UNSANE | Official Trailer | In theaters March 23

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Is she... or isn't she?
Watch the official trailer for UNSANE, Steven Soderberghโ€™s new psychological thriller. In theaters March 23
[music]. your life slips away from you you know . changing your phone number and your . email becomes normal. [music]. taking out our restraining order normal . relocating to another city normal but . you still see your stalker everywhere . rationally i know this is my imagination . but i'm alone in a strange city and i . never feel safe or there's some more . forms you need to fill out it's just . routine. i finished my homework so your valentini . please follow me well okay i don't have . a lot of time i should be back at work . so what am i doing in here take off your . clothes down to your underwear i'm not . sure what's happening here the door's . locked. it would be better for everyone . especially yourself if you just do as i . ask . there's been some kind of mistake by . signing this you've consented to . voluntary commitment i am being held . here against my will do you know how . many calls the cops get like that every . week those are from crazy people . [music]. he's followed me all the way here from . boston my stalker. is here we did a thorough background . check you should be protecting me mum no . one believes me i'm getting you out . there's nothing we can do unless you . have a prove that a crimes been . committed . i must be insane . saying my mom didn't pick up last night . hello i must be insane what happened to . her my dead body was discovered. he's here or maybe it's all in my head . [music]. you. [music]. .
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