The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

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Halloween is right around the corner . which means everyone's gonna be dressing . up painting their face partying and. having sex while the dress like priests . and batman and shit right it also means . that you're gonna see some great . costumes and some awful costumes so . obviously i found the worst costumes of . all time ah you gave it a good try but . fucking know this looks like a homer . simpson costume that was eaten and then . shit out by an old woman the nose looks . like an actual nutsack a real a . real-life nutsack except this one looks . like it has three balls in it also the . strands on top of the strands of hair on . the top of this guy's head it just looks . like someone took pipe cleaners and then . stabbed this dude in the head i don't. know how they're staying on there but . they are and what did someone fucking . finger paint this what is this paint job . do it halloween tip if you look like . this either go get more paint or stay . home well i have a ton of questions i . can't tell if this is edgar allen hooker . or cross-dressing hitler either way it . doesn't make sense to me honestly this . looks like this guy wanted to be a . schoolgirl a flight attendant and edgar . allen poe and couldn't make up his mind . and was just like yeah fucking i'll be . all those aren't the rules though man. pick a thing what would you tell someone . that comes up to you goes because that's . what people are gonna do that's where . everyone lips worn halloween . they go up tech one so what are you . supposed to be so typical for this kind . of like so what are you supposed to be . and he's gonna go i i have no fucking . idea. i don't know what this is i just this i . tried to do something this is all i have . all right now wait a goddamn minute all . right i have no idea who this girl is. supposed to be and obviously this guy's . costume sucks but my main question here. is uh what is going on here is this guy . trying to sneak a football into this . party those tights look like they're . gonna bust open any second now . jesus robin save some penis for the rest . of us anyway yeah costume sucks looks . like something a seven-year-old would . wear do better okay and hide your damn . dick you're scaring everybody . oh well isn't this cute a baby dresses . hitler how adorable how . how did you think this was okay what . kind of parents are running the show . over there what happened what i wanna . know what happened how did you land on . hitler no batman no superman baseball . player the hope none of these fucking . hitler it's as if they're trying to get . their kid just punch it across the . street in the middle of . trick-or-treating i don't really . recommend this at all and i also . recommend that these parents maybe just . sit out halloween forever just sit this . one out come back for thanksgiving but . sit out halloween okay elmo my god what . are you doing . cletus you just ruined elmo do it looks . like he's trying to climb out of this . guy's dick hole i mean where do we even . buy something like this because i'm . pretty sure then you know what i'm . definitely sure know who the fuck would . sell this no one is selling this pretty . sure this psycho went to the store but 5 . elmo dolls cut the heads off like skin . dumb and shit and then made little pants . and in like a hat and like go-go dancer. boots what the fuck is that by the way . if i would have saw this when i was a . child i would have had nightmares well . into my 20s so maybe this is a good . costume because it scares people and . that's the whole point of halloween . whatever but please just don't don't be . this don't be creepy murderer go-go . dancer elmo this is hands-down the most. creative and douchey costume i've ever . seen this kid is a cutout of a youtube . video that's titled drunk guy makes out . with hottest chick at parties this. although creative seems like a hail mary. attempt to try to get girls to make out . with you and i'm sure most girls thought . it was funny and they're just like oh my . god that's so great good job tommy . alright you see it and walked away but . i'm also sure that there's probably a . couple drunk girls at this party that . are like fucking girls this party so in . my mouth let's do this so even though . this guy's creepy he's also kind of a . genius and here's this guy great because . what's funnier than bestiality i can . figure out if i find this costume funny . or not because i'm trying to picture one . of my friends walking into a bar wearing . this and then looking at me being like . yeah you get it and i'd be like yeah i . get it . you're fucking an animal so am i . supposed to laugh what what am i . supposed to do i think a percent of me . would think it was funny for a . millisecond and then the rest of me . would be like don't know this fucking . guy don't know whatever that is so maybe . don't wear this costume okay anyway that . is all for this week's video hopefully . you have some guidance on what not to be . for halloween i hope it was educational . but anyway don't forget to subscribe to . my podcast called the baseman yard it . comes out every monday on itunes and . soundcloud and i will see you guys next . week. 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