikini Bottom. Can SpongeBob muster up the power of the Nine-Pickled Patty within him to defeat this evil and save his Nakama?
SONG: "PAPERMOON" cover by Romi:
Newgrounds version w/ original song:
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Let me not america enemies . [music]. my share . [music]. merger. [music]. [music]. [music]. to you . [music]. [music]. i hope you guys enjoyed spongy burger . shout out to romy for his amazing cover . of this weeaboo song if you'd like to . help my booty make more of these . animations consider supporting me on . patreon if you want to get to know more . about my delicious self consider . following me on twitter and joining the . discord we're holding an art contest . right now . links in the description right yeah . .
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